Video: A New Smith in San Francisco

Not Alex Smith, but Troy Smith has helped the 49ers to two straight wins. Can he lead them to the NFC West title?

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  • LoneTexas49erFan

    Like I've said for many years. the "QB" on this team is the problem and you guys for years have said, we need tackles and such and always tore down that idea, saying no chance, not the problem,when the problem has starred us right in the face 2+2=4 obvious. And Troy is good but not the best, just hink if we had Vick in here or Mcnabb, our team might be going all the way if that happened this year! We have the weapons have all the offfensive weapons in place like receiver running fullback, we just need that QB, and we will see if Troy is just that. I still say we go after a high profile QB this offseason in the likes of Vick or someone of his stature as security so if Troy doesnt meet expectations and keep troy as backup if thats possible, thats if troy does not show consistant potential, we dont need another smith experiment, the last one failed!

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    If troy doesnt work out as good as we think we need a hight profile QB in here immediatly this offseason. If ya'll dont agree, then I will start thinking this is a cowbilly fan Blog. It's obvious what we need, I've been saying it for years! That's the solution consistancy and reliability.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    I say we only keep T. Smith in there as starter for next season if we make the playoffs, or dont lose more than 2 more games here on out. I may be crazy but I have a feeling he might pull all the games off but one. I have a funny feeling, I hope I'm right on that, I was right about the london game, and I had a feeling too then.

  • ninerfaithful

    lone texas i share the same feeling go niners

  • ninerfaithful

    time to play hard smart 49ers football we need this win today against the bucs and if the rest of the division falls we are one game out of leading the nfc west

  • wickerman

    Let me get to the point. The playcalling sucks. Granted. No argument. When Alex came back from his 'benching' vs the Eagles and was allowed to open it up, he played great – same witht he final SF drive vs Saints. When Troy was allowed to open it up vs the Rams, he played great. There is simply black and white evidence that both guys suck in conservative offenses. But, that isn't the biggest problem

    The problem is Singletary on all levels. Anthony Davis should not be starting. Westbrook and Dixon should be spelling Gore ALOT more. Taylor Mays should never have been leapfrogged to starter. His QBs should not be handcuffed by his prehistoric ground and pound offensive 'vision'. The guys just doesn't get it.

    Alex Smith played a fast paced spread offense in college. One of the main reasons he failed with Nolan was that Nolan did not play to those strengths. Say Smith has a limited skill set if you want, but THEY DRAFTED HIM. They knew his skills. Three step drops from under center were not his strong suit. So shoehorning a spread, mobile guy into a Eli Manning style QB mold was doomed from the start. They add Vernon Davis and use him as a freakin blocker. They pass on guys like DeSean Jackson for O-linemen. Nolan gets fired and Singletary picks up where he left off and can't figure out why he's not winning.

    Enter Crabtree last year and we see some signs. The Niners go 5-5 to finish out the year and actually look like they are building. Add Ted Ginn jr for speed and Westbrook in the backfield. Then promptly forget you have them and run Gore up the middle all day every day. Gain 3 yards on 2 plays and pass on 3rd and 8 and wonder why the defense is always ready. Before he got hurt, Alex Smith was the second most pressured QB in the league. How exactly does Singletary think they arrived at that place? He has a vanilla offense that leads to 3rd and long and a shitty o-line that crumbles under pressure. Damn, I don't even get paid to figure this out.

    Add to the offensive woes by keeping the same defense that ranked near the bottom of the league in pass defense. Gloat about all the sacks you had last year ignoring the fact that most of them came in a handful of games vs teams that somehow had even worse -lines than you did. Sudden the recipe for a 6 win season is perfected.

    It took me a while to get all of this. I – like most in Niner land – blamed Alex for most of it. He deserves some – those picks came out of his hand, not mine or yours or anyone else's – but the more I look at it, he was as much a victim of Singletary's lack of football intelligence just like Troy Smith was today. You take QBs who have had rocky careers and need consistency, put them in horrible situations and then rant and cary on like an asshole when your system fails them. That's not coaching. Singletary had an average QB in Alex Smith that he asked to be great because the system around him demanded greatness. Only a great QB could possibly win in that shit. Alex failed. He failed because he's shell shocked. He failed because of their schedule and he failed because he doesn't have it in him to tell his coach to kiss his ass and take control of the offense.

