Strange Days

Going into this season, the San Francisco 49ers were pegged as division favorites. All seemed well. Quarterback Alex Smith finally showed evidence he’s capable of leading an offense. Tight end Vernon Davis stepped up as a leader as well as one of the best at his position. The defense looked dominant at times, and with a young squad, had no where to go but up. Then, something happened. General Manager Scot McCloughan abruptly left the team due to “personal issues” days before the draft. Kentwan Balmer went AWOL. Now, back-up running back Glen Coffee decides he’s had enough and quits.

What is going on within the organization? Everything seemed to be falling into place for this once glorious franchise to turn the corner from its eight year absence from the playoffs. Yet, in the middle of training camp, at the beginning of the pre-season, two players call it quits. Maybe Coach Singletary is working them too hard and the young players feel overwhelmed. That would be a terrible excuse as they’re getting paid a fortune to endure that type of hassle. Here’s what Coffee had to say:

“This has been a tough decision for me to make, but at this time in my life I feel it is best for me that I move on from football. I appreciate what the 49ers, my teammates and coaches have done for me, and I wish them a blessed season and all the best in the future.”

I can imagine Coffee, in the middle of practice, getting chewed out by running backs coach Tom Rathman, then storms out like a Jet Blue flight attendant.  Singletary reportedly did not try to change his mind, and said he appreciated the second year running back up and quitting, instead of “going through the motions.”  I suppose that’s the least a team can ask from their players, a decision.  Are you with us or not?  Although Coffee would not have been able to pull off the shenanigans Brett Favre gets away with.

Fortunately, the two players that don’t want to get paid for playing a game, were not starters.  It’s a disgrace to even call Kentwan Balmer a second stringer.  But with Coffee’s departure, the running back depth is not ideal.  Behind Frank Gore, there’s only Michael Robinson, and 6th round draft pick Anthony Dixon.  Look for the 49ers brass to look for another veteran presence.  Brian Westbrook is a name that comes to mind, but I’m not completely sure that would be  a good idea.  I think he’d be too expensive for the amount of work he’d be required to do.  Also, he’s more injury prone than Gore.

I hope the walkouts stop here.  It would be devastating if one of our stars got the quitter-bug and ruined the chances for an NFC West division crown.  I’m still optimistic about the upcoming season.  The loss of these players is inconvenient, but nothing that will destroy the team.   The team is better off without guys who aren’t motivated.

I have been a 49ers fan my entire life and will continue to be one long after I'm dead. My plan for the afterlife is to haunt the Dallas Cowboys and ensure they will never win another Super Bowl. My favorite 49er of all time is Steve Young, and my favorite current 49er would probably be Alex Smith. (I take a lot of sh** for that, even from Niner fans.).
  • what a pussy i hear a rumor tht he wants to be a minister

    • Come on dude…

      So he's a puss for wanting to spread the "Word"?

      Don't be so quick to pass judgement…

      What if you were called a puss for not trying to step up and play his spot. I mean obviously its not for everyone.

      It had to be something if he gave up Millions right?

  • WHAT THE FUCK? Are you kidding? The kid is at the facility working his ass off to add 17lbs of muscle when he wasn't required to be there, and now he just quits. He was one of the players I was looking forward to seeing on Sunday. He tore it up last preseason. This is getting too fucking weird.

  • It IS just way too weird. At least it wasn't Frank Gore.

  • Something told me that we had some bitch made players on our team.All i can say is that we have to keep lookin because we do have more

  • i hear willis mcgahee is on the trading block maybe having coffee retire isnt such a bad thing, if we can get this type of player from balitimore our offense is upgraded

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  • help us being cheated can someone streamline the game?

    • You aren't missing anything. The defense can't stop anyone, pass defense is awful, no pressure on manning and piss poor tackling.

      The o-line is not run or pass blocking. Smith has dropped back to pass twice and been under heat both times.

      Special teams suck too in case you had hope for that.


  • Update – Smith tried to force it to Walker and had it deflected for a pick – looks like 2009 redux.

  • Alex is being Alex again >> Not accurate 3 for 9 >> While Shaun Hill ended up being the top rated passer in his game >> Between Mathew Stafford, Alex Smith, David Carr, (number 1 picks) and Shaun Hill (Undrafted Free Agent) Shaun Hill is the only one with a winning record….10 and 6

  • its preseason an tht pick wasnt his fault fool

  • thanks to all for update help us cheated out by nfl network thanks

  • Ohh …. I forgot to add Alex had a pick too….

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