Changes Coming? Maybe…but not at OC Position

After an embarassing 31-10 loss to the Chiefs, head coach Mike Singletary said that he would have to make some ‘hard decisions’ regarding this team, but a change at offensive coordinator is not one of them.

Singletary was asked if Jimmy Raye would be the offensive coordinator for the rest of the year, and Singletary said, “Yes. Yes.”

Singletary was even asked if he was out-coached by Haley and Co. and Singletary said “I would not say ‘out-coached.’ When you have a loss like this a lot of things look wrong.”

I’m not sure about others, but it is obvious at this point Singletary has no idea what he is doing out there.

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  • viccz49erz

    What u singletary should brjng back Issac Bruce for alittle bit help on defense.And please some body do something about Alex Smith.We need a good QB that can step up and guide the team in the place that we should be.But i’ll say we should release Alex smith and put David Carr in or atleast a AB that can do something.And also we need to do our running game stop playing around with the passing game.We are the FANz that are hurt in this 2010 regular us a favor if you guyz csn do that for us.I guarantee We will be in the play -offs this year.

  • DeeKon52

    Anybody know whats up with the 1 and 2 hole runs all day? And frank gore runs into people alot more than he should be. ANd anybody know when GInn is commin back?

    • NinerPaul

      Its simple its run blitz all day long …. because if gore runs…. the d gets to him if he doesn't they get to alex because he isn't good under pressure….. nearly 1 TD Pass and 5 picks after 3 games thats how bad he sucks….easy defense to call

  • NinerPaul

    Alex sucks … he is not Good Period … this time last year we were 2 and 0 and lost to minnesota in week three on a last second farve pass……… the difference this year only the QB ….. still shitty play calling ….. but at least last year we started 3 and 1…..

  • the fan

    Guys i don't understand i been a 49ers fan for a long time. Its sad watching a 5 time super bowl team fall apart something needs to be done i know in my heart you guys can be better.