Where to begin. I just don’t know. Alex Smith did his best Jekyll and Hyde again. He threw a interception and gave up a fumble for an touchdown. The crowd was chanting, “Bring in Carr.” For a second it looked like Carr was coming in but instead Alex took field again and orchestrated two scoring drives, down by 3 with only two minutes left. The defense stepped up and got the ball back for the offense. Again a nice pass by Smith to Vernon up the middle, close to field goal range, only to screw it up by throwing an interception to seal the victory for the Eagles.

Well it is obvious after this game that Mike Singletary and Alex Smith’s future with the 49ers is over. Both will most likely finish out the season, unfortunately.

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  • Big Life

    That's really all that needs to be said. It's embarrassing to be a 49ers fan.

  • wickerman

    I don't even know what to say.

    I was about to jump through my TV and bench Smith myself. He looked like a pop warner player.

    It was disgusting. Ridiculous. I cursed him, cursed Sing.

    Then he stays in and, frankly, did something David Carr probably could not have. I don;t get it. If he doesn't get mauled on the last pass of the game and have it float for the INT, maybe they go on to win it.

    I want him gone. I want him out of the NFL. But, at the same time, I want Gore slapped. Here is a guy who cries he doesn't want to split caries because he;s the man. Then he fumbles twice.

    I want Nedney gone because if you can't hit a 40 yarder at home, you suck.

    I want the whole secondary gone. Clements got faked out at least twice.

    I want the whole damn o-line gone. If they don;t give up the hit at the end there is a chance. If gore doesn't get 2.7 yards a carry, maybe we don't have a 'game manager' throwing for 300+ yards.

    Mostly, I want Sing gone.

    Smith is staying, even though I think he is done in SF. They ruined him. His early career destroyed his confidence. His ability is clear. It just isn't consistent ability. He needs to go ride the pine for a young guy somewhere and teach him. Nolan pretty much made it a givent hat he will never have the confidence to be a franchise guy.

    The Niners need a new QB – but not yet. Not until next year. Let Alex play it out. Fix the rest of this cluster fuck of a team so that the 'new' guy – a draftee or a trade – gets to play with a real team. When I say a real team, I mean a team with a real o-line. A team with a pass rush that consists of more than Justin Smith making up for the fact that Haralson is not a real pass rusher and Sopoaga should have been gone 2 years ago. We need corners with speed. Clements would be a great FS. He is not a CB anyone. Spencer is smart but lacks real speed. He should be a nickle back.

    Moran Norris should be kicked off now. IF the QB hits you in the chest with a ball, you catch it – period.

    Anthony Davis is too young to start. He got them for 15 yards in penalties. Iupati added 10. Davis also allowed pressure all night. That's why we don;t need a QB change right now. These guys are not going to help that much anyway.

    So let it be Smith – just don;t expect much.

  • DeeKon52

    I'm a niner for life….Period

  • I spent so much of this game being pissed off at the Niners. Singletary and Smith will take all the heat, but it was repeated stupid mistakes by EVERYONE that led to this defeat. In general, the defense was largely ineffective. Gore did nothing on the ground and killed two drives with fumbles. The O-Line was consistently getting called for false starts, illegal man downfield, or holding. When they weren't being penalized, they were letting guys come at the QB completely free as was the case on the game ending interception where the Eagles blitzer split two supposed blockers and interrupted Smiths throwing motion causing the ball to sail and the Niners to lose. Hell, even Nedney has to bear some of this loss since he missed a VERY makeable FG that proved to be the difference in the game.

    In general, this team is bad. They have so much potential, but they are a young team that is not living up to it's potential yet.

    Alex Smith was rattled by the time the fumble for TD occurred. No question he was on tilt. Then he was going to be benched and he came back out and showed some flashes of being an actual warrior. The offense responded… it just wasn't enough. The thing is, the Niners CAN NOT dig themselves such a big hole. They are not good enough to dig out of those situations, they have to play consistent which so far they do not.

    The only bright spots for me in this game were:
    A. Smith post "benching" showed some real heart and skill. Seemed like the staff just let him lose and gave him the rope to hang himself… I think he made the most of his opportunity.
    T. Ginn Jr. we have struggled for so long with our KR's and PR's… today, the return game was very solid… especially KR's.
    M. Crabtree… finally seeing signs of Crabs being the receiver the 49ers hoped they drafted. I've had a lot of issues with him and the "diva" personality… it was refreshing to see none of that junk today.
    V. Davis post Alex "benching" became offensively relevant again. Nice to finally see them going back to the guy who's contract they extended this year.

