The Fat Lady is Singing…

The 49ers are officially now out of the playoffs. The one positive out of it is that we only have about eight more days as Mike Singletary being the 49ers head coach. Eight more days and the coaching staff will be blown up.

The call to go with Troy Smith was the final nail in the coffin for Singletary. Troy though 3 1/2 quarters had a whopping 7 completions and when they finally pulled Troy for Alex he had the same amount of completions on his two drives. But at that point it was too little too late.

I have to say if Singletary would have gone with Alex over Troy the 49ers would be looking to make the playoffs next week by beating the Cardinals. Now all they can look forward to is getting a better draft spot.

All in all the game was ugly. Defense played okay but still gave up yards. Offense was pitiful only touchdown was on an overthrown pass from Troy Smith that somehow found Crabtree for a touchdown.

So the 49ers end the season either 5-11 or 6-10. Both a failure on a season that should have won them the west. Maybe it might happen next year with better coaching.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • ninerfaithful

    god dammit why is it another season another non playoff year

    PS Jed and john york u fucking suck and so does ur decision making and ur 49ers

    god please bring us a coach and a QB who can change this team back to one was until next season ninerfaith for life im out …………….

  • DeeKon52

    The REFS didn’t help much! THEY SUCKED

  • Real9ersfan

    If Alex started we would be looking at the playoffs? Yeah right. Should have stayed with Troy. The only good thing about the game is someone stood up to Singletary. The only people that should be able to stay around for the coaching staff is our Rb and def coaches. Get rid of Carr and Alex, (oh yeah and the Yorks) Make troy and Nate Davis fight it out for the 2nd and 3rd string and bring in a real QB, and go after Chucky. We miss you Eddie Jr

    • 49ersNews

      Seriously? Troy Smith sucks. 3 1/2 quarters 7 completions and one of them was meant for Vernon and just happened to have Crabtree there. Alex sucks but he completed 7 passes in two drives. Get rid of every QB on this team. And the def coaches should stay? Whatever. They suck just as bad as the secondary.

      • Real9ersfan

        Not the def staff I think Manusky shold stay. I am not saying Troy is the answer but with a full camp and good coaching staff he could have potential for a decent backup

        • 49ersNews

          as a backup yes, but part of me wants every QB that touched the ball this season off the team. Start all over with 3 new QB's. Not sure I'd keep Manusky. And not sure whoever the new HC is will keep him.

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    I agree Pundit, we need to get rid of all the Qb's, bring back Hill as a # 2 and get that proven star QB through free agency or trade. Trade and some draft pics for a star QB, a star, not an unproven, a star like Vick, Mcnabb, those kind of stars. I I still like Sing, If he goes Pundit you know the cowbillies mght add him to there staf, they always get our leftovers and make good of it. I don't want to see that happen, but I am also salivating at the idea of having Gruden Here, because you can see he's passionate about the tradition here, so is Sing, but Grudens an in your face guy too, I like that! I can't stand when that ex billy Johnston and Saragusa commentate a game, we can always see they are in favor of us getting our tails kicked, saragusas always acts like he trying to win over Johnston throughout the game, It's annoying because we know Johnsoton hates us because of our rivarly all these years. We know who they wanted to win!

  • josh meeker

    One thing we can all agree on, the fat lady for this team was big and ugly! With the great players we have, im still surprised our season wasnt worse!

  • Joe Gomez

    Ive been saying for years and years.. Alice Smith is a freakin Coach Killer.