Jed York Gets His Yes Man…In Baalke

First it was Michael Lombardi saying that Jed York found his new GM in Trent Baalke and now Mindi Bach of CSN Bay Area is confirming what Lombardi said by saying a well placed source has informed CSN Bay Area that Trent Baalke will become the next GM.

No word yet on when Jed York will make the official announcement, but if he follows what Lombardi says look for it to be within the next 48 hours. If infact that Baalke is the guy look for the first head coach interview to be Mike Johnson. That will suffice the ‘Rooney Rule’ than not long after that sometime after Jan. 3rd the team will hopefully interview Jim Harbaugh.

Update: just read a tweet from Jason Lacanfora who says he is not thinking it will be Harbaugh or Gruden. his thought is the 49ers will turn to Marty Morhinweg or Mike Sherman.

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The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Subdoc9ers

    I really think that this is all speculation. I don't think there has been any agreements made. I do think that Trent is working on getting Harbrough to join the team down in Miami right now, and if he can make that happen then he is the guy. I really think that everyone is jumping the gun a little bit here. Now if he is the guy, I don't think that it will be the end of the world. He came in just a couple of weeks before the draft and had a really good draft overall. Made some moves and trades, I kinda like it. I really think that the failure of this team is too fold. One poor QB play and second Sing's bullheaded approach to everything and not letting Trent do his job.

  • wickerman

    As much as I would love to see Gruden or Cowher, I have to think a big name like that is going to have serious reservations about how dysfunctional this organization is. Jed – after the Nolan/Sing years – is proably going to give his GM a ton of control. I wonder if a Gruden or a Cowher would want to be a coach in a place where they may not have as much freedom as they were used to.

    I think this team is farther away from good than alot of folks think. Everyone is saying a good QB and thye are there, but I disagree. The o-line needs to be rebuilt and so does the secondary. Pass rush has to come from someone not named Justin Smith too. Crabtree needs some serious coaching. I swear to god he runs the sloppiest routes I've ever seen. Gore's back-up has to be settled on too. Westbrook and Dixon were dead average after Gore got hurt.

    That's a lot of work for the new GM / HC. I have to think if a guy like Gruden walks into that he is going to want a lot of freedom to manage personnell.

    • mopoker

      Westbrook's performance was dead average? WOW! Sure would like alot more dead average players then.

  • LoneTexas49er

    Wickerman the main problem is QB, you keep going around the problem, your one of the people on here who dont think thats an issue when its been for years, you fix that and we have a team. sure the line needs to be enhanced by drafting some guys in the later rounds, but the key to having a good team is QB, Look how the Viks imporved when favre came in, from a bad team to good and now bad again unless webb picks it up for them. Would the Pats be anything without a good QB, they have had good personal who make good decisions who spend the money and take chances, thats waht we need instead of guys like you who don't want progress.. The same crap hasnt worked Bro, we need change and GM, Gruden and QB is the main focus!! We'll probably get Mcnabb which is needed, anything is an upgrade from what we have now.

  • LoneTexas49er

    I like Harbough, but I see the erickson Comparison, good in college, struggling in NFL because its different. We need Gruden and good personel, I like Balke, but I feel like we need a dynamic GM, someone who will want t ospend the money and get high quality players in here and not unprovens. I have a felling balkewill just tease us with half butt players and not the real thing, we need to upgrade our thinking, we are the championship 49ers that was our thinking until the suckness of Erickson/Donahue Era began all this crap. We need a proven GM, QB and a proven coach plane and simple. I give nmy suggestions many times, listen to people like Carmen Policy and even Jerry Rice, they want the same in here. I like Holmgrem which will be hard, but money talks and he has a home here. I like Floyd Resse wit the pats, and Gruden or fisher who might be available and we definitly need Mcnabb, he's getting up there but he's not a good fit for the skins, he need's to come her and run the west coast offense and you will see it flying! We need the West Coast back!!!!

    • mopoker

      Secondary is Niners biggest problem. Giving up way too many big passing plays. QB definately next. O line is still young will get better but the young ones need a fire lit under their you know whats. Theycan be good.

  • Josh

    Another Decade of torture looming!?!

    • LoneTexas49er

      Ya bro tell me about it, I hope not, this has been hell for us all! I want the 49ers to kick the cowbillies Ass in the new Decade. I'm planning on going to that home game next season, I hope we have a good team by then. We still need to pursue Gruden at all costs!

  • waldo

    Find a real football , there is no one with the team that knows how to win. and you know it .give you,r uncle the now thats a winer

  • Seattle49er

    During the year, Baalke was on the sidelines or pressbox watching the niners come apart. Did anyone hear him try to counsel Singletary or tried to get help for Singletary. Baalke was not heard from. Maybe because it was Singletary intimidation or maybe because Baalke is a good evaluator of players but short on game strategies. Whatever the case, Baalke has as much to blame for the failures of the niners as Singletary, whether by ommision or inaction. Do we really want Baalke as GM? I don't. To me, he is just another cog that needs to go. To me, a GM should be more like the GM of the SF Giants. That is a GM involved, knowledgeable and someone who works with and provide guidance to the coach. And if there is a problem, someone who has a proven record of providing a solution. Baalke wasn't it in 2010 and ain't it in 2011. Besides, what coach would work for a GM that watched Singletary self destruct and didn't seem to lift a finger to help?

  • Magnum

    Why not Mike Holmgran Coach And GM


  • Joe s.

    Am I the only one that thinks Chris Peterson the coach for Boise state should be our coach next year, since wins are what really matter, and if you look at coaching history and everything a coach has done, nobody in college right now can do what he has done with so little, and every person that thinks Nate Davis deserves a shot should be calling for him. He would work well with the whole staff and would be a game planning and managing genius, harbaugh just came up lucky this past couple of seasons in a decent program, Chris has a proven track record, just google him to find out, sure he is known for a few gimmicky plays by he runs both very efficient offenses and defenses, and can anyone name boise states heisman qbs ever, they never had one, yet he always kept them with 160 qb ratings

  • Joe

    I am in the sports performance training business and train some the 49ers and I have been a 49er fan for over 30 years. The main problem is the organization. PERIOD END OF STORY!!!! No consistancy from the oc posistion (how many oc's in 5 years?) and the head coaching position. (How many HC in 5 years?). The team has regressed that is a direct sign of a team not responding. Fix the front office and coaching and the rest will come.

    • LoneTexas49erFan

      Why don't we get Gruden a proven coach and go for the best, we are the 49ers we have an legacy to uphold and they want unprovens, whats up with that.

  • josh meeker

    I have been hearing about Brian Billick as a possibility. I also heard that he might bring in Marvin Lewis with him should Lewis get the axe in Cincy to be his def coordinator after they worked well together in Baltimore and are still friends. BTW I have heard these rumors from reputable reporters in the league. Its obviously just speculation, but much more realistic than the 49ers landing Harbough AND Luck or Gruden without significant control over the team. Maybe I should have turned this into an article!