Survey Says

After the 49ers debacle yesterday at Seattle there were a multitude of articles written regarding the game. I decided to showcase the overall themes of these articles as well as the fan comments after the articles. If you watched the game you don’t need to think too hard about some of what was written. So what does the survey say? Basically the fan reaction was that Alex Smith sucks, sorry Smith fans, you know how most 49ers fans feel about our quarterback. This point was even driven home by the 49ers beat writers as well as ESPN’s Mike Sando through both in game Tweets as well as their articles after the game. Another point made by fans and even subtly by Alex Smith himself was the lack of skills possessed by offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. Again, this is not news to the fans who have been calling for Raye to open up the playbook since he arrived. Apparently there were not numerous technical issues as coach Singletary eluded to after the game, Alex Smith set that straight by saying it came down to them not getting the plays in to him before the play clock hits 15 seconds when the radio feed from the sideline cuts off automatically. This delay caused the 49ers to burn through timeouts at the most important moments in the first half, on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1. At least we can thank Alex Smith for speaking up and forcing Singletary to do something about it, he has suggested he may send Jimmy Raye to the sidelines to call the plays rather than the booth. (Niner Pundit had a nice Tweet about Raye roaming the sidelines on a motorized scooter. Personally I visualized him like Joe Paterno running for the restroom when he shits his Depend’s.)

While this is just the first game of the season, we have seen this before. Last season we saw the 49ers run draw plays repeatedly regardless of their success. We saw passes ricochet off Michael Crabtree’s hands and into the defenders arms for an interception. We saw Nate Clements show up at times-such as the first play of this game when he made an interception only to get burned for TD’’s by mediocre receivers. Fans have also pointed out that maybe Crabtree is the diva some thought he was before he was drafted after all. He held out his rookie year, he has yet to play a single preseason game in his career, former 49er Gary Plummer stated Crabs short armed a pass yesterday when he saw a linebacker flash in front of him. He was said to do the same thing last year. He has had several passes bounce off his hands for interceptions, yesterday he and Smith weren’t on the same page on another pass that resulted in a pick 6 in which Crabtree made no effort to tackle the defender.

On a more positive note, writers and fans alike believe Vernon Davis played a solid game considering how poorly the offense performed as a whole. Anyone remember Singletary telling Vernon that he will need to be ready to see less passes come his way and that he should accept it. Davis of course said he did not want to accept it, he wants the ball in his hands and as we saw yesterday should get it. On another note, Ted Ginn Jr. was brought in to stretch the field and to help out the 49ers return kicks and punts. He did well in the return game aside from one bonehead play where he returned it from deep in the end zone only to make it to the 9 yard line. He also had a shot at a deep pass that Smith threw to the wrong spot. The quarterback play once again had the fans and media types addressing the 49ers quarterback issue. Should the 49ers have gone after Donovan McNabb after all? Should they still try to get McNabb? The choice in drafting Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. The decision not to select Jimmy Clausen in this season’s draft. Putting Nate Davis on the practice squad. David Carr taking over this season. Troy Smith leapfrogging him and starting this season (I think Sing would go with Troy Smith over Carr, he brought him in for a reason).

Fans had a variety of reactions to this game, most were not good, but the majority were hopeful. Emotions run high after an ugly loss like that, the 49ers were the overwhelming favorites to win the division. Now they are at the bottom with the Rams-who almost beat the Cardinals. This should be an eye opener for them as an organization. Coaches and players can talk the talk all week long, and on Sundays they need to walk the walk.

I have eaten, slept and breathed the 49ers since I knew what football was. Favorite all time players are Steve Young and Jerry Rice, even got to see Rice go into the HOF. I try to bring different perspectives to in hopes of sparking some debates in Niner Nation about whats best for the team. Hope everyone enjoys them and if not then comment and tell me why! GO NINERS!
  • Great article. I have to agree that I think that Niner fans have had enough. I know that I have. I’m getting tired of almost or should have won. I grew up watch Montana, Rice, Clark, Craig and Lott play and win. It is hard for the older Niner fans to put up with this shit.

    When it comes to the QB play. A lot of people are say that Alex was confussed or rattled. Well let me tell you from someone who has played QB that if you don’t know the whole play and you are guessing what they want then yea it is confussing. I just read on ESPN that Alex requesting that we use the Wrist band thing that most teams both college and NFL are using to call the plays. This might help in regular situations, but the OC still needs to make the decissions faster. If all the has to do is give Alex a number then Alex reads the play of the band it sould work. It doesn’t take 15 seconds to day the number 4.

