Where do I begin? The 49ers looked like crap. They couldn’t take advantage of early redzone opportunities and by not doing that it came back to bite them in the ass. Alex Smith started off well, but once the team fell behind, he got rattled, flustered and scared. This is going to be a long season if Smith continues playing like this. Who am I kidding, he’s been doing this his whole career. Frank Gore couldn’t get a whole to save his life. I’m wondering if it is possible to go back and redraft an entire new offensive line.

Last note on the offense. Good to see Crabtree not showing up for preseason. Looks like that came back to bite him in the ass.

The defense started off well, but then they as well went to crap. No pass rush, the defensive backs made Mike Williams look like a Pro Bowler.

If this is what we can expect from the 49ers this season, it will be another long ass season.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.

    put troy smith in that boys bad man foreal


    troy smith on youtube highlights are bad hes a niner now

  • wickerman

    Agree 100% NP.

    The Big D. Try little d. The defense has been talking shit about being Top 5. They aren’t top 30 today. People wills ay they allowed 190 yards or whatever, but no one counts yards. You either keep points off or you do not.

    The hOle line. The O-line is a waste of salary cap. No blocking on the run. Smith had NO time to throw after the 1st quarter and the false starts are insane. If they had half the holes on runnign plays they have on passing plays, Gore would run for 400 yards a game.

    Jimmy Raye. Playcalling is beyond stupid. Moran Norris is even IN on a passing down? He never has been able to catch. Ever. Draws as usual that went no where – as usual. Empty backfields while Smith was getting hammered. Running plays with 7 minutes to go down by 21? really? I know better than that and I never played beyond high school ball.

    Crabs. If Crabtree wants to be a pretty boy he should go to Hollywood. He was 100% responsible for the 1st pick. He turned before he caught the ball. Instead of it hitting his numbers (it was a rare on target ball from Smith today) it hits him in the shoulder. Watch the replay. When the ball hit, crabs was looking AWAY from it. My high school coach taught be to catch BEFORE I ran. Crabs apparently didn’t feel he needed to work on that either. The second pick was Crabs running to far in the pattern. He was supposed to stop and he kept going. Not a big deal if Alex hits him in the hands like he should, but he throws it to the back shoulder. Late pass + over run route = big INT. Crabs also kills the play clock by lining up wrong and screwing everything up. Nice job. Forget Hollywood. Go to prison. You’re a bitch afterall.

    Singeltary. You want winners? How about planning to win? Did you run ANYTHING that worked toward feeding the ball to Vernon Davis? Did you even try changing the blocking schemes when Gore ran into walls of blue jerseys or while Alex Smith was getting beaten like a old rug? Did your defense even blitz today? Do your corners have to try to jump every pass? Does Nate Clements owe you money or something? Why is he in there? I’ll tell you a secret that you don’t seem to know – Your Secondary is VASTLY Overrated. Show me Mike. Don’t tell me. Talking shit just spews out shit. Learn to call plays.

    Alex Smith. No Alex, Josh Morgan not getting his feet down on the first TD pass is not 100% his fault. It was about 75% his fault. The other 25% is the fact that you threw it WAY TOO HIGH. It needed to be high to clear a defender, but not that high. TD #2 – Moran Norris would have had that if he jumped more than 2 inches. He would have had it if he just kept running instead of stopping and backpeddeling. Yes, he did almost nothing to help you. In fact, he helped make it harder than it should have been. The thing is, he isn’t Vernon Davis. He isn’t Gore. He doesn’t catch. He runs. There was no reason not to throw it at his numbers. He was wide open. He blew it. But you blew it worse.

    Pathetic is right. Alex will get the lion’s share of the blame – and maybe he should with the way the team has talked up how much better he is – but really everyone not named Patrick Willis sucked today. Bad playcalling. Bad coaching. Bad execution. Maybe instead of guaranteeing a win before the game today, Vernon Davis should have talked about respecting your opponent and not taking the game for granted. Maybe Crabtree should have taken camp seriously. Maybe Alex Smith should worry more about showing some fire and less about being a nice guy.

    I’ve seen this team lose before. I’ve seen them get crushed. This is one of the few times I have seen them have a game slip away and not even seem to try to rally. No effort. No coaching.

    If this is a one game hiccup, fine. If they lay like this again, they are going 6-10 and they deserve it.

    • GUES

      Calm down guys it's week one!!! It's a long season. The Niners didn't play well today true but we will bounce back. TRUE NINER FANS KNOW THIS!!!!!

