Michael Lombardi Says It Is Baalke

This whole GM search is so comical. Earlier today ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi talked with Jed York for 2+ hours last night in regards to the GM position.

After reading that I got excited for just a second. But only for a second because not long after Schefter reported that Michael Lombardi was on Around the League and he was asked about the 49ers/GM position and he said that he was not a candidate and that he expects Trent Baalke to be named GM within 48 hours.

I know folks are going to ask why and trash Jed, which I don’t blame them, but part of me feels this has been in place for a while and Jed was told if Baalke is his man he’ll get Harbaugh…ah who am I kidding, with this organization who the hell knows what to believe.

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  • 49ersfan21

    uhh why would jed tell everybody tht he was searching for a gm?? tht makes no sesne he probably cant get a vet coach either we have to settle with a non proven head coach bottom line its all about money he doesnt want to reach in his pockt and spend lots of money on the higher personel