    Enter Troy Smith. He beats up on 2 of the worst pass defenses in the league and people – desperate for something – cling to him. Then the system gets him too. We see that Troy is but an average QB and not great. He is capable and – like Alex – could probably make a career in the NFL. That is, if he weren't playing for an idiot.

    So the offense sputters as Singletary insists the QB is not an important position. The defense continues to be outclassed by all but the very worst teams in the league and we the fans get to blame Alex or playcalling or Singletary or the Yorks or whoever.

    No me, Not anymore.

    I blame me. I blame myself for not seeing this team for being over-hyped disaster that it was. If I were Alex and Troy and (by some miracle) I was offered another contract here, I'd run like hell. If I were Lawson, I;d join them. If I were Willis and Davis and Gore, I;d beg to be traded. If I were Singletary, I'd just pray I got fired before it got any worse. Because it will. No matter what. The Packers will steam roll this team. The Rams and Hawks could very possibly beat them. San Diego has a shot. So if we assume the 9ers can beat the Cards 2x (and I don't even want to assume that right now) They will could very well go 2-4 down the stretch. 6-0 would be great. But I don't believe in Santa anymore folks.

  • DeeKon52

    Just wanna say that this website sucks.. There aren’t any articles any more. Maybe one per game and they are about 1 or 2 paragraphs..

    • 49ersNews

      Deekon our apologies…havent been around a lot lately. We are going to be picking things back up. Had to take care of a few things…but the site will get going again. Patience…we aren't going anywhere and we do know we have dropped the ball as of late.

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    Wickerman, first I hate that name, change it!!! I think you suggesting for our players to want t obe traded is like a fan jumping ship. I hate that were losing more than anyone, but you cant abandon the ship when things are bad. Ya, its been years of this crap and were all tired of it, but dont suggest the players to want to leave our beloved 49ers, let me guess you want them to go right to your cowbilly's dont you! That statement is why I hate your comments and think your just a cowbilly-49er fan on here who loves bgoth teams. You want to see sing go and all those players knowing they would help some other team mainly your cowbillys Wicker! Go back to the cowbilly blog and get a real name like COWPATTYMAN. I am upset with Sings calls too but I know we need that QB and we dont have it yet, all we have is inexperienced 2nd string typre guys in here, guys who would do well in the CFL or the arena league. We need that real deal QB in here or were not going anywhere. I know the line sucks and all that, BS, we need that QB, that high profile proven QB in here enough said!

    • wickerman

      Hey the village called, they miss their idiot. Go away, you are neither entertaining nor even remotely intelligent. People post comments and your response is 'You are a Cowboys fan, I hate you.'

      Really? Your mother must be proud of your intellectual accomplishments. Call up from the basement and have her bring you a ho-ho.

      The only gripe I have with this site is that they don't ban bottom feeding, drooling idiots like you for wasting bandwidth and adding nothing above neanderthal grunts to the conversation.

      Try watching 9ers games with your eyes open. The tired old 'a veteran QB will change everything' saw is old and pointless. A vet QB will not fix a horrible o-line. He won;t patch the defensive secondary,. He won;t generate a pass rush. He won;t make Crabtree and Morgan into DeSean Jackson. The Yorks have drafted this team to mediocrity and hired a bunch of people from your trailer park to coach it.

      But hey go on believing that Vick can be baited into coming to save the 9ers in 2011 or that Jon Gruden will ruin his reputation by taking a job with this dysfunctional mess of an organization.

      Please follow this up with some absolutely stunning feat of intellect by calling be stupid or accusing me of being a fan of some other team. Nevermind the fact that I have followed this team since before Bill Walsh. But I imagine you can work some feat of mental gymnastics to wow us all with your superior knowledge. You'll probably work in a reference to a veteran QB that will teach Goldson not to bite on play action or teach Anthony Davis to block while you;re at it.

      I await your doubtlessly inspired retort with bated breath.

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    LOL, No they need to Ban Cowbilly imposters like yourself. Go back to Hee-Haw and your cowbilly blog. Meanwhile I'll be calling mama, LOL. That was hilarious, keep em coming idiot! No sorry, COWPATTYMAN! You are defintly a cowbilly fan on here and I know it! You want the worst for us, your suggestions are ridiculous and always point to taken this team apart were we wont go anywehere. Were do you want these palyers to go if they were to leave genius, let me guess the your beloved cowbillys. Get off this site, your like a Tic. The Probelm is the QB!