The 53-Man Roster…For Now

The cuts are in and the 49ers have their 53 man roster set…for now. Here is a quick look at the 53 players who made the team. Players of note that were on the bubble and could have landed either way. Alex Boone, Philip Adams, Tremaine Brock

QB: Smith, Carr, Davis
RB: Gore, Westbrook, Dixon
FB: Norris
WR: Crabtree, Morgan, Ginn Jr., Williams, Ziegler
TE: Davis, Walker, Byham
OL: Staley, Davis, Baas, Iupati, Heitmann, Rachal, Snyder, Sims, Boone, Wragge
DL: Smith, Franklin, Sopoaga, Jean Francois, McDonald, Evans
LB: Willis, Spikes, Brooks, Bowman, Lawson, Haralson, Briggs, Laboy
CB: Clements, Spencer, Brown, Adams, Brock, James
S: Goldson, Mays, Lewis, Smith, Taylor

ST: Lee, Nedney, Jennings

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