  • alex never says I he always says he or we…….practice practice practice

  • SD9er

    I am sick and tired of watching games where the niners are not competing at all!!!! What the F are they doing to prepare?! Turnovers happen, sacks happen, dropped balls happen, false starts happen, bad throws happen, bad offensive play call happen, not capitalizing on good drives and turnovers happen, but Jesus H Christ how can a NFL team commit these mistakes ALL game long?! Singletary, Alex, Crabtree, Jimmy Raye, the whole O-Line and secondary, get your shit together!!

    I do, however, have to thank our defensive line and delanie walker for showing up to play NFL caliber football.

  • SD9er

    I am sick and tired of watching games where the niners are not competing at all!!!! What the F are they doing to prepare?! Turnovers happen, sacks happen, dropped balls happen, false starts happen, bad throws happen, bad offensive play call happen, not capitalizing on good drives and turnovers happen, but Jesus H Christ how can a NFL team commit these mistakes ALL game long?! Singletary, Alex, Crabtree, Jimmy Raye, the whole O-Line and secondary, get your shit together!!

    I do, however, have to thank our defensive line and delanie walker for showing up to play NFL caliber football.

  • Lonetexas49erfan

    Like ive been saying for years, the 49ers need a serious QB, not a back up. I say put David Carr in there because Alex is going to continue to suck or be inconsistant, thats how he plays. Alex is a good back up at best, but he is not consistant. We need to find a super star free agent. Example: Look what drew Brees did for new orleans, we have everything in place but a good QB. The saints were horrible all around when they got him thats why they did not go all the way in the beginning. Brett Favre, another example. The vikings would be in the same postion we are without him. They have a good team like us all around but they needed a reliable QB, a proven QB. Alex is backup or canadian football league type. Ive said it for years on here, the QB is the nucleus of a team. And Gues, you obviously new on here because true fans are tired of complaining on this site every year, we want a championship team like yestersday, this crap has been going on for years Bandwagon. The true fans want to win now, we been complaining on this site long enough!

  • Pissedofffan

    We have to draft another QB. Alex is a bust. I wish we had gotten Aaron Rodgers instead. This type of game ruins my weekend.

  • A True Niner Fan

    Mike Singletary said on the NFL Network commercial that "all he is trying to do is restore a sense of pride" well what the hell was that then? we got freakin embarassed how are we supposed to be proud of this? the crappy azz seaChickens had there time, back in 06 they were in the SuperBowl and we were getting our azz kicked .here we are in 2010 and the tides are supposed to have turned and its our time to shine and what happens? we still get our azz kicked by a crappy seattle team…..Im just getting sick an tired of losing, son of a B#@&*

  • Dan

    Yeah ive been done with sing and raye for a while now, jed york obviously made that hire because it was the popular and easiest choice at the time. Maybe if he would have took his time with finding a head coach instead of crying about a new stadium then we would have some one who knows how to get play calls down to the field on 4th and 1 plays or knows how to hang on to his time outs instead of burn them to straighten out his players that he didnt prepare or maybe even adress our dismal qb situation. As far as raye? please, just look at him. If we did make the playoffs what would happen? raye would run run run punt us out of the game and embarass us on national tv and sing would approve because he thinks hes on the bears still and the year is 1985. At least the raiders cut thier first round bust…wish we could say the same

    • NinerPaul

      I'm with you …. at least Move Nate Davis up the Depth Chart……

  • Pissedofffan

    Play calling was conservative to say the least. I'm surprised they didn't call any reverse plays on 3rd and long (sarchasm). Is it me or Jimmy Raye is just not creative at all with the play calling. What happened to Westbrook and Dixon? Use them for something instead of Moron Noris. He is just a blocker at best.

    @Crabtree, I hope you learn that NFL players work hard to earn their status. You are just a second year player who has not earned the status yet.

    I know that the probability of winning is slim next week, but you have to compete to say the least. Sing should bench Jimmy Raye.

  • NinerPaul

    This all starts from last year ……… This is why P Willy was pissed off and said those comments publicly about letting Shaun Hill go …. Because of this Shit …… Whats the excuse???? Alex Smith supporters >>> He just sucks ….. Period …… While Shaun Hill goes in for Stafford in the second half and throws what appears to be the game winning TD if it wasn't for Calvin Johnson letting the ball go…. Humm lets see … lets think back to game one of last year…. Ohh shit Shaun Hill went in and beat Arizona in their stadium after they got to the superbowl ….. And today is suppose to be an improvement….. Shaun got a raw deal last year after just 1 bad game and a half of a bad game in a shitty offense calling after a 3 and 1 record?????…. As long as Alex is starting this year …. I will be rooting for the lions because it seems like the coaching staff gots it together more than we do…. Come on Shaun!!!! Keep proving to all the doubters the winner you are….

