Paper Champs

You’ve got questions, no one has answers. At least it’s fair to say the 49ers have no answers. The owner of the team states they are going to win the division. The coach will likely stick with the same quarterback causing both men to be out of jobs by the end of the season if not sooner. Yes, these are the 2010 paper division champs.

There are a lot of problems in this organization and they really work their way from the top down. Everyone is quick to blame Alex Smith and coach Mike Singletary, but the problems existed before they arrived on the scene. Those two have only made things worse. The best way to a solution is to simply eliminate the problems. Last night’s game against the Eagles demonstrates just how bad things are, the 49ers best player Frank Gore has his worst game of the season. Alex Smith starts out perfectly on the opening drive culminating in a touchdown to Michael Crabtree. Things are looking food until later on when he throws a horrible interception. Later Smith scrambles to his left with pressure coming from the right and holds the ball out for the defense to slap it away and run it in for a touchdown. He then makes 3 bad throws on the next possession and gets chewed out on the sideline by the head coach. The fans being chanting “We want Carr,” Singletary listens and Alex Smith gets benched momentarily but somehow persuades Singletary to keep him in the game. The boos are raining down from the stands and living rooms across the country as fans have finally had it with these stumbling and bumbling 49ers. What happens next is a thing of beauty, Alex Smith with the pressure of his entire career on his back leads another touchdown drive to put the 49ers within 3 points. Three points the 49ers gave away whenJoe Nedney missed the 40 yard attempt earlier in the game. So once again it comes down to one last defensive stand and the offense to deliver on one last drive. The defense does its job, Ted Ginn Jr., one of the few bright spots in the game has a great punt return and the offense begins to attempt the come from behind drive. The end result? You guessed it, an interception.

Last week the Falcons field goal with 2 seconds left literally brought Singletary to his knees. This week the quarterback and head coach nearly came to blows during the game, on the sideline in front of a nationally televised audience. Things are beyond out of control. The owner believes his team is still going to win the division. The fans will continue to watch and hope for a win, for something positive to happen with this team. It seems to me that no matter what happens now that the season has been shot to hell that something positive will happen. Either we have some sort of miracle and Alex Smith plays the rest of the season like an MVP, coach Singletary gets the divine inspiration to become an offensive mastermind and the 49ers play like everyone expected them to. Or, and more likely they continue to implode, Singletary gets fired, Alex Smith gets benched and subsequently released at the end of the season and the 49ers can then hire a coach with coaching experience and sign or draft a franchise quarterback worth a damn.

I have eaten, slept and breathed the 49ers since I knew what football was. Favorite all time players are Steve Young and Jerry Rice, even got to see Rice go into the HOF. I try to bring different perspectives to in hopes of sparking some debates in Niner Nation about whats best for the team. Hope everyone enjoys them and if not then comment and tell me why! GO NINERS!
  • LoneTexas49erFan

    I keep telling you Josh, not need for that long article, we need a QB thru trade and Sing will keep his job, and we will be on to wins! But we need a proven QB like Mcnabb through a trade not some worthless unproven QB. Look what Brees did for the saints given it wasnt immediate, we have a better team though more equiped now. Look at Favre for the vikings in his first season immediate, and Mcnabb who I stated we should get and all the cowbilly-49er fansd on here said no cant happpen, no chance. The soluton is obvious, no need for long articles or opinions, the facts are we need a winning-proven Qb in here, the same shit discusssed on here for years, more defense, more this and that is not working. We need a QB I have been saying this for years on here, we need a Proven QB!!!!! 2+2=4 common sense. We can rant a rave all we wont, nothin will change till this is put into effect, we can start thousands of post on here with cute pics and cute comments, but nothing will change till we have that proven QB!

  • wickerman

    A QB is not going to fix this team.

    Smith has to go, i agree, but if you think he is the only issue, you;re crazy.

    The o-line sucks. The secondary is weak and Justin Smith is the only person with any pass rushing skills. Throw in the fact that Frank Gore is averaging about 3 yards a carry right now and I don't care if you trade for Drew Brees. You saw what he did vs the Cards with no running game.

    They made a big mistake not addressing the o-line until 2010. Now we are forced to use the rookies – very talented guys who will one day be great – but not up to par yet. They get penaties, blow protections and screw up – just like any rookie. Add that to the fact that Mike Johnson is as in love with Gore up the middle for no gain as Raye was and you have a formula for defeat.

    This is a poorly coached team. It is a young team that is still growing.

    The last thing the 9ers need to do right now is get a superstar QB and watch him get killed behind that line.

    We benched Smith twice. Once for JT O'Sullivan who promptly led the league in turnovers and once for Shaun Hill who showed he was great for beating up on the Rams and little else. Smith has been no improvement, but he hasn't been any worse.

    IF he plays out the season the o-line will have worked together and gotten some experience by then. Hopefully we will see Mays mature. We can then go get a corner, a pass rusher and a QB.

    A new QB by next week is going to change the fact that the defense gives up 350 yards a game, creates no turnovers and can't stop the pass. A new QB isn't going to open holes for Gore or make the line pass protect. A new QB can only limit the picks that Smith throws. That's good, but it's only part of the problem.

  • Josh

    It won't matter if both are gone at the end of the season. The front office will screw up as usual. They will hire another bad coach and draft another spread quarterback (Alex Smith v2.0) /or trade for another wannabe (Carr). This organization hasn't made too many good decisions in the past.

  • NinerPaul

    Shaun Hill… Beating up the Rams and nothing else ??? This is bullshit ….He’s 11 and 9 now … even with a win with the lions…. Who went in and beat Arizona and the beggining of last year after they went to the superbowl…. And who pretty much would of won the minnesota game last year in minnesota …. if it weren’t for Sing calling for a run play on 3 and 7 when you had a QB who was hot with 2 touchdown passes just before that … This coach only plays not to lose and what do they do lose …. Shaun was 10 and 6 as a starter with nolan and sing … Alex is 5 and 10 this is shit … I do agree we need a QB … But come on if shaun hill is 10 and 6 with the same players, same coach, same shitty play calling, what the fuck is the excuse…..

  • NinerPaul

    Oh and by the way the Lions are # 1 in scoring offense ….. With Shaun Starting all the games accept the first half of of game one ……. We are Ranked 31st ……

  • NinerPaul

    To clarify # 1 in scoring offense in the NFC which is # 6 in the league …. The Niner are 31st in the league … (source

  • AHR

    Wow. Draft a quarterback with the 1st pick. Are you insane! We just wasted 24 million plus on Alex Smith. This team just need to get an experienced proven quarterback. Solid defense, solid receiving game, solid running game. Alex smith is a solid quarterback, he just plays good enough to lose. He would make an excellent back up for any team in the league. Good player, not great, which is what we need. I don't think you could put this team on hold again trying to develop another QB!!!