Niners Sign Westbrook to One Year Deal

The 49ers on Monday reached a one year deal with free agent running back Bryant Westbrook. After the retirement of Glen Coffee the 49ers needed another back in the system.

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  • nice!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to see the running back tandom of gore and westbrook run all over opposing teams this season, given they stay healthy all year.

  • I just saw that they cut Brandon Jones…

  • Taylor Mays look like shit last game …. I hope he looks better but i'm going on record to say i never believed in him to begin with….. not much of a run stopper and sucks in pass coverage….. always late to the ball ….. watch him he gets there after the play is over on the run …. and gets beat in the pass … he won't last a year …

  • mays has size and potential but he really does need to be refined and that might take some time if the niners have patience.