Baalke Named GM. Harbaugh to be Head Coach by Thursday?

David White of the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the 49ers have promoted Trent Baalke to the role of GM. But that isn’t the big news of the day. The latest reports are that the 49ers will hire Jim Harbaugh as their next head coach and the announcement will come as soon as Thursday.

Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News reported from his sources that Baalke would be named GM and the 49ers would hire head coaching candidates tomorrow, Fewell and Jackson, and than announce Jim Harbaugh as the next head coach of the 49ers.

The GM position came down to Trent Baalke and Mike Lombardi. Reports said that Jim Harbaugh was ok with either choice, so it looks like Jed went the route of the man who has been in the GM role for the past 9 months.

Now we wait for Thursday.

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  • 49ersjames

    Yeah baby

  • LoneTexas49ersFan

    Alright, I will become a Harbough fan, crossing my fingers, hope he’s not like erickson. lets pray! I like that he’s a coach of Stanford and he’s coaching in Cali. Does anyone know if Harbough mentored with walsh, did he ever take advice from Walsh and is he going to run the West Coast offense. Will this mean we will trade up for Luck, if Luck comes out this year, I hope so, then I really like Harbough. And will we geta proven Qb in here in the offseason. someone who’s a proven winner. Anybody heard anything on this???

  • Josh

    Well, so much for change. I hope Harbaugh works out alright. No matter what he is a step up from SIngletary. SInce there's no way of getting Luck (Panthers reported that they plan on drafting Luck with the 1st pick in the draft) I think the 49ers should draft Mallet. I think he will be a great NFL QB in the future. He has the tools, just has to control his temper.

    • LoneTexas49ersFan

      Ya bro, not much change, Harbough looks good on paper but the Erickson comparison scares me, I hope he proves me wrong. Also you said the panthers are going to get Luck, so its not a packaged deal. I would like to see us trade up some our “DRAFT PICKS”, not players in order to get Luck since thats the main focus to get this team better, I’m sure walsh would of done it that way, it makes sense since, harborough coached him and he will come farther along with him than someone else coaching him his first year in the NFL, if I were Luck I’d want that definitly, it would help my sucess, look at the panthers QB now. But Ya Josh who do like as a QB we can bring in through free agency or trade, Mcnabb, anyone have suggestions because we need that for sure to win now and grrom the young QB draft pic. Josh is Mallet any good, havent seen much of him, whats his pros and cons.