49ers to go Hard after Harbaugh

The latest rumblings out of Ninerland are the 49ers are going to make a hard run at Jim Harbaugh. Numerous sources in the Bay Area are saying the Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh is priority number one for the 49ers. Regardless of what Jason LaCanfora or Adam Schefter have to say about it.

The reports are that after the 49ers name their GM (Trent Baalke) and after the Orange Bowl on Monday, the 49ers are going to go all out and try and sway Jim Harbaugh to leave Stanford and join the 49ers organization as their next head coach.

This news isn’t really a surprise since the day Singletary was fired, the news was that Harbaugh was their man. Of course Harbaugh may say no and if that happens the 49ers have to move onto Plan B and try and somehow find a head coach which they can sell to the fanbase.

The coaches rumored on Plan B are Brian Billick, Marty Morhinweg, Brian Schottenheimer and Mike Mularkey. None of those names have the same intrigue as Harbaugh and maybe one or two can get the fanbase excited, but not as much as Harbaugh would.

So now we just have to wait out one more game on Sunday, the naming of the GM (which I think will be named on Monday) and the finale of the Orange Bowl. So sit tight Niner fans this search is close to coming to a close.

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