49ers One Game Back

Somehow, someway the 49ers are still alive in the playoff hunt and the division hunt. The 49ers embarassed the Seahawks today and it felt good.

Alex Smith played perhaps one of his best games as a 49er, well at least numbers wise. Throwing for 3 touchdowns. His accuracy was lacking, but no complaints here. I’ll take it. He was real rusty today, but hopefully it carries over for the rest of the season.

The team did get help from Matt Hasselbeck who threw 4 interceptions on the day, but no complaints from Niner fans there.

The 49ers have 3 games left, two division games and the Chargers on the road. If the 49ers win out and the Seahawks and Rams don’t the 49ers could win the division. Hell even if the 49ers, Rams and Seahawks all finished 7-9 the 49ers win the division and host a playoff game.

But not lets get ahead of ourselves, it one game at a time at this point and the 49ers needs lots of help.

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  • LoneTexas49er

    Impressive! MOST IMPRESSIVE!!!!

  • Win the West

    Where is the Alex Smith Haters at? The man played his ass off like he did most of the year when he was allowed too. Fucking Coaching staff wrecked this season for us and they are just trying to pass the buck on Alex. I'm not saying Alex is awsome but the kid has talent and can play. I just have this feeling in my gut that he is going to go to another team next year and we are going to end up regreting it.

  • wickerman

    Where the heck was this team all year???

    I love Frank Gore, but it is pretty damn obvious they should have made the RB position 40/40/20 with Gore, West and Dixon. Westbrook is every bit as good catching and blocking as Gore.

    Nice to see Alex not try to force balls for a change. Other than the sideline throw over Walker's head and totally missing Crabtree on an out pattern, he really didn;t have any horrible throws. His timing wasn't perfect by any stretch, but I guess 5 week off does that. Of course, it's not like he was Montana accurate to begin with…

    What impressed me the most was the fire the defense played with. If they can play with that intensity down the stretch, the 9ers have a real shot.

  • josh meeker

    Not to bring in any false hope or anything, but if the 49ers do manage to make the playoffs, remember they were a FG away from beating the Saints. They were a Nate Clemens fumble away from beating the Falcons. I think they match up well with the Bears should they beat the Packers for that NFC North spot with Rodgers looming concussion. Maybe we can make a run if we get in there…

  • LoneTexas49er

    Meek, I completly agree, I keep on telling everyone down here in Hee-Haw Texas that the 49ers are better than there recordx shows. They've had some close games and almost beat some of the best with the exception of the chiefs game which was ridiculous. Not many people around the nation understand were alot better than our record shows and I think the same way, if we happen to get into the playoffs we might shock alot of people and beat some of the best, thats my feeling, but that's if we make it first. Alex shocked me, but lets see if he keeps it up, you know alex, he is none to be inconsitant. If he wins in san diego that will be my test to see he's ready! Lets see on thursday. I watched the texans game tonight, I'm not a fan at all and I have know idea how they have a better record than usa, were much better than them, what the heck.