Gore Out For the Season

First off thank you Mike Singletary for running Frank Gore into the ground. Unbelievable. Reports are that Frank Gore has a fractured hip and is done for the season. This sucks. Hopefully Brian Westbrook can keep the ball rolling.

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  • Chris L

    Whoa… I admit that Singletary has some major issues as head coach, but let's not let it cloud most every post about the 49ers miserable under achievement this season.

    1.) Gore has hardly been run into the ground. He was hurt in a freak injury on his 5th carry in the 1st qtr.
    2.) He is 10th in the NFL in carries this year. 14th in carries in 2009, 14th again in 2008 and 12th in 2007 and 9th in 2006-which, by the way, was the only years he has ever gone over 300 carries a year.
    3.) He averages 244 carries a year, well below the 320-350 that usually run backs into the ground early.

    Anyway, I'm not arguing with you… just trying to modify the focus. It's bad luck. We would have blamed Singletary if he rested Gore and when he came back in, tore his hammy. So, it's always Sing's fault and we have the benefit of 20-20 vision, right?

    What I am really interested in is: If Sing is out, who's the new coach most likely going to be? And more importantly, why, after all we have been through with the Alex Smith choice are we even considering another colossal mistake by picking another QB in the first round? Just look at the list of flops… they out number the pro bowl qb's 10-1.