The Morning After: Singletary Safe for Now

The 49ers are 0-4 for the first time in God knows how long. The 49ers had the game won yesterday despite Alex Smith’s two interceptions, thanks to Nate Clements forgetting to do his best stop, drop and roll. Here is a quick look around Ninerland the morning after.

Singletary’s job safe for now In a week in which his offensive coordinator was fired, San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary’s job is safe for now, according to team and league sources. – [Adam Schefter]

The 49ers are getting beat mentally, not physically. The Chiefs might have beaten them on both fronts, but the mental aspect has certainly come into play during close defeats to New Orleans and Atlanta. – [Mercury News]

Roddy White felt confident he could force another fumble because, in his words, the 49ers did not know better. – [Mercury News]

Taylor Mays played every snap against the Falcons even though Reggie Smith appeared to be ahead of Mays on the depth chart following Michael Lewis’ abrupt departure from the team. – [Matt Maiocco]

The 49ers scored a touchdown on their opening drive for the first time since Mike Martz was coordinator. – [Matt Maiocco]

Singletary says he never thought about switching quarterbacks. – [Matt Barrows]

Smith graded himself more harshly than Singletary graded the quarterback. – [Eric Branch]

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  • wickerman

    I think Singletary (as much as I have been shitting on him) might be coming around to the reality of where his team is. I've been thinking on this since the KC blowout and really considering the team.

    Yes Raye was an issue, yes Smith has not done well, yes Crabs has laid a huge turd so far. BUt I think tose are just the highlights of a pretty dismal 4 games.

    The Defense is just not what Singletary, the players and the fans thought it was. They are vulnerable in pass coverage and they generate very little pass rush. They are huge vs the run, but other than the Niners, no one else int he league is a run, run, run skipping CD.

    The offensive line is BETTER, but it still is not the 'special' unit that Sing thought it would be.

    Gore is not 2009 Gore. There have been no big time 40 yarders. There have been precious few 8 or 10 or 12 yarders. Maybe its the line. Maybe Gore himself. Whatever it is, he is not breaking them like he did.

    Crabtree has not taken the next step. He;s still a relatively average speed receiver with good hands and a huge ego. What has be broken for a big gain? When has he made that huge catch to bail out is QB?

    Davis is a known quantity now. He gets doubled. The seam routes have been taken away. With Gore stuffed and Crabs not producing, teams have nothing to lose by blanketing him.

    Ginn is not stretching the field. Obviously, he's hurt, but where is Hill to fill that stretching role?

    Walker is not living up to the hype. WR in a TE body blah blah blah. Show me Don;t tell me.


    Where to begin? The bottom line is really not accuracy – yeah he makes bad throws but honestly, watch any NFL ame and you can see that from anyone but Brady, Peyton and Drew Brees. Ryan did it Sunday. I watched Cutler do it. Henne. Flacco. 60-65% is normal accuracy. What is making Smith look worse is all the high stuff., but ultimately, his 61.5% rate is dead average.

    So what;s the deal? Decision making. Period. He throws picks. Yes there have been tips. But I would give him a pass on only 2 of those picks (the great play by the Saints to tip one and the awful Crabs play in Seattle where it hit him int he numbers. That makes 5 picks all on Smith. The best part is he is throwing most of them when he doesn't NEED to force it.

    On 4th and 23 with 5 seconds left if you hurl one up on a hail mary and it gets picked – not your fault. You had to try. But when Smith is forcing balls in the 3rd and 4th quarter with a lead, he's just trying too hard and making bad calls.

    I think the difference is pressure. No not the kind Chilo allows on every down. Last year Smith stepped in for Hill and was not living up to anything. This year, he's the man and it's all on him. And he;s crumbling.

    This is not about ability. He has it. He showed it vs the Saints. It's about judgment.

    Sing has taken heat for refusing to call him out. I feel the frustration a lot of fans have with Sing, but I think he is trying to get Alex to settle back into the attitude he had last year. I think he wants him to be able to block out everything and just play. So far it isn't working.

    Part of that is on Sing himself. Sing's philosophy is something like this : Don;t worry Alex all you have to do is protect the ball. Gore and the D are going to win the game. You;ll be throwing the ball 18-22 times max.

    3 quarters later it goes like this : Alex, Gore is averaging 2.1 yards a carry, We're down by 21 and the defense looks like Swiss Cheese. You need to go throw for 300+ and 3 TDs to get us into it.

    And sure enough, after going 10-13 for 160 and a TD in the first half, Smith comes out int he second half and goes 6-21 for 78 yards and 2 ints. Everyone screams 'he sucks!' and calls for his head.

    It would be nice if he was Montana or Elway, but he isn't. He never will be. He was never supposed to be. He was supposed to be Trent Dilfer or even Eli Manning – manage the game and make a few plays here and there, but the team is not about the passing game.

    Smith's problem is he has been groomed by 2 defensive minded HCs to be a game manager and then forced to be a game winner by the fact that the team he plays for is not the Ravens no matter how much his coaches want to believe they are.

    Does any of this mean Smith is not at fault? No. He threw those picks. He reverts to bad mechanics when he's pressured. That's all on him.