0 and 4

Thank you Nate Clements, for not knowing how to fall down and seal the game with your interception.

Thank you Alex Smith, for throwing more interceptions.

Thank you 49ers defense for not stopping Matt Ryan and Roddy White on 3rd down deep in their own territory.

Thank you 49ers for pissing me off yet again on Sunday.

Got nothing left to say…

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  • lostboy

    alex smith your a bum can't even score any damn TD stuck on 14 damn points the whole game…your BUM alex smith fire his @ss.

  • josh meeker

    You could literally see Clements slowing down and directing blockers so that he could score! How could a vet like him NOT know what to do in that situation. He was burned by Roddy White in 2 straight years in two completely different ways. KILLED US!

  • you said it all there, how disappointing, especially after doing so well last season

  • lostboy

    well the d held up…but alex can't lead his damn team… to a victory i dont care how good of a guy he is…9er fans want to win…not have a nice guy that cant do crap….trying to lead a team. he has more INT then TD's that not good at all…

  • lostboy

    i'd fire alex smith and nate….NOTHING BUT BUMS….

  • Kathy

    They obviously do not want to win bad enough. When they are ahead they do their best to sabitage their win. Smith, you are not big enough to win at this level and I have lost total faith in your ability to step up to lead this team. Get out of the way.

    You all need to find different professions.

  • J-Mack

    Wow… i'm honestly at a loss for words right now. We literally had the game won and we just give the ball back to them. They had the ball deep in their territory with about 1:30 left and we let them march down the field for a game winning field goal. EARTH TO MIKE SINGLETARY AND GREG MANUSKY, THE PREVENT DEFENSE DOES NOT WORK!!! I've never had such a sour taste in my mouth after a loss. This loss feels even worse than the Minnesota game last year

  • wickerman

    The defense has something desperately wrong with it. How can you not stop ANYONE at the end of the game.

    Ask Clements for the money back now.

    Alex took a pay cut, so when he walks, at least it will be cheap. If he struggles at all next week I want Carr (and I NEVER thought I would say that.)

    Offensive line?? Better without Chilo?? Something to look at maybe,

    Mays is a keeper.

    Did I mention Clements sucks?

    Pass rush looked better – until it mattered.

    Oh, and Clements sucks.

    Maybe we should play Alex Smith for the 1st quarter and a half every game and then bench him. He was the same guy today as he was vs NO. Great int he first 2 drives and then crap.

    Did I mention Clements sucks??

    Maybe Jimmy Raye has extra space at his house for Alex and Nate.

    They can take Singletary with them.

    • tired of losing

      will someone tell alex 2 stop throwing those short slants they always get picked off oh! and by the way troy smith is ready!t

  • HOmedelivery

    Given the current skill level of the 49ers, against the Falcons the 49ers were competitive on both sides of the ball and seemed as though the coaching was improved. I took pleasure in Michael Johnson’s game calling which exploited the best of a conventional offense and the West Coast Offense. Using Gore more as receiver in certain sets to take advantage of his all around skills- good hands and route-running. Johnson’s offense stretched the defense horizontal and vertically for the first time this season. As a result running lanes opened up for the backs. A solid improvement for the offense. The player’s showed me their resiliency. Singletary, however, once again looked like a dazed man. When Singletary ran uncontrollably out on to the field before the half to call a time out, breaking his headset which probably wasn’t plugged in anyway, showed again that Singletary was out of the head coaching element. Oh well, just something the 49ers will have to live with. Thank you guys for your effort.

  • ARH

    I told you all this last week. There is NO moral victories in the NFL. Whether you win by 2 or 30 you still lose. The game was predictable. Play hard after a bad week and lose within 3 (we have been doing this since the D.Erickson era). So all of you need to stop complaining and whining and except the ride, because its going to be a bumpy road.

  • viccz49erz

    Really,really,really.this shitt is fucking killing me.to be honest with this organization.if you guyz dont do something about alex smith.this team will never be like the old 49ers.its killing me.it hurts it hurts like a fucking pain.these guys dont know how bad the wars up here in alaska between pittsburgh steelers and the 49ers fan.and im getting more upset……..0-4.thats the worst record i’ve ever seen.bullshit.fuck this shit.please win some football.release Alex Smith and signMicheal Vick then guaranteed the 49ers will win the superbowl..do something but dont just stand there and dig ir nose.

  • A True Niner Fan

    good teams find a way to win, and bad teams find a way to lose, so until we fix these self inflicted mistakes were just a bad team….I cant believe with the talent we have were in the same situations as the lions bills panthers….embarassing!

  • ninfaithful

    why god why what did us niner fans do to the deserve this …………………….

    are we ever going to be again ………anyone want to start talking qbs and the next draft ?

    another year and another disapointment ………………

  • Wolfe

    Ryan mallett is all I can say. Would live to see sumone stand in tall and fire laser shots all over the place. Smith was never a number one was product of a system.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    VIccz is correct. I have been saying this for years on here and everyone keeps tearing down the idea when its common sense. We need a high powered QB in here!!!!!!! 2+2= 4. We had a chance at Mcnabb, but most of you cowbilly/49er fans coming on here said impossible, it wont happen. Cant you guys be open minded and have common sense. We wont go anywhere without a proven QB at the helm. We can possibly get Mcnabb if he doesnt agree on his terms most which he probably will agree, or go after Vick. We need to invest big money into a proven QB who is consistant, not Trent Edwards, or some other lame mediocre nowhere QB. We need a proven star Qb in here like Mcnabb, Vick or offer a trade to another team. I believe if we suffer another loss it may happen, or it may happen sooner.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    I know sing hates this because he has high standards for this team much like walsh, and he will not tolerate this much longer. Alex will not be in there much longer trust me, we are going to bring in Carr which I said weeks ago, and you never know he could posibly be like a trent Dilfer of 2000' and become a 1 hit wonder, you never know! But for now we need to look at the Qb's available out there Via free agency or trade this season or next, but I prefer this season because I'm tired of this shit! This is not the 49ers, and I think people are forgetting who we are! I live in Texas, land of the Cowbillys-Hee Hawers, and I want to see our team get back to the Dynasty soon, but we need that proven QB to get there!

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    Look at the Saints and the Vikings, they would not be were they are at without high powered QB's in charge, they would probably be 0-4 like us, they have those Qb's to thank for there sucess, not the coaches. QB is the Nucleus of a team and you build around that! All winnig teams have a consistant good QB, you dont just get lucky every game.

  • bigferg

    I really think we need to sit down Alex Smith he is not making us any money. I said at the beginning of preseason the 49ers will win games if they can score atleast 25 points. Our defense is good enough to hold most teams to under 20 points. So we are back in the same hole we were in the past few years the defense being on the field for so long. At first I thought Singletary was a good fit but now……I dont know…is it the coaching or is it the players

  • 6chavez

    All us 49er fans are right ! As long as Alex Smith is our QB we will not be the team I know we are,the defense let me down at the end of the game 2 times they marched that ball down fielid to score first time clements let us all down its pretty sad to me, but if a chage dont come right now we mightest well call it a season!

  • love=49ers

    Our season is done, but I can't blame Clements look at the 49ers offence they could not get the ball in the end zone for the last 4 weeks. why not try and win the game on a pick off return. I'm sure Alex Smith would have just threw the ball for another interception for a return. But over all we just need to get rid of Alex Smith I can't take losing no more

  • Tex

    Put Clements at the end of the bench!Forever! and release Alex Smith! today! (He's like another Joey Harrington and Matt Leinart)and fire Singletary !outright!