Vernon Speaks after Crabtree Squabble

After the 49ers/Chargers game Thursday night, Vernon Davis answered some questions regarding the incident with him and Michael Crabtree getting into it at practice earlier in the week.

Q: Were you acting as a team captain with what you said to Crabtree?
A: Actually it was a matter of being a team captain. All I was doing was taking care of my responsibilities and doing my job.

Q: Regrets of how you handled it?
A: I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time. I was just expressing the way I felt at the moment and I just pretty much said whatever was on my mind at the time.

Q: What was the message?
A: Just pretty much getting him in check, keeping his head level and just getting on me about some things he did in the past and it just came about that day.

Q: Is everyone on the same page?
A: I feel like everybody’s on the same page. We still have some growing to do. We have Week 1 coming up and that’s all we can concentrate on at the moment. We don’t need any distractions like that. I think everybody’s doing a great job at the moment.

Q: Concerned this will be a distraction?
A: No, I’m not worried about distractions. I don’t think there will be any distractions, especially with Coach Singletary being the head man.

Q: Did he get the message?
A: I hope he got the message. I think he did, I strongly believe but if anything I see that I feel is wrong or that I need to address then I’m going to say something.

Q: What’s your biggest frustration with Crabtree?
A: I don’t really have any frustrations with Michael at the moment. I’m the type of guy … he just … he just did some things that he was doing at times that I didn’t like, that’s all, and I just got on him.

Q: Was he not taking it seriously?
A: I can’t really get into all that. It was just something he did. I don’t really want to discuss it but it’s something he did that really bothered me.

Q: Was it ongoing and reached a limit?
A: Just like anything else, something you do over time, if it’s getting on your nerves then sooner or later you’re going to address it and that’s kind of what it was.

Q: Was it a positive to develop an attitude to police yourself?
A: Yes I agree with that because Coach always talks about ownership. If you look at it, the situation, it was basically taking ownership.

Q: Related to him missing preseason games?
A: I wasn’t really worried about preseason games. It really wasn’t the issue. It was something else. It wasn’t about practice. It was a football-related issue.

Q. Are good with him now?
A. Oh yeah. I love him like a brother. I’m going to take him to Smoothie King tomorrow.

Man I love Smoothie King.

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