49ers Get Win No. 4

The 49ers traveled to Arizona and bounced back after a home shutout last weekend to beat the Cardinals 27-6 and pull one game out of first place. The 49ers dominated on all sides of the ball. They ran at will against the Cardinals defense and even with Frank Gore hurt the 49ers running game rolled.

Brian Westbrook who had 10 touches coming into the game came in for an injured Gore and ran at will against the Cards defense. He gained over 100 yards his first 100 yard gaame in a couple years. Hopefully Michael Johnson saw what Westbrook can bring to this team and he somehow finds a way to get Westbrook more involved down the homestretch.

Westbrook wasn’t the only part of the offense looking good. Despite a poor performance last week Troy Smith bounced back and made some nice throws to keep the Cards defense honest. He is now 3-1 as a 49ers starter.

On the other side of the ball the 49ers defense easily kept the Cards offense in check, of course it did help that Derek Anderson was at QB, who may be the worst NFL QB in the league.

If there was one area to find fault it would have to be the kicking game, one missed field goal and a another blocked kept the score even closer. Hopefully Joe Nedney is back next week and the team doesn’t have to rely on Shane Andrus for another game. He flat out sucks.

All in all it was a solid performance hopefully they can carry the momentum into next week and somehow keep their playoff hopes alive.

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  • wickerman

    The D looked very good for a change and it was like having a totally different Oline out there.

    A lot of folks will say 'hey it was the Cards' and they would be right, but I still think it is an important step up. Confidence would go a long way to helping the young o-line. They only gave up 2 sacks vs 11 in 2 games and they were run blocking as well as they have all year long.

    Willis and Spikes were awesome. Lawson, Brooks and LaBoy were good. Justin Smith had is typical high effort day. Spencer and Clements didn't give up the big play for a change. I think the D can gain some swagger after some very disappointing performances this year.

    My only gripe is with your assessment of Troy Smith. I really don't see how he bounced back. In fact, he looked a lot like Alex Smith out there. He had 2 good drives (the 1st with the missed FG and the :07 one with the 38 yarder to Crabs) and then started missing wide open guys and making stupid decisions (the non-fumble would have been intentional grounding fall away/throw away he has become famous for.) The hurry up excuse on the INT is that Crabs popped it up in the air and he should have had it. Seems to me we all ripped another Smith when he threw high and behind and they got tipped for INTs.

    My fear is that Green Bay is just going to play Tampa Bay defense against Troy and destroy him. The Cards had no pass rush and gavce him all day to throw and he still only was 11/23 for 129 yards. Take out the 38 yards to Crabs and you have 10/22 for 91 yards, I just don't see that as bouncing back. I see that as looking a lot like Alex Smith. People bitched that Alex only completed 48% or so vs the Raiders despite the win and yet are encouraged by Troy's performance against an even worse D. I don't get it.

    I'm not looking for an Alex Smith comeback by any means, but if Singletary and Co. think they are going to throw for less than 50% and 129 yards and just run all over Green Bay, they are smoking the good stuff. Now that Troy looks like a below average QB just like Alex did (as in a good game here and there, a rare great game, but mostly crap numbers vs even crap teams) I am starting to suspect the system is limited the QBs rather than believe we actually have 3 shitty QBs on our roster.

  • Josh

    Ok, yes Troy doesn't didn't make alot of passes, but unlike Alex he can throw some deep strikes down the field.

    2 things need to happen for the 49ers to win the division…

    1. Looking ahead at Seattle's, San Fran's and the rams schedule: seattle and st. louis need to lose to the teams they should lose (teams with better records)

    2.San Fran needs to win the rest of their division games.

    If these two things happen the 9ers are in the playoffs. It is definitely a possibility that these two assumptions happen. In a way the 49ers control their own destiny by making sure they win the division. No matter what whoever wins the division is finishing at 7-9.

  • Josh


    I believe troy is better than Alex when Troy is playing with confidence. Unfortunately after Troy's 1st two games I believe Sing got into Troy's head and took that gunslinger mentality away. After the win against ST. Louis Sing publicly said he will have too weed out the bad habits of Troy. It was Sing at his best, ruining a good offensive player. Now all Troy does is short dump passes like Alex was doing. I believe 9ers can win the division, but I'm not sure they can stay consistent enough to win the rest of their division games. Yes, they're going to get stomped against the Packers, and more likely the Chargers as well, but those are expected losses. They need to focus on the division games.

    Regardless, you're right, Sing & Alex will be gone at the end of the season, and we need to draft a qb (no spread qb, a pocket passer) perhaps Ryan Mallet.

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    Just saw some footage on Ryan Mallet Cariblou, he loos impressive. Reminds a bit like Joe montana with Notre Dame, but lets see the transition to the nfl is a big difference. Is Ryan Mallet consistant and that good! Any Matt Ryan clonesd out there available for upcoming draft. I want to give sing one year, you know if he's gone he will probably be a defensive coordinater for our arch rival cowbillies, thats why I donbt want to see him leave. If Sing is gone, what would Gruden be available, any talks of him coming, he seems to love the tradition of the 49ers our heritage. I still want Sing here though, I feel like next year he will break out as a coach. He's only been or coach for 2 half seasons, give him a chance, it took walsh 3 seasons.


      Sing is garbage , we need someone who knows what he is doing and who can bring in others that know what they are doing. I am praying for Gruden. We need the knowledge, championship experience to bring us back to the promise land. Look at all the good teams, they have great coaches and stability within the organization and I thing Gruden will bring that greatness and we can build and win again over the next 10 to 15 years plus. We will then take over the right to be known as the best franchise by over taking the steelers in the ring department.


    You are probably right about the niners not winning the division and I put that solely on Alex Smith and the coaching staff. I disagree on a QB draft selection on our first pick next year. We have our quarterback now and could try and pick up a good quarterback who can grow and develope in the system but I seriuosly think we need to go after another pass rusher so we can put more pressure on the QB to enable misques and allow our defense to get more turnovers. Our team is almost there, and with a better staff and a pass rusher we will be a very hard team to beat. We need Jon Gruden and we need him next year. I am tired of the Niners being one of the worst teams in the NFL. We need to get back to the Superbowl.

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    AZ walsh first 3 seasons were not the best, so dont you think it might be a bit premature to let Sing go and you know he would probably end a cowbilly assistant and that would suck!!! I love Gruden also, but he should be around after next year, he's got a good gig on monday night football and he wont go to just any team. I'm up in the air with keeping sing or getting Gruden, Grudens from the Bill Walsh family tree and he's my # 1 choice as a replacement if we go there but I still believe in Sing. I do like how Gruden speaks about the 49ers on monday night football, he knows the tradition here and the coaches and players that been thr this storied franchise and I feel like he wants to be part of it! He always calls us our full name if you notice and others always abreviate and say the niners or 49ers. Anyhow, Gruden would love to coach this team I believe! Lets See I would like to see chucky dolls at Candlestick!

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    But rest assured, Gruden is offensive minded and he will go after a franchise QB whether anyone on this site likes it or not, thats the problem and has been the problem since we got rid of Garcia and T.O. his # 1 target. LIke walsh wanted to do, he wanted to create a lineage of Qb's and extend that from Garcia but the Erickson/Tonahue era destroyed all that ofcourse, I am still mad at that man Donahue for that dismantiling our team and then being showed the door couple years later, what a waste thanks to those knuckleheads, I feel like if we had kept Garcia we would of one at least one superbowl by now. Everythings built around a good QB.