  • wickerman

    I guess it makes you wonder if the Niners could have been up 21 -0 in games if they would just let Smith throw the ball to Crabs and Davis int he 1st half before they get down.

    • Honestly, I feel like they have a concise plan for the opening drive now with Johnson as OC. 2 weeks, 2 opening drive TD's… it works.

      They have a plan for their 2 minute drill. The announcers suggest that Smith calls the plays himself most of that timeframe. Consistently, they have looked pretty strong in their 2 minute drill.

      In between those scripted moments though…. it is a complete mess. When they start to have success there is ALWAYS either a turnover, penalty, or sack that comes along and derails any momentum they are building. This team fundamentally is not sharp at all. While I don't expect Sing to individually be responsible for teaching all the position players the fundamentals of their positions, at this point, I have to wonder if anyone is at all. Are O-Line for example should be better than it is. Yeah we have 2 rookies starting. Yeah we have a replacement center. Yes you have Rachal who is brutally inconsistent. However, with all the excuses, the line as a unit has not played well and has not appeared to be coached well. They have some real talent on that line and it's the coaches job to get the most they can out of the talent they have… that simply does not happen at this point for the Niners.

      I don't understand what contribution Solari is making to the team right now if week after week this is the kind of performance we are going to see.

      I'm just mad in general. I love the Niners, and I'm not a fan who does nothing but talk trash about my team. I want them to be successful but there have been moments this season of feeling completely and utterly disappointed in their development. I really like Singletary. I think he can be a great head coach… however, he himself says he's not a "x's and o's" guy. If that's the case, please get us some x's and o's guys on your staff who can reinforce the areas you are weakest. Blah.

      • "…Our O-Line for example" not "Are"…. my bad.

  • frank

    all the 49ers need is a real pass rusher a deep threat with a pair of hands and a running back who does not go done as easily as gore and can realy catch out the backfield as has been the tradition of the niners. jimmy ray screwed up the season that was a big change but had too be.

  • mike

    bench davis ot .. chilo gore new saefty taylor mays start winning

  • N iner Paul

    Its very simple Alex sucks and Sing sucks for putting faith in alex …. I have seen better play calling from johnson but Alex just sucks … Same defense every week … Run Blitz Alex because with pressure he folds. . Yeah he came back in the forth … but its typical Alex ….. down by 14 what do you have to loose … so he gets them a couple of scores …. then when it counts like the drive to tie or when …. he throughs a pick … just like last year in the houston game…. He is not good under "real" pressure …. "Hey Alex your the starter this year with the same OC" Pressure = 0 and 5

    • Chirs

      Learn to actually spell and use the right words before you say someone else sucks. It’s WIN not WHEN. It’s THROWS not THROUGHS. Damn man where did you go to school.

      Alex might have issues with pressure, but so does every other QB that has ever played the damn game. That is why pass rushers get paid so much money.

      I’ve played QB my whole life and let me tell you; it is fucking hard to play when you are getting your ass hit every damn time you get the snap. You do tend to get a little gun shy. Try it sometimes other than playing Madden.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    We need a Proven QB!!! look at the Skins,vikings, saints and chiefs, would they be were they are without a good QB, No! We should of got Mcnabb. We need to pull off a trade and get a star plain and simple!

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    Guys we need a trade or something immediatly and Alex is the problem, not Sing! Keeping Sing is the solution and getting a proven QB! Every year, we say ride the season out and its another losing season and I’m tired of it. Alex is a good backup that is all, keep him for that. Are standards should be higher than this and we nedd productivity fast! The 49ers are a Dynasty, and we are not playing up to our standards at all! We need a QB that is the soloution. Everyone on here keep presenting other ideas when the problem is staring us in the face and thats Alex. We need a proven star in here and we need to pull it off. If Mr. D was he would not tolerate this and we would be finding a star QB through a trade. I say pull off a blockbuster trade and get a proven, A “PROVEN” QB in here that will make an immediate difference. I was listening to NFL network Sanders and Irvin and they were just disrespecting MUCHi and they are just loving seeing our beloved 49ers lose laughs and all! We need to pull off and trade once and for all and play up to our level and stop being the cowbillys enterntainment. Seriously, do you want to see Sing go, if he goes, you know who will pic him up, the Cowbillys and that will really put a damper on our plan because he would be sucessful there because they have good players. I’m sure Jerry jones is salivating seeing us lose, because he always scouts our players and coaches for potential canidates. We need a good proven QB behind Sing and we will be on our way to winning enough said! That is the simple solution, its Commen sense and will work !!!!