Jimmy Raye is Fired!

Jason LaCanfora is reporting that the 49ers have fired OC Jimmy Raye.

My guess is Mike Johnson will most likely be promoted to OC.

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  • Josh

    It's about time.

  • Josh

    I think there was no choice. Jimyy could have led to Mike Singletary getting fired, although I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't Singletary that made the decision. If it wasn't I wonder if Mike will quit at the end of the season.

    • Bob White

      Don't you guys see it. Come on people Singletary is not the one for the Forty Niners, maybe a defensive coach. He;s to controlling. He's got to go while we still have a season left. Alex Smith also What 6 years? Name a worse quarter back who's played that long.

  • niner4life

    im sure it was a number of things. not scoring in both road games. the "rat" they had and the communication errors they had in week one. i think its a good move just feel bad for alex who knows it will be a new OC. I dont see alex being here after this year.

  • LoneTexas49erfan

    Everyone is saying it was Sing who made the decision, and I'm sure it was because its his team and he has high expectations. I do not think Sing would quit on his team, that would be cowardly like a General in battle retreating on his squad and giving up. Sing is not a coward and he will not abandon his post because he is loyal and believes in the 49er way. You dont always get your way, and you cant give up. Walsh took over in 77' and it took him until 81 to have a championship team. This is Sings 2nd full season an he took over a horrible team much like walsh did in 77. He is rebuilding, and I still say that final puzzle pice is QB. Would of should of could of, but we should of got Mcnabb, but that being said we need to go after a QB through free agency or trade. Something has to be done on that position and I know sing realizes that and he will do somnething about it ASAP!

    • NinerPaul

      Sing did go on record saying he would take himself out if he didn't perform…….

    • bob white

      We've been rebuilding, were rebuilt. Except we need to change 2 people, Mike Singletary and Alex Smith. Dump them and lets move on.

  • wickerman

    Johnson will use all of Raye's terminology – so learning a new system is not an issue for the offense.

    I'll withhold judgment on who else needs to be fired/benched until after we see a Johnson called game or 2.

    As far as Raye getting canned – thank God.

    I actually feel bad for Gore more than anyone. Anytime he gets fewer carries he is not happy. Mike Johnson is a fan of the spread – Gore may feel like he did late last year.

  • bert

    Take a chance on Brady Quinn!!! Just like the Texans took a chance with Matt Schaub when he was the back-up to Michael Vick in Atlanta

    • NinerPaul

      Hell no Brady Quinn is terible !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NinerPaul

    Hey Sing Mike Martz is 3 and 0 as the bears OC

  • Adam

    Brady Quinn? LMFAO!!!!!! Look, it doesn't matter who your QB is. If the opposing defense is calling out the plays before the play is ran, the offense is gonna fail. Jimmy Raye was so predictable that we were doomed from the start. Singletary viewed the film and made a decision. Nobody knows who Johnson is so they will have a hard time gameplaning for him. He will mix it up and we will be a better team because of it. We are on the hot seat and we need to step up or or season won't make it out of early October.

  • Jimmy Raye as O.C was a bad decision from the start