  • Jonathan

    Ok I have been on Alex Smith side from day one. But after today I can no long go with Smith. Alex Smith just does not have it. How long is going to take for someone in the 49ers camp to see this. Come on now !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok this is for the Coaching, not playing the starter last week was not the smart thing to do, it was obvious Smith and some of the others need more practise or needs to be benched. Come on Ninners get it togeather or this is going to be a long season.

    True Fan

  • Yesterday’s game just plain sucked. This team is going to have to learn that when one bad thing happens not to let it turn into a shit storm and let it go and keep playing. The team played great for the first quarter and then they missed that pass on 4th and goal and shit the rest of the game.

    On Alex Smith. Man, Alex WTF. I have always supported him throughout his career, but yesterday was just crap. I keep thinking that we passed on McNabb, Passed on Jimmy Clausen in the draft, hell we passed on Tebow, because we believe in Alex. Well Alex, give us something to believe in! This team is primed for a winning year, only if Alex doesn’t play like he did yesterday. I hope that he will get it together. Quit trying do much. As a QB when you press and try to much the ball sails and throws are high. If you watched yesterday most of his passes were high. That is not a sign of bad passes that is a sign of trying to force it and pressing. Alex, calm down and just fucking play.

    With that being said. The D didn’t do that bad except for 2 plays both on Nate. That int on the first play was his downfall. It got his head too big I think. No blitzing was a shock. But less than 200 yards not to bad. The O needs to help them out. Frank didn’t run well at all. There were times that I think that he could have bounced it outside but his head was down and didn’t see the lane.

    The play calling was terriable. No screens, no spread. and they seemed to quit late in the first half. with 1:27 to go they get the ball and just gave up. That is plenty of time to get in FG range.

    The last thing to say is this. Who dat goin to beat them Saints. The Niners dat who. Jerry’s number is going to be retired, they will come out pumped and we will beat them Saints in PRIME TIME!!!!!!

  • anyone

    who are we kidding? beat the saints? Playoffs? How about growing up first…
    This is a make it or break it season for Alex. Too bad us fans will have to swallow this bitter experiment as part of Alex's growing up phases.

  • Q-TIP


  • There is no reason why we need to let this game end our season. It was one game. Did anyone really think that we would go 16-0. I didn’t. One game isn’t the end.

    Look at our schedule we are front loaded with tough games. Many people predicted us to go 1-3 in our first 4 games then win the next 3. We can still win the west and who knows.

    True Niner Fans aren’t throwing in the towel just yet. If you are maybe you should look for another team to cheer for.

    We will play better, and we will win the west, and We will beat the Saints Monday night. If you think anyother way try routing for the Raiders then.

  • wickerman

    I went off a bit, but let;s keep this in perspective. Everyone is calling for Smith's head. That's ok and all – he had a shit game, but let's be honest with ourselves. Crabtree had an even worse game. So did the o-line. So did the secondary. Alex Smith is not the reason we lost the game. he sure as hell didn't help win it either, but I'm not ready to point my finger at one guy just yet.

    Smith didn't let a ball hit him in the numbers and bounce away. Smith didn't constantly get run over by DEs like Davis and Staley. Smith didn't fail to establish a run game. Smith didn't play swiss cheese pass coverage. Smith didn't fail to generate evena hint of a pass rush on a 35 year old QB.

    Smith got spooked and let passes get away. He failed to manage the game clock well. He also started throwing balls behind people after the 1st quarter. All his fault. All unacceptable for the guy who was going to 'prove' himself this year. None of it cost them the game. It was one straw on the camel's back though.

    Singletary lost this game by not having his people ready to go – from coaches to players they showed up expecting to win because everyone said they would.

    Reality check 9ers. You better win the next 10 of 15 or you are in deep shit.

  • Dan

    It is just week one and maybe a little to early to hit the panic button but that game could very well come back and bite us in the ass in december, maybe even cost the niners home field advantage(wishful thinking) or the playoffs altogether but if crabtree keeps up this diva bs id be very open to a trade if i was baalke. i think its a little more clear now why vernon punked him on the practice field and why he slipped down to 10th overall. let him go study fashion in cleveland

  • Adam

    It's freakin hilarious listening to all these wninny so-called niner fans cry and pout. It's 1 game and we didn't look all that bad. Alex Smith was 9-10 at 1 point. Our defense didn't allow a 1st down until halfway through the 2nd Quarter, and our offensive line had 1 false start penalty the whole game. That's very good considering Quest Field is one of the loudest in the league. All you doom and gloomers go take a Vicodin. Have some faith in your team. We're not gonna win every game and it would be nice to show a little support for your team instead of shuffling the whole team because of 1 lose. We will be fine. Alex Smith shouldn't be blamed for this lose. Nate Clements should be blamed for this lose.

