Countdown Daily Prediction: NO – SF

Mark Schlereth and Darren Woodson tell you if the 49ers will bounce back to defeat the Saints…

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  • Lonetexas49erfan

    I am going to watch the game at a local sportsbar monday night here in victoria, Texas. I live in Texas unfortunatly and I will probably be the only 49er fan in the Bar. Its sucks but at least the cowbillys lost today and that made my weekend. I will be sporting my 49ers shirt, but I am sure I will get dirty looks. Down here in Texas the 49ers get no love at all and no one knows anything about us. Everyone down here are cowbilly fans, texan fans or saints fans, and everyone is expecting the game to be a blowout in favor of the saints,or they are rooting for the saints all together. THe 49ers are the underdog in this game, but I have a feeling we are going to win and win good! I hope my prediction is right and I can walk out of there a proud man. Its gonna be 99% saints fans and me by my lonesome I'm sure. That we be a good feeling if we win because no one knows what we are about down here, nobody will expect us to win here because there is so much saints mania!