49ers Better Than Saints Despite Scoreboard

I don’t care if I sound like a homer. The 49ers were the better team today. Of course it only matters on the scoreboard, but tonight the 49ers were the better team. Their defense was better, their offense was better. Everything was better. But I know it doesn’t matter since the scoreboard shows an L.

Frank Gore ran his ass off. Alex Smith passed his ass off. And the Defense took it to the Saints offense. Drew Brees didn’t impress me. Alex Smith was better tonight.

The 49ers had two turnovers and two fumbles. Three of their turnovers were within the Saints 30 yard line. Both INT’s were tipped and just fell into the hands of the Saints receivers.

I have nothing bad to say about the 49ers. They looked good. And if they keep playing like this minus the minor mistakes. Watch out NFL.

The 49ers Impressed me tonight.

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  • wickerman

    I crapped on them after the first 2 drives, but man did they turn it around!


    If not for Adams and Walker, I think 9ers take it.

    Frustrating loss, but encouraging if the 9ers can clean up the turnovers/penalties.

  • Adam

    No doubt we were the better team tonight man. freakin Delanie Walker and Adams made dumb ignorant plays. 3 turnovers inside the red zone? We will win our division and contend for the NFC Championship game. As i said before, Alex Smith is not our problem.

    • NinerPaul

      Bullshit he sucks …. the first one was off target as usual … i'll give you the second one ….

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    This was an awesome game and we were the better team! The national media will not give us props, but we will have to show the world in the win column. I was at a sportsbar here in texas and I was the only 49er fan in site besides a guy next to me who was a Cowbilly fan and he wanted us to beat the saints because the saints beat them alot. All I heard all night was a huge amount of cheers for the saints, but me my lonesome cheering at the top of my lungs for our team. The saints-Texan-cowbilly fans were everywhere and I gotta alot of dirty looks and stars like I was an alien.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    Theres no 49ers fans down here, and thats unfortunate because we are about to break out I believe. I am still not 100% sold on alex, but tonights game may put me on the band wagon if he keeps this up! its just his inconsistancy that scares me. I hope alex proves me wrong with more performances like tonight. I wanted us to pull this game off so bad, but I believe this will add more fuel on the fire for us to get over the hump! It will certainly add more urgency and not satisfy our great leader Sing. I think sing is the best coach wevee had since walsh and he will bring us back to the promise land. Afte tonight I feel like probably most of you feel, that we still have a season. The national media acts like its over for us saying 13% oof the teams get to the palyoffs after starting o-2, but this is a team who has alot of fire in the belly and we have Sing, and Sing will not tolerate losing for long! He will find a quick fix and solution somewhere to make this team come back to excellence sooner than later!

    • NinerPaul

      He had one good drive…….. so FN what ………

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    We will get to the playoffs this year and win a superbowl next year! Thats my prediction! Shocking but true!

  • What a great game total. Like Coach said again tonight the Saints didn’t beat us we beat ourselves. Once the Niners quit the mental mistakes we will win every fucking game we are in.

    The too negative plays that really stand out to me are the Snap for the Safety (heads up play by Alex to knock it out of bounds vice trying to fall on it) and the muffed punt by Adams. I can over look the INTs because they were just good Defensive plays (even though the first on was off target). Walker’s fumble hurt but he it was just a good play by the D to knock it out while Walker was just trying to fight for more yards.

    I think that Alex took a step tonight. The question for a while as been can Alex put the game on his shoulders and drive this team to a win. When you look at what he did last night you have to say YES! He didn’t a great job and I pray that he will continue to do so. Steve Young and Jaw and Gruden were all giving him his props last night and he earned them. Just wish that the ball would have bounced out of bounds on that punt.

    Looking for forward from here. KC is a tough place to play but they have to run the ball to beat us and we all know that isn’t going to happen. Did you see how Pat was tonight (OMG). If KC wants to got to 3-0 they have to run the ball because they can’t beat us through the air.

    If we want to keep from being 0-3 we need to do what we did tonight. The O-line did awesome! Frank was a beast and Alex made plays when we needed him too. I for one think they will start to make a run. Tonight was our toughest game (ok GB in DEC is going to be tough too), but I think that our schedule was set up for us to fail early on and win later. I really feel that after what I saw last night, if we stop killing ourselfs, we will win Sunday and we will win the following week in ATL (They better I’m going to be at the dome to watch that one). After that we will have weathered the storm over 3 of the first 4 games on the road with our only home game against the Superbowl Champs.

