Cardinals, 49ers and Harbaugh…Oh My

The Harbaugh sweepstakes continue. Chris Mortenson and Jay Glazer are reporting that the Miami Dolphins will retain the services of Sparano. So what does that mean. Who the hell knows at this point. I’m guessing it means that the Dolphins are out and that the 49ers have a slight chance to still land Harbaugh.

But of course with the Dolphins out of the picture, reports were saying that it looks like Jim Harbaugh was leaning at staying at Stanford. Looks like with the news that Andrew Luck was going to stay at Stanford another year, that might have been the final straw to keep Harbaugh at Stanford, that and a nice little paycheck.

At the same time just when it is reported that Stanford are the favorites, I’m sure news will come out that the 49ers have the lead.

As of right now it looks like Stanford, 49ers and possibly the Broncos. But it looks like the Broncos may be to late to the party.

If Harbaugh does stay at Stanford it almost looks like that was his plan all along, just like his brother John mentioned late last week.

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  • Josh

    alright Jed. Last chance to not screw up. Go offer Harbaugh 6.5 mil to retain his services. Of course you won't, you're a natural born screw up.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    If he wants to make things right he will offer the 6.5 mil, if he land Harbough that will cease from tarnishing his image, if he doesnt its all down hill from there. If I were him I would sign Harborough or be ridiculed for a long time., too me its what the fans want and we pay the bills.

  • LoneTexas49ersFan

    I just heard there calling off things with the Broncos, I hope that’s true, and I hope he’s not wanting to stay at Stanford since Luck decided to stay. Man seems like Peter King’s doesnt want whats best for our team, he keeps knocking down us getting anyone who’s a good coach canindate, there all saying he’ll go back to Stanford, but if he was smart he’s go to the storied 49er Franchise, Harbough got it set, he has a team stacked with Talent in need of direction and a QB, thats the missing puzzle piece and were on our way t #6!!!! SIGN HARBOROUGH! YOU’LL GET YOUR RING, YOUR GOING TO A 49ERS TEAM THATS STACKED, IT’S A NO BRAINER, GET IT DONE!!!

  • Joe s.

    Go after chris Peterson

  • I dont understand why the niners are not showing any interest in john gruden. I belive that most of us want gruden, come on yorks, at least interview him.

  • Josh

    Here's a new twist. Accorsing to online sources John Elway believes that Jim Harbaugh wants to stay at the college level. He even think's Michigan is back in the fold. I know it doesn't mean much to 49er fans other than it's another team that can outwit Jed for Harbaugh's service's but for me it's great news because I'm a hufe UM fan and would love to see him either their or as the 49ers coach. So for me I have a 2 out of 3 chance that he lands with one of my sports teams. Of cource it sounds like he will end up staying with Stanford and I couldn't really blame him for going after a National Championship (great chance).

  • I think that if we dont land harbough we need to go after gruden. Gruden is the safe choice here, the man was succesfull with oakland and tampa bay. Harbough is a very good college coach, but we dont know how good he’ll be coaching the pro’s. So breaking the bank for harbough might be a bad idea, I say go after gruden.

  • willjharris

    I’m to the point now where I don’t even care about harbaugh. We need to get busy on getting a qb. And then maybe we attract billick or gruden again