    • Adam, Well said. That is the point that I was trying to make earlier. It is just one game. We have 15 more to go. Let face it over the years we have not been able to win in Seatle. It has only happened once or twice in the last 10 years or so. For whatever reason it just hasn’t worked out for us up there.

      In our division we need to win 9 games to make the playoffs. We will do that easy. What we can’t do is dwell on this loss and start looking forward to Monday night. The Saints didn’t look all that good last week. They let AP run all over them in the first half and why the Vikings quit giving him the ball beats the hell out of me. At home the line will play better and Frank will get some holes to run through. Alex always plays better at home. We will be fine. Then we get to play KC, who is a running team and everyone knows that you can’t run on the Niners. That will be a win. The ATL, (Which I will be at that game and looking forward to it) who really looked like shit against a Steelers team without Big Ben. There is a good chance that after the frist four weeks of the season we will be 3-1. There is a chance we won’t, but Adam is right. If you are a Niner fan quit the damn bashing and back them up.

  • Adam

    Well said Chris. One more point to remember… we started of last year with a 2-1 record(Shoulda been 3-0) and that included wins over Arizona and the Seahawks. Arizona started off 1-2.We swept the Cards and they still made the playoffs. Look, we have the best team in the division hands down. Because we lose one game doesn't mean we're all of a sudden a bad team. It means we have to fix our mistakes. No big deal. Wait and watch. Chris said it right. The Saints didn't look all that good in week one. We will come outta this week 1-1. Mark my words.

    • N iner Paul

      2 and 1 with Hill at QB >> he went 3 and 2 as a starter >> when Alex finally started he nearly went 0 and 5 if it weren't for 5 interceptions that cutler threw in the bears game

  • Adam

    And if we lose, remember Chris said we were gonna win…

  • Lonetexas49erfan

    Passing on Mcnabb, I brought that shit up last year and most of you turds on this site thought that was a dumb idea. Trust me by the end of the year when we dont go anywhere, you you will understand my point again. Not being doom and gloom just fed up with this crap and you would be too if youve been a fan for years like some of us. I love Singletary, he's bringing back our family tradition that the 49ers had with Walsh. He is bringing back the old ways, and its only his second full year so its gonna take at least one more season. Trust me, Sing will not tolerate Alex for long, he will find a quick fix and help get us to the playoffs. He is one of the best coaches in the league, we just need a new QB and he will figure something out. He will get a QB through free agency or trade if this shit continues, just watch!

  • redandgold

    so r u trying to say that the O-line had nothing to d with his bad play?? Cause he had no time, and he was trying to play the cards he had..

  • Adam

    Yes LoneTexas. I'm a brand new 49er fan. I've been a die hard since 1980. I was 6. I've suffered through it all. I've gotten the NFL ticket for about 13 years or so, just to watch my niners. But it doesn't matter how long i've been a fan, what matters is that we look at this 1 game and comeback strong. We are a good team and we're gonna be a good team Monday Night. Alex smith isn't going nowhere and rightfully so. He's made bad throws like all QB's do. But he can't make the receiver catch the balls.

  • Adam is right. Alex isn’t going anywhere. The NLF isn’t like baseball where you can make a trade in the middle of the season at QB and make your team better. It just don’t work that way. The QB has to know the playbook inside and out, backwards and forward. He just can’t come in and play football the next week (Unless his name is Favre). It’s ok Adam. I’ll stand by my words. We will win Monday night. I don’t have any doubt.

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    Very sorry Adam, we are about the same age. I am just tired of the same old stuff, forgive me for being a jerk. I believe in our team and I believe in Sing. I feel like next year will be our year and we will make it all the way, but I believe we will have a new QB through free agency or trade by then. Sing wants to win quick and he will not put up with the Alex experiment too much longer. You never know. Carr might step in there and pull a Trent Dilfer of 2000 on us. Carr might break out and be that one hit wonder we need to get to #6. As long as we reach #6 before those Hee-Haw- Cowbillys I am ok!

  • Lonetexas49erfan

    I feel like Sing will bring back our Dynasty again!