Troy Smith Excels. Alex Smith Done.

First off Anthony Davis is a pile of crap. He is Kwame Harris reincarnated. Two penalties which negated two touchdowns.

Gotta say didn’t start the game that impressed at the beginning of the game. Had some nice deep passes, but not much else.

But by end of the game he won me over. He may not be the long term answer, but some how he finds a way to add excitement and make some plays.

But of course in typical 49ers fashion. The offense got the team in position to win only for the defense to let it go to overtime. Gotta love the way this team is coached.

The defense did make a huge stop in OT. And the offense put together a solid drive to win it in overtime.

Would like to finish by saying. Goodbye Alex Smith. Your run as a QB of the 49ers is officially over.

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  • wickerman

    Alex is probably riding the pine thru 2010 -11, but man I hope the team doesn't lock on Troy like they did Alex and pass up picking up a QB in the off season. Troy is a great athlete, no question, but does that guy get shithouse lucky. I am so glad to see the team win, bu that PI that set up the game winning FG was BS. Thank God for it, but that is the second blind hail mail in 2 games for Troy that were terrible decision that look like gold.

    Hopefully he gets disciplined and leads them through the rest of the season to a playoff birth.

    That said – the D is still leaky, the o-line is awful and the penalties are insane. So far the Niners have beaten 2 mediocre teams (Oak and SL) and one terrible team (Denver) I am not exactly jumping up and down about a phoenix from the ashes run here. Yet…

    • troy

      what about all 3 touchdowns we scored was bs so honestly that opinion of a bs call is a lame because those refs called us for how many??? personal fouls, around 5, and he's on target he aint just throwing it up, how is he shithouse lucky

  • ninerfaithful

    ninerfaithfuls, we now have a starting QB with balls…. his second start 2-0 and passes over three hundred yards wow!!!!! when has Alex ever passed for three hundred? go niners Dam i love too win

  • ninerfaithful


  • 49erfan

    Sing already said he does not know who the starting QB is next week.. Sing will find a way to put Alex back in. I do not trust him as far as I can spit..

  • Josh

    3 things…

    1. Looking ahead at the remaining schedule for all NFC West teams I see a three way tie for the NFC West division at the end of the season with the 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams each at 7-9. If the 49ers win out the division they can get the tie breaker.

    2. If Mike Singletary names Alex the starting QB next week he should be fired on the spot. I know he's really slow, but if he wants to extend his tenure till the end of the season he can't be stupid enough to pick Alex over Troy.

    3. We should definitely keep Troy Smith, but also draft a QB in the 1st round next draft.

    • Gary Gnu

      Troy Smith!!!!

  • DeeKon52

    Great win..those penalties that ruined the TD’s killed me!

  • J. Gomez

    NinerPundit.. I like your comparison to Kwame but isnt it a little early to do that. Anthony Davis is very young stil and probably just had the worst game of his life. Go Troy!!!!

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    Like I've said for many years. the "QB" on this team is the problem and you guys for years have said, we need tackles and such and always tore down that idea, saying no chance, not the problem,when the problem has starred us right in the face 2+2=4 obvious. And Troy is good but not the best, just hink if we had Vick in here or Mcnabb, our team might be going all the way if that happened this year! We have the weapons have all the offfensive weapons in place like receiver running fullback, we just need that QB, and we will see if Troy is just that. I still say we go after a high profile QB this offseason in the likes of Vick or someone of his stature as security so if Troy doesnt meet expectations and keep troy as backup if thats possible, thats if troy does not show consistant potential, we dont need another smith experiment, the last one failed!