Blown Out

First off I have to say I missed the game, and from reading the box score and watching highlights it appears that was a good thing.

I can’t weigh in on much of what transpired tonight, but I’m assuming it is safe to say Alex Smith and Mike Singletary are so done after the season.

So I’ll leave this open for all to come in and let me know what they saw tonight, from the looks of it the game was lost on all sides of the ball and from the coaching as well.

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  • wickerman

    The real story was just missed opportunities and a leaky secondary.

    Dropped passes, dropped ints, 8 plays in the red zone and no points, an absolute smothering of the 9ers receivers by an elite SD secondary – nothing was good.

    MJ make zero halftime adjustments that I could see. Receivers were flat out not open. Crabs and VD were both obviously frustrated and looked like they gave up on routes too early late in the game.

    Ginn returned a 85 yard kickoff for a TD to have it called back for a facemask on everyone's favorite waste of a roster spot – Moran Norris. Delanie Walker dropped the best pass Alex Smith threw all day on the opening drive. Ahmad Brooks dropped an interception – tough catch though, it bounced off his hands, hit him in the chest and rolled off his arm. Poor guy.

    Justin Smith getting ejected exposed the lack of depth on the d-line. ZERO pass rush. Nada. That in turn exposed the lack of secondary, When Jackson had beaten up on to 80 million dollar bust that is Clements, they put Brown in there. Guess they figured it was less embarrassing to see a guy making peanuts get burned.

    O-line looked like early year o-line. Smith got sacked, hit hurried and flushed every frickin play. Westbrook and Dixon had no holes. Defenders were int he backfield in a blink. Dixon got buri4ed so fast on the fourth and goal that I though someone jumped offsides. As it turns out, it's just that our line really does suck.

    The coaches had no answers. The players showed no fire. It just sucked all around.

    Hats off to Willis and Spikes who played hard despite having broken hands. Haralson had a decent game too.

    Alex Smith – though I am not dying to give him any credit – really didn't have a terrible game. He didn;t make any completely shit throws, protected the ball (the INT was a garbage time 4th down prayer to Ginn) but he had no time, no one to throw to and a coaching staff that did nothing to adjust to the problems. As much as I look forward to a new QB next year, I have to agree with Joe Theissman (kill me now) that you can't blame Alex Smith for not being able to move an offense that can't get a receiver open to save their lives.

    Like the broadcast crew pointed out, there was no motion, no special packages – nothing. Walker and Davis were never isolated against Backers. Westbrook never went into the flat to try to break a pass for big YAC. Nothing.

    Plain old vanilla offense. Lots of frustrated faces. Except Singletary of course. He ground his teeth and stood there with his arms folded glaring at Alex Smith behind his sun glasses or shaking his head at his running backs. Good thing I can read his mind, so I'll give you a taste of what he was thinking:

    *** You know Alex, a winner would just complete that pass even if he as being thrown to the ground.**

    **Better yet Alex, get the ball out faster. 1.3 seconds is more than enough time!**

    **Covered? There were only three guys on him!**

    **You should have audibled to a dive up the middle, Alex.**

    **When I look at the film Alex, I'm sure I'll see that my gameplan was perfect and you just suck at throwing with 600lbs worth of guys on your back.**

    **Adjustments? I'm not and X's and O's guy.**

    **Hey Westbrook! Just run those DTs over! You know we can't block!**

    **Dixon! Hey!! So he hit you in the backfield? Break that tackle. Shit, break all three!**

    **I thought the defense played well. 4 drives of 70+ yards given up in the first half is about average.**

    **Damn. I can't wait to look at all this film!**

    **Nate Clements? Well I owe him money you see…**

    **Manusky? Look at the score! Of course he's a good DC!**

    **I need more leadership out of my QB. Just because your O-line sucks and your receivers run shit routes and are slower than death is no reason to get saked 5 times, hit 7 times and hurried more… him have to check the film on the hurries…**

    **We're gonna get better!!**

    Ya asshole, as soon as they fire you…

    • Win the West

      Great post. I couldn't have said it better myself. This game was proof that bad teams find ways to lose games. You can't play like we did last night and expect to beat a time like the Chargers. I don't care what there record is.

  • mymy

    I am starting to dislike Norv Turner for beating us so many times. We need to fire Sing. He is not ready for HC

  • LoneTexas49er

    Pitiful! MOST PITIFUL!!!! Offensive line sucked, and we need a QB immediatly, a proven QB and Gruden! Can we still get Vick anyone, any possibilty during the offseason ,if we show him the money$$ I think we will offer him since were tired of losing every season, I’m sure Jed will offer him if he’s available.