The Morning After: Niners Fall Flat

The 49ers opened the season with a big letdown. They lost to the Seahawks 31-6. Here is what is being said around Ninerland after the pathetic showing on Sunday.

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  • Hunterboyz

    I gotta say, I didn't see this happening…
    No excuses…
    Just shake back and PREPARE for the Saints.
    Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Perfomances…….which this was.
    So what do you do when you fall off the horse?
    pick yourself back up and get back on…

    Man up!

    • anyone

      I agree with their piss poor performance. Matt Hassleback got his paid back from last year. Damn it….

  • jose

    oline was pretty awful
    gore couldn't even fine a hole
    starting 2 rookies this early seems like a bad idea

  • Lonetexas49erfan

    Bring David Carr in, he is alot better than Alex in my opinion. If the game was closer I would not be on him, but the game was a blowout and unexceptable. Alex should be ashamed of himself. I have not been a Alex supporter for years now, and for years I said we need a QB and I have gotten so much crap for it???? Its obvious 2+2=4, we need a proven QB in here. Alex smith will remain inconsistant, thats his game. Are there any available QB's that we can aquire through a trade or free agency in the future. Does anyone know???

    • viccz

      I agree on lonetexas49erfan……This was the worst game ever i've seen on ESPN history….We've been through with this so many times…i'll probably say the last best QB that i kno who brought the 49ers back in the game was STEVE YOUNG…but the all time which is JOE MONTANA…….We should trade ALEX SMITH before the season gets worst…..but bring DAVID CARR in to see if theres any changes….but all i know the next QB we need to get is MICHEAL VICK….the O-LINE is pretty set……we have the best DEFENSE in our DIVISION..we have the best SQUAD in the NFL…..but whats pulling us back is the QB…….hope this is goin to be fix…but just focus on our MONDAY NIGHT with the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS….cause to me,this is the main important game i want to watch……so GOOD LUCK 49ers….

  • Lonetexas49erfan

    Man imagine if we had Mcnabb in here. Did you see the Redskin-Cowpatty game. He is a cowboy detroyer. I wish he was wearing our uniform and beating those Hee-Hawers. I would love to see that! He always has a good game against our Arch Rival! He hates them I think like us!