Alex Smith Starting Again

Jason LaCanfora is reporting that the 49ers are going with Alex Smith as the starting quarterback against the Seattle Seahawks. This should not come as a surprise since Troy Smith hasn’t been playing to well. Regardless of what most Niner fans think. If the 49ers want to win they have to go with Alex Smith at quarterback. He may not have the deep ball that Troy Smith has or be Mr. Checkdown but at least he doesn’t hold the ball to long and take sacks or do the roll right heave and hope for the best.

Of course it is unlikely the 49ers will make the playoffs. They still have an outside chance, a slim one, but still have that chance.

Now the question is which Alex Smith will we see.

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  • We're going to see the one in the 4th quarter vs. the Eagles?

    Please, God?


  • DaHawn49er

    Get this right, You have a qb T-Smith that is 3-2 as a starter, Then we have a loser that is A-Smith that is 1-5, Sing says we have a better chance of winning? Well if you wanna lose your job coach, Your doing the right things to lose it.

  • chris

    I am DONE with the San Francisco
    49ers for the season. Before I watch
    another game or even mention their name in public, they will need to do the
    following 2 things. 1) Fire Mike Singletary 2) Cut Alex Smith!

    • NinerPaul

      I'm with you on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    Are you serious? Alex smith again?? Mike singletary the coach with the lowest football IQ in the history of coaching football. Alex smith is Ryan leaf is akili smith is Jamarcus russle!!! WTF are you thinking?!? Sing needs to give back his paychecks man! Horrible coach that set the organization back 3 more years.

  • NinerPaul

    I wanna say i cant believe this … but then again i guess i can, given the consistancy of the bad decisions sing has made. Yeah like what was said up above t smith 3-2 , a smith 1-5, …. i dont think he even understands math… cause that sure don't add up … in fact Alex was 0-5 his first 5 games this year…

  • LoneTexas49er

    Keep smith as our backup and get Vick or someone who is a star in free agency. Look at the free agents at QB next year. One scenerio I like is get Vick and spend the money, have alex as our backup and draft # 1 and let our pick train under vick and learn QB as a 3 stringer. I heard this scenerio online and it sounds like the best one. We need that # 1 for the future and bring in the proven good veteran for immediate success, and when I say proven, no someone like edwards or someone who doesnt have sucess, I mean a Vick Mcnabb or somone of there stature, but unfortunatly Mcnabb will be secured by the redskins. I still want to keeep Sing in here, I feel like if we give him one more year, he will do well, I just feel that. He rode his money on Alex and now he’s going to go after that proven QB if he gets the chance. If we don’t get sing, we must get Gruden, not Harbough the unproven, Gruden or someomne like Holmgren. I say buy out holgren make him our Gm and make gruden our coach, Holgren just built a house in Santa Clara I understand, perfect scenerio, but at least Gruden, no umnprovens. only a proven coach! We are the 49ers we are the best orginization in sports, we need to act like it!

    • Fucking joking right

      Your an idiot. First of all Vick isn't leaving Philly. Secondly, we aren't going to pay for a high price free agent QB and then pay a high draft pick QB to ride the pine. That is just plain dumb. Thridly, Keep Sing. Are you fucking joking. Please tell me that you are joking. He is the reason that we are in the situation in the first place. We need a coach who can adjust. I can't tell you how many time #62 has gotten beaten on the line, and yet he remains the starter. When asked why keep him in the line-up when Synder played so well when he was at RG. Sing still could admit that he was wrong that #62 just sucks. Sing is the reason why we lost at least 3 games this year. I'm not saying that Alex is the best and I think that we need to get another qb and coach next season.

  • ROCK

    Troy Smith played on the practice squad 6 weeks ago didnt he?
    This kid is getting the shaft for a smith????? i dont get it …

  • marcpan

    @49ersnews now he will be 22 for 30 275 yards and 3 td. He better lose so we can have a shot at andruw

  • Yo_daddy71

    @49ersnews why?????????????

  • www

    I really wish Sing and Alex Smith the best! They played great football in their other lives. This is the NFL today………GOOD LUCK…Go somewhere else!