Deja Vu…

The 49ers do not have to look far for their next head coach. In fact they only need to travel about 16 miles north on US-101 to find their man.

Everyone knows that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh is high on the 49ers list to replace Mike Singletary and I’m sure almost everyone agrees he should be the man for the job.

I know the names of Jon Gruden, Brian Billick, Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher and others are being thrown out, but don’t waste time on any of them. Harbaugh should be the next head coach.

With the hiring of Harbaugh it comes full circle. It’s almost Deja Vu.

The 49ers were in this position back in the day. A young owner by the name of Eddie DeBartolo was trying to right the ship of a sinking franchise. He himself struggled to find a solid head coach. At the time he went through three head coaches (just like Jed now) before he found his man from Stanford by the name of Bill Walsh.

Now I’m not saying Harbaugh is Walsh, but the way everything is playing out it almost seems like destiny. Not to mention Walsh was a huge backer of Harbaugh’s when Stanford brought him in. A struggling team that can’t find a coach, a coach with NFL ties who turned around a Stanford program and a young man calling the shots who wants to continue on the legacy Eddie DeBartolo Sr. started.

Now all Jed needs after that is his Carmen Policy, his John McVay, and a Montana from Notre Dame.

Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.