49ers Win…49ers Win

The 49ers are no longer winless. Thanks to the Oakland Raiders, Frank Gore and Alex Smith.

The 49ers started the game looking like crap. Couldn’t get a first down and the penalties piled up. The defense kept the Raiders out of the endzone early. And only gave up field goals. The defense gave the offense enough time to finally open up.

Alex Smith booed early only to settle down and lead the 49ers on two scoring drives. One touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree and another to Vernon Davis, which was opened up thanks to Frank Gore’s longest run of the season.

Hopefully the team can take this win and keep going. Next week they have the Carolina Panthers who aren’t lighting up anything this season.

Couple things that need to be pointed out. The 49ers intercepted two Jason Campbell passes and the 49ers did not turn it over at all themselves. Yes Alex Smith threw no interceptions.

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  • Dan

    Finally! Mistakes always happen in game, good thing the niners limited them in fourth quarter and not lose the game, not keeping hopes up but ok win hopefully this will give the team some confidence heading into the remained of the season. Alex still needs to settle down and not force things he almost got picked a couple of times one to Nnamdi and another to Mcclain if those happen then its a completely different game. Defense still has to improve yes they played well, but at first it seemed like a repeat of the past games, teams running all over us. Now look ahead against a dismal Panthers, but with a running game so run D step it up

    • Chirs

      Don’t really know what game you watched, but the defense look great. They gave up less than 200 yards of total offense all game. No one ran all over us.

  • josh meeker

    the defense played good, kept the Jason Campbell to under 100 yards on the day, more sacks would have buried the Raiders but Campbell escaped most of them, the Panthers qb's wont be so lucky next week

  • wickerman

    I'd grade the game like so:

    QB – B – Smith looked pretty bad in the 1st quarter and a half, and the o-line didn't help, but that pass to Crabs for the TD was sweet. Ultimately, he did what the 49ers intend for him to do – no turnovers, make the throws when they matter and score enough points to win it. Not great by any means, but I'd rather see 200 yards and 2 TDs vs 310 yards and 2 picks like last week.

    O-Line – D – Talk about awful for 3 quarters. Smith got beaten like an old rug. The run blocking was better, but the penalties were terrible and so was the pass protection up until the 4th quarter. Only the good day by Gore keeps this from being an F. Joe Staley is supposed to be our best o-lineman and he stank it up. Davis continues to struggle.

    WRs – B+ – Granted they mostly got to watch Smith get hit, sacked, hurried and throw it away most of the day, but they made most of the plays when they had to. Morgan appeared to run 2 bad routes (the missed long ball and the phantom intentional grounding) but given Smith's play this year I'm just as content to blame them on Alex. I'll call it a wash. The receivers would get an A but for Crabs having one off his hands and Morgan dropping a very catchable long ball early.

    RBs – A – Westbrook finally sees (albeit limited) action and rips off a fantastic screen. Gore was a beast. Dixon has a TD if not for Joe Staley. All around great game for the RBs. A shout out to our new full back Hawaii-9.0.

    D-Line – B – Held the Raiders run game in check and applied pressure. Franklin seems off though. Sop and Smith had very good games.

    LBs – A – Willis seemed quiet, I don't know if that was on him or just that Lawson, Spikes and Haralson were making headlines. Lawson had a blown coverage put made up for it with a pick and seemed to be swarming to the ball. Haralson had a safety – period. Screw the refs. Spikes seemed like he was everywhere – including icing the game with a pick. Props to Brooks too – not much on the stat sheet but made a drive killing tackle on a 3rd down run that was nothing but daylight if he missed it.

    DBs – B – Nothing special for the corners – Spencer was pretty solid in coverage but gave up a huge PI penalty. Clements didn't blow coverage for a change. James was lucky Campbell overthrew his receiver late int he game or he would have given up a 80+ yard TD. Mays was everywhere and had shots at 2 picks. Missed both, but great game for a rookie. Goldson was average. Asa group, they allowed very little in the way of passing for Oakland.

    Special teams – C – The Raiders punt unit made it though for the 49ers with great kicks and great coverage. Ginn had at least one decent KR. A C because nothing was bad, but nothing great either.

    Coaching – D- – I would get an F, but the 9ers won so it cannot be a total failure. The play calling got stale at times and the 9 man field goal and 12 man punt team were absolutely inexcusable. Singletary has no leadership skills if his people are this bad. On top of it all, the team had almost more penalty yards than Gore had rush yards (that's a lot!). No discipline. No control. Pathetic.

    Overall – C+. A win is great, but they have issues that will kill them vs better teams (and it has all year!). Gore and Smith need to build on this and turn their seasons around. The o-line needs to do whatever they did in the second half after Smith talked to them and play solid. Singletary need to get a clue.

  • Josh

    Singletary sucks. He is gone regardless of what happens. Smith will be gone too. It's time to pick up a real quarterback, not a backup. For the love of Gd, please don't select a spread qb, although 49ers management will because they keep making bad mistakes. There are some decent coaches out there for the picking. Who knows, maybe front office will screw up and accidently pick up a good coach or a good qb next season. Doubt it though.

    Last word, Singletary needs to keep his hands off the offense. He's killing them with this uptight playcalling crap. Let Johnson do his thing and shut up on the sidelines Mike. Nobody care what you have to yell about anymore. You're a neanderthal that just doesn't get it.

  • 6chavez

    The O' line needs to block better on pass plays, and what was up with all the the boot leg calls absolutely ridiculous!If Alex gets a little more time the offense does good but with out pass blocking then its gonna be a long season, but it was a win and thats a step in the right direction.


    OH MY GOSH!!! Smith is a 30 yrd pass thrower, anything further than that is an inaccurate throw, very close to not being a complete pass, or an interception!!! I mean, I have never once in his professional career said " Wow, that was a beautiful pass." And another fact is if he is the head of the team, the captain, then he needs to be aware of his receivers no matter if the wrong route was ran… that's what a great or even descent qb does. As a 49er fan I am offended personally that management would keep Smith and Singletary in as long as they have. Where is Steve when you need him??

  • Adam

    Well Steve is retired because Adrian Wilson gave him scrambled eggs for breakfast. And I have said "Wow, that was a beautiful pass many many times. Obviously you didnt watch the game Sunday because he made several nice passes in that game. And the pass to Crabtree was OVER a 30 yard pass and it was right on the button. And for your comment on Alex knowing when his receivers run wrong routes? Alex is well aware of when his receivers run the wrong routes.

  • wickerman

    We want Carr! We want Carr!

    Oh… we want …. Alex back…. how sad is that?

    BTW Singletary – you are on pace for more penalties than the Raiders game. Maybe you should stop to dumbass nutcracker drills and focus on discipline.

    1-6 on the way thanks to to O-line, the Swiss cheese defense and Singletary sucking as a coach.

    BTW, we could use a pass rush too.