    As for the bad throws. Once again I go to personal experience on this. Most of his throws in the 2nd half were high. This is an indication that he is pressing and trying to hard. He isn’t letting the game come to him, he is forcing it and overthrowing. He isn’t trusting his recievers to help him. In the first part of the game he was on the money. Except for the pass to Norris, but that was a shitty call the start and Norris stopped running. Then when he felt like he had to make every play he pressed and started forcing balls and threw off target. I woulld like to say that he will fix that but this has been his thing for 6 years now. I don’t know if he can fix it.

    I really think that the Niners have done everything they can to support Alex, and I pray that he gets it together, because is really is a good guy and I know that he he giving it everything he can. However I think that we are going to regret not going after McNabb. That would have made us Great. I hear a lot about Vick. Don’t count on it guys. I wouldn’t be mad just because he can play, but I don’t know if you are going to get a better QB than we already have.

    Just my 2 cents. Go Niners.

  • Adam

    McNabb looked worse than Alex Smith Sunday so I don't know what your talking about. You guys sure jump ship in a hurry. Alex is our QB. And he's gonna be our QB for this whole season. This lose isn't Alexs fault. Nate Clements got tosted twice for TD's and Crabtree flat out deflected a pass into the hands of a defender. The 2nd INT was 50/50 on Alex and Crabtree. So lets stop this nonsense of the blame game because the folks tryin to throw Alex under the bus didn't like him in the 1st place.

  • wickerman

    Somewhat unrelated – ok totally – but 49ers just resigned Jason Hill.

    I like this move. I always thought Hill was good.

  • josh meeker

    @Chris, yeah I forgot all about Vick to be honest, hes a better athlete by might not be much better than Alex himself, we will see what he can do this year.
    @Adam, hey man i was just relaying the fans and media's views on A.Smith after the game, but im not much of a fan of his myself-I want to see him do well and the 49ers win, I just havent seen it happen-in 6 years

  • Adam

    The niners haven't had a team to help Smith in 6 years. We've had the worst offensive line in the league in 3 or 4 of those years and our receivers were garbage. A QB needs help to be good. And he did well last year with no running game and a weak offensive line. The QB situation isn't why we lost this game…period.

    • I agree once again. It was a whole team effort that screwed last weeks game up. With that being said the 2 INTs did help to the loss. I will give the first one to him. It wasn’t his fault he hit Crabtree in the chest. That ball has to be caught. The second one was all Alex. The ball was high from trying to overthrow and was a pick 6. Every QB is thought that if you are going to miss miss low so the worst case it is incomplete. When you miss high only bad things happen. Like INTs and WR getting murdered.

      The line needs to play better, you are 100% right on that. But I think that they did pretty good. yes there was times when he didn’t have time, but I think that was more because of the play calling than anything. The old man did not set Alex and the rest of the Offense up for success at all. You can’t keep putting the team in 3rd and long becuase he called plays on 1st and 2nd down that ran the ball up the gut for 2 yards total. We were successful last season when we spread it out and mixed the run in that way. We used the pass to open up the run. Also on 4th and goal from the 1/2 yard line. We throw to the FB. We have players like Davis, Gore, Morgan and Walker that we could have thrown to. Also if Gore is the one of the best backs in the league (like he is) he should have gotten the call to get the half of yard. Just another example of the old man not setting the team up for success.

    • Niner Paul

      Shaun Hill was 10 and 6 with the same players >>> So whats the excuse >> a bunch of bullshit if you ask me >>

  • Adam

    The only thing thats scaring me is Jimmy Raye. I'm still holding hope, but he's starting to get me thinkin if he's really cut out for the job. Again, we can't change O-Cordinators in the middle of the season.

    • I agree we can’t that would just screw everything up. However what we can do is allow him to develop the game plan, but allow Mike Johnson to call the game and the plays into alex. I really think that this would work.

      The next option is to let Alex wear the wristband and have old man jimmy just read a number. We can’t blame Alex if he isn’t getting the call and is pretty much just having to make things up on the fly. That works in back yard ball but not in the NFL. You just can’t say get open crabs and I’ll find you.

  • Adam

    That seems like a good idea. After all, Jimmy Raye is gettin old and Johnson was brought in because he knew Rayes offense so well. Raye has been criticized because he is to predictable. Maybe Johnson would help in that area also. But we tried the inexperienced O-Cordinator in Jim Hostler and we know how that worked out. A confusing situation surely, but something has to get done.

  • dosia510

    this whole offense is a horrible concotion of alex smith and jimmy raye, im torn because if we win the division (which i would love) then that means we keep smith and raye, but if we dont then they are both gone and we can findly move on from both these guys. what would u rather have??

    • N iner Paul

      I'm about to throw Sing in the mix of outies too….. All that talk ….. All that shit is just talk…… These NFL Coaches are precision strategic planners disecting games and planning to get an advantage …. What the fuck is "I Want Winners" going to do for you on sundays …… He Sing You Had one in Shaun Hill …. 10 and 6 to be exact … You were a winner …. you now have a loosing record with your QB and OC choice ….. So if Jed goes by your "I Want Winners" standards your headed in the wrong Direction!