    Sorry for the long post.

    • NinerPaul

      No he drove the team to a tie not a win .. get it strait!!!

  • giobigez

    Y'all are leaving out a crucial fact: coaching is a huge part of the game and the 49ers fell on their face in that area. Great player, great guy, completely clueless as a coach. Penalty after penalty, confusion with personnel changes, time management problems – Singletary's ineptitude is the reason the Saints were able to stay on top in that game.

    • Maybe I watch a different game that you giobigez, but I don’t remember that many penalties. I do remember one delay of game due to Vernon not being where he needed to be, but I don’t put that on the coaching staff. I actually think that they did a good job yesterday. The plays got in fast to Alex. Giving him time to make adjustments. The only thing that I think they can be blamed for yesterday was some slight poor play calling on the wildcat and putting a rookie in as PR in the wind. I think that the clock was managed fine. I keep hearing all this stuff about Sing loosing the game. I just don’t see it when I watch the game. Last week the OC sucked, but last night I think that it was good. I guess people have to bitch about something right.

    • LoneTexas49erFan

      Dude, Sing is a awesome coach. I'm tired of you cowbillys fans comin on here just wishing you had Sing as your coach. Your jealous and you know we are on the right tracjk to ##6, and trust me we will get there with Sing and you know it as much as me. So talk more trash about sing all you want, he will bring us back to Dynasty form!

    • NinerPaul

      I Agree!!!!!

  • saintfan1

    yall did a goog job im a saint fan ,and i think if yall cleen up the turn overs yall will overcome ,and overcome Singletary .Tampa Bay did it

  • Adam

    Coaching staff fell flat on their face? Not sure what your talking about. Sing was on it and Raye called a hell of a game. But we have got to fix these turnovers or its gonna be like this every game. You can't win games with 3 and 4 turnovers, especially in the red zone.Man I have a very good feeling about the rest of this year. Even Dixon got his TD in this game. When we start hitting on all cylinders, the sky's the limit.

  • AHR

    NINER PUNDIT! there are 3 phases to the game. Special teams was horrible. Playing well enough to lose means nothing in the NFL! It doesn;t matter how you lose. The game shoudnt have been that close in the 1st place (4 turnover against the Super Bowl Champions). Can we go into Arrowhead and play well, will see? I hope so, for the sake on going 0-3!! OH YEAH, WE WERE NOT THE BETTER TEAM TONIGHT. THE WINNER IS ALWAYS THE BETTER TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forever9er

    ahr…..man shut the hell up man we played a better game than them yeah we loss but we beat ourself….i get what your saying dont say if or wat would of happen, because the fact still remands we lost….but dont be a asshole about it and try and knock our sprits down because i know it broke every 49ers fan heart to see them lose…espeacially the ones who are the real fans and not the ones who just started like them now…ive be a fan since i was 7and i never stopped believing in them and u shouldnt either man

  • NinerPaul

    I wasn't heart broken….. I'm a fan!!!! The fan that says Alex smith has to go …… The fan that says whats the fastest way to get this guy out of here and Draft Andrew Luck of Stanford….. Keep up the same body of work …. 1 TD pass and 3 interceptions like a 63 or 64 % passer rating … near the bottom of the pile …… 6 years come on >>>> time to move on

  • NinerPaul

    Ooops sorry Alex …. Forgot to give you credit for the other INT ….. 1 TD and 4 INT's …. 64.9 passer rating ….. even shaun hill has better stats…. 2 TD's and 3 Int's

  • Adam

    Ah NinerPaul. You also forgot to mention 3 of Smiths INT's where tipped. 1 was a flat out drop by his reciever into the arms of a defender another was tipped by a lineman and another was tipped by Frank Gore. So if your gonna try and make Smith look bad, make sure you give specs why he looks bad. Smith is playing good football. He needs help from his temmates also. Oh, and don't forget the TD pass that Josh Motgan didn't get 2 feet down on. Maybe you also forgot the drive that Smith made taking us down the field and Delanie Walker fumbles on the 7 yard line. Gimme a break man.

  • ninfaithful

    niners 11-5 season starts today against the chiefs and lets hope that alex smith has no monday night hangover….. having said that alex smith has to manage this game and help keep our D fresh …. lets go san fran we need a W