Crabtree Calling Out Smith?

Michael Crabtree answered questions from reporters today, and one of the questions asked was how new offensive coordinator Mike Johnson did on Sunday. Here was Crabtree’s response…

“Mike Johnson did his thing. He did what he was supposed to do. He got everybody the ball. Only thing is, Mike Johnson can’t throw the ball. He can just call plays.”

Lowell Cohn of the Press Democrat says you can look at that quote two ways. That coaches can’t play and it’s up to the players to execute or he’s calling out Alex Smith.

I say he’s calling out Alex Smith…and the drama continues.

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  • DaHawn49er

    Good call by Crabtree, Someone has to say something about Smith and his poor playing, Yesterday was another win that got away, It's getting sicking 0-4..

  • wickerman

    As much as Smith has been stinking it up this year, Mikey 'I don't need practice or preseason' Crabtree is the last person that should be calling anyone out.

    His as big a sack of shit as his QB this year.

  • 49er Fan

    Ditto wickerman. His bad routes and not being on the same page as Smith isn't helping things..

  • PunkVIking

    don't hate on crabtree he's doing his job. we have such a potent offense if we get rid of goddamn smith. we've worked to hard acquiring weapons like gore, davis, crabtree, willis…. just to let it all slip away with a waste of a QB like smith.

  • RIck rock 916

    alex smith sux ass sorry to say throw in carr in see wat he can do smith cant throw a ball farther than 10 yards or he cant even do that, 7 interceptions to 3 touchdowns come now its only gonna be getting worse with him playing

    • Ron Stone

      Sorry Rick. You are wrong about Smith's arm. He may be out now & 49ers happy, but look what David Carr did!
      A nine year veteran and he proved he can't hit the broadside of a barn!! We need better coaching and discipline. Can't keep turning the ball over and expect a win! A revamp of coaching staff and good quarterback is a good start. More important, I do believe the ownership has been killing the 49ers for years!!

  • melodous

    how many games are we going to waste on Alex? Could we get anything for a trade? The answer is no. Worthless and untradable and we still have him as starter.