  • Adam

    If we win the division why would you wanna get rid of Smith and Raye unless you already have something against them. If Raye can get his play calling down in time, we wouldn't have a problem. I have all the trust in the world in Alex Smith. I am a niner fan that doesn't blame his failings on him completely. 5 Coordinators in 6 years, no receivers, no offensive line, no defense, no special teams, nothing in those 5 years helped Smith progress except Smiths own will to get better and do the best he can. Now he has the weapons and no play to call in the huddle? Gimme a break please.

    • N iner Paul

      You Give me a Break…. Are you Kidding??? Like I said Above…Shaun Hill was 10 and 6 with the same players and situation and he was an undrafted with no arm >>> So I ask again whats the excuse >> a bunch of bullshit if you ask me >>

  • N iner Paul

    Alex sucks under presser period >> No doubt he has talent but cant handle pressure in different forms >> Comes in to play in houston last year down 21 to nothing …. no pressure…. what do you got to lose…Ohh wow he gets us to the point where we can win the game with a 4th quarter come back …. nope! Pressure in on……he throse an INT……… After that named starter in the thick of the season…….. Pressure = almost 0 and 5 the his first 5 games….. he did get that 10 to 7 win against chicago after they threw 5 int's yep 5 INT's … thats how much help he needed to get a 10 to 7 win………were out of the playoffs by then …. no pressure …. so he wins some games towards the end of the year over some not so good teams ….. They got rid of Shaun Hill because real niner fans knows that Shaun is the better QB without question … The record speaks for that ….. so there would of been a QB controversy by the end of this next game …. They Make Alex the starter this year = Pressure = Well you saw the result ….. Am I the only one who is seeing the pattern here…… This the equasion >> Alex + Pressure= Sucks ……… Sucks+Sucks+Sucks =Bust

  • Adam

    No pressure when a QB has to make 21 point comeback? Ok. And Alex was brought in that game because Shaun Hill was pathetic. "They got rid of Shaun Hill because niner fans know that Shaun Hill is the better QB"? They got rid of Shaun Hill because defenses didn't have to worry about a pass over 15 yards because Hill had a wheenie arm. Alex is a fine QB and i'm glad he's our QB.

    • Amen brother. Hill was too predicable. That is He couldn’t move in the pocket. He couldn’t throw an out pattern to save his life and had a weak arm. He most of his passes floated. Several games that he won were against weaker apponents and if it wasn’t for the D and Frank breaking big runs we wouldn’t have won those.

      The problem right now isn’t Alex Smith. The problem is the coaching staff. They have to give Alex the tools. We have the players on the field that isn’t the issue. The problem is the game planning. In the preseason you can get away with not having a strong game plan, however in the reagular season and playoffs that shit don’t fly.

      The coaching staff needs to get a strong game plan that not only plans for when things are going your way but also you need a plan B just in case the other team takes away plan A (Usually that Frank Gore).

      What I am really wondering is why everyone is head hunting for Alex and not Nate Clemments and Brown. They are the ones that screwed up and didn’t cover there man which put us in hole that made us change from what was working and caused more aggressive play leading to the Pick six. If they stayed at home and didn’t try to jump the route (on a week pump fake) then they don’t get the first or second TD.

      Also If Crabtree would have caught the pass that hit him in the chest for a 1st down instead of knocking it into the defendors hands for an INT then the second TD doesn’t happen.

      I guess my point is it wasn’t Alex Smith alone it was a team F-up.

      For you hill lovers. The lions only had 1 first down in after he took over last week until the last drive. He didn’t look all that great either. The days where franchies QBs grow on trees are over. There are a handfull of eliete QBs. Manning (Payton), Brees, Brady. Thats it guys. There are the Bens, and Shaubs, But I really think that Alex can be that good if the coaches help him out a bit. Keep the faith Niner Fans

  • L.G

    I am not sure of getting rid of Raye as an OC will make much of a difference. Jimmy Raye has been quoted as saying that he only did what the Head Coach wanted him to do. Raye is just an escape goat. He opened it up the offense last year and did fine. Mike has that old school style mentality on offense which may have been good 20 years ago but not for the NFL today. You must mix it up…If they can't get it together by the this season bring Gruden or Bill Cowher…Enough is enough…

    The whole organization is clueless the Niners of the 80's through 2003 season is long gone. Maybe we will get lucky and get a top 5 QB? I know it wont fix all the problem but it will go a long ways. Instant face lift…I rather see another QB struggle than to watch this guy anymore. Jon Gruden even said on Monday night football "no more excuses for Alex." Vick tearing it up and we had a chance at him…

  • Wolf

    Well, I am so disappointed with the 49er performance. So much great talent.???