Barring a Miracle…Singletary Gone at End of Season

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports is reporting that barring a miracle coach Mike Singletary is done as head coach of the 49ers at the end of the season.

if the 49ers should pull off a miracle comeback this season, it probably won’t save coach Mike Singletary’s job. According to a team source, Singletary will need to do some extraordinary things over the final 11 games to have any hope of coming back as coach. That extraordinary thing would be something like winning all of the remaining games and even a playoff contest or two.

While York also said this weekend that he’s “absolutely” staying with Singletary for the remainder of the year, the decision to stand pat is partly based on the belief that there’s no one on staff that the organization feels it can entrust with the job.

When Singletary took over as head coach of San Francisco in the midst of the 2008 season, much was made of his disciplined, take-no-prisoners attitude. People loved it, but there was one problem behind it all: Singletary doesn’t understand the X’s and O’s that go with the game of football. As several coaches have said over the weeks, when a coach doesn’t know the functional part of the game, he walks a dangerous line with players…

The drama continues…

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Subwayjared

    When he's gone .. who do you think they will bring in ? I really dont want to see Cower french kissing VD or Crabs on the sideline.

    • mocoseco

      Bring in Chuky

    • Wade

      I don't think it matters who coaches this team, if you don't get guys that can tackle and block you'll be running the next guy out of town as well. #22 couldn't tackle himself. $(er fans have unrealistic expectattions based on the 80's. many of these players are not tough enough. I typically listen to local radio and here the personalities whining likes bitches all day second guessing every move made by the organization as if they have all the answer. 49er fans deserve exatly what they desreve. Stop whining and bitching and actually support your team. Want to run a team? Get yourselves a Fantasy Team.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    Pundit, Theres always gossip from an source whos says its a inside source, and its probably cowbilly fans starting hype because cowbilly fans and some other fans know what will happen eventually with Sing behind the helm. You cant blame Sing for the problem, when alexd is the probelm. Pundit with all do respect we know you are a big alex fan, but that is the solution to getting this team better, getting a high caliber QB in here. I know its wont work, we need a better line, man we just drafted 2 first round lineman in the draft! There are so many Alex supporters on here, and you dont really want him to go. All I heard for years is we need lineman we need defense, when the problem is starring us in the faced and thats Alex!

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    If you want to keep him suggest him as our backup because that what he will be good for. He is not consistant and can not win every game, bottom line! KEEP SING!!!!!!!, GET RID OF ALEX!!!!!!! TRADE OR AQUIRE QB IN FREE AGENCY!!!!! SHOULDA COULDA GOT MCNABB, but we can still right the ship, but keeping SIng is muy importante! If we ger rid of Sing, Jerry jones will be all over that and we will see sing winning every sunday, so not a good suggestion and its probably coming from a Cowbilly source!

    • 49ers

      there was a good quarterback in the agancy.i think the last name is edwards

      • Hunterboyz

        Trent Edwards?
        Man hell no!
        That boy be giving the defense gifts…lol

  • viccz

    i agree with you LONETEXAS……..why would you get rid of an freaking coach instead of letting go an dumbass QB….the bad thing about this 49ers organization is that they don't give a damnn about what the FANS is wanting or suggesting…..what so hard about putting that GAYASS QB and put in a QB that can lead this team to VICTORY…nothing is wrong with this team.the DEFENSE can't do shitt if the freaking OFFENSE don't score…simple and comonsense.OFFENSE WINS GAME,DEFFENSE WINS our DEFFENSE is doing hella good job…thanks to PATRICK WILLIS,TAKEO SPIKES,TAYLOR MAYS,AND SOPOAGA,MANNY LAWSON…but keep SINGLETARY and please release ALEX SMITH…..LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR FANS SAYS…….

    • Hunterboyz

      I think Singletary is still learning to be a NFL head coach at this point.
      I really believe he should be demoted, and not fired.
      As far as Head Coach, I don't feel hes ready.
      I agree with some of the things said about Alex Smith, but its all a team effort.
      Singletary's ignorance hired Raye, and we all know how that went.

      So a lot is on his shoulders as well…
      Believe what you want to, but singletary has caused us some loses…

  • Body

    Viccz, I agree 100%! I like Sing, just think the QB is the Nucleus of any team, you win or lose by one. Like you said, the defense cant do everything. We need points on the board, and we cant do it with inconsistancy. Every game alex has good spirts and then hi next drive will be horrible. He's a good backup, but not a 1st string QB.

  • June

    Yall dont inderstand that its the coaching. A. Smith is a spread office Quarterback, Singletary wants smash mouth football, pound the football down the field, you cant do that when your RB is fumbling all the time. You guys see how well he does when they put the ball in his hands but when you give him stupid plays thats when it gets frustrating. Draw plays, screen plays on 3rd and long, What the hell is that, Smith aint calling those plays, its the dumb ass coaching. I understand Smith has alot of work to do but if the coaches give him the right plays and trust him then maybe he'll grow from that nad not doubt himself all the time……..thats just my opinion tho

  • josh meeker

    Alex Smith is likely gone, its the last year of his contract and its not looking like he will play well enough to be resigned, if he does get resigned then there will likely be an open competition for the job-which I think we should have had to begin with. I really only see them firing Singletary if they are able to get a commitment from a high profile coach like Harbaugh,Gruden or some other offensive guru. Personally I think they should have given the job to Martz over Sing.

  • Adam

    Alex Smith isn't the reason we're losing. We're being outcoached in every game and our defense is one of the worst in the league. So keep tryin to blame Alex Smith but before you do that try watching a game first. Alex did make a bonehead play with the fumble but he's just tryin to make a play. Gore fumbled 2 times last week and 1 was on our 20 freakin yard line. Sure that was Alexs fault. Our defense let McCoy run rampant on them. Thats Alexs fault. Our defense made Kolb look like Peyton Manning. Yep, that's Alexs fault. But you do seem to forget that Alex led us down the field on our first drive of the game foe a TD. Also Alex made some amazing throws to Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree to lead the team on 2 late drives to almost win the game. Alex Smith isn't our problem. We have no running game, we have a crappy defense, and we get outcoached consistantly. That's why we're losing. Sing is gone after this season and thank god. He's a motivational speaker not a Head Coach.

  • Adam

    And BTW, we're only 3 games out and we play 5 division games plus our next 2 games are against the Raiders and the Panthers. I agree with York. We will right this ship and make the playoffs. We need to get this 1st win out of the way and we'll hit our stride as long as we fix our fdefensive issues.

  • frank

    we don't need mc nabb that's like having smith he can't win the big one either.

  • Jersey niner

    well, reports are that the Eagles are shopping Kolb….not saying he is the be all, end all….but he is an improvement…….

  • willief150

    yes this may be true at the end of the season mike mostlikly will be goneonly becuse mike is not a x&o guy he is hall of famer as a player and that image was what the49er brass was counting on now he look desprate like a dear in your headlight just befor impact but after he is gone the 49er problem will still exsit like miss tackcal like, shante spencer ,nate clemmon,and golsteana alway trying to blow up the player instead of rapping of the player leg or special team giveing up field position all day or the 49er when they do have a lead and try sitting on a 3 or 6 point lead the rest of the game this is the n.f.l. unfortually he is the head coach and it all fall back on the coach . look at dallas jerry jones like al davis are like a cancer to a football team i hope that one day the 49er will return back to there winning ways bottom line the 49er problem lay with the player on the field only one game were the 49er were out played k .c game, the rest of the game this season have been dumb ass player on the field on the field lack of effert out on the field o pass rush the opposeing team QB seem to have all day were areQB is running for his life or force to make bad decision