49ers 15 – Vikings 10

Brett Favre completed one pass and also got clobbered on a sack that lost Minnesota 10 yards.

Favre’s highly anticipated first game back with the Vikings lasted all of four unspectacular plays and one series in a 15-10 loss to the 49ers in a nationally televised preseason game Sunday at Candlestick Park, the only NFL show of the night.

Favre completed a 13-yard pass to Adrian Peterson on his first play from scrimmage but was sacked by Pro Bowl linebacker Patrick Willis two plays later and the Vikings wound up punting. The 40-year-old quarterback took the field just four days after his first training camp practice of the year. He decided to return for a 20th season and make yet another run at a Super Bowl title.

It’s hard to make much of the small sampling. Not that Favre’s numbers mattered to the Vikings, just thrilled to have him back.

Alex Smith, Favre’s 49ers counterpart, went 9 of 13 for 88 yards in a solid first half. Willis had four tackles playing only nine snaps.

After that single series, Favre headed to the bench and gave way to backup Tarvaris Jackson — who had been in line to be the starter before Jared Allen, Ryan Longwell and Steve Hutchinson flew to Mississippi early last week to recruit Favre back to the Twin Cities. Favre, sporting a 5-o’clock shadow peppered with gray, could be seen laughing on the sideline in the second half.

Smith bounced back a week after stumbling through a subpar outing in which he completed 3 of 9 passes for 37 yards and only two first downs in a win at Indianapolis. David Carr and Nate Davis rallied the Niners to 34 straight points in the 37-17 victory.

He made do for a 49ers offense missing three of its biggest stars: receiver Michael Crabtree, tight end Vernon Davis and running back Frank Gore.

“We just came out against the No. 1 rush defense in the NFL and marched it down the field,” Smith said. “We were moving the chains and getting a bunch of third-down conversions and just took it down the field methodically.”

Smith completed his first four passes for 48 yards and 5 of his first six on the Niners’ opening drive, including a 24-yard strike to backup tight end Delanie Walker that set up a 4-yard scoring run by rookie Anthony Dixon.

After all the drama that surrounds Favre each offseason — will he or won’t he really retire? — he’s back in his No. 4 jersey and told his teammates he’s as committed to this as ever.
And why not keep going?

Favre is coming off a year in which he threw for 4,202 yards and 33 touchdowns and established career highs for completion rate (68.4), quarterback rating (107.2) and fewest interceptions (seven).

He was booed by the crowd Sunday when running onto the field for the first time midway through the first quarter. Favre has been the Niners’ nemesis for years.

In late September last year, Favre hit Greg Lewis on a 32-yard touchdown with 2 seconds left as the Vikings stunned San Francisco 27-24 in Minneapolis. That was the first of six straight road losses — five in a row by a combined 19 points — for the 49ers that helped cost them a playoff trip and a winning season.

Davis, San Francisco’s No. 3 QB and fifth-round pick last year, completed a pretty 60-yard pass to Ted Ginn Jr. in the third quarter with his foot planted at the goal line when he released the ball. The pass set up Joe Nedney’s 28-yard field goal. Davis later had an 18-yard completion to Nate Byham.

Longwell kicked a 40-yard field goal early in the second quarter for the Vikings’ first points. Minnesota rookie quarterback Joe Webb broke loose up the middle for a 48-yard TD run with 1:54 to play, then Webb was sacked by Derek Walker in the end zone for a safety on the final play of the game.

Former Stanford star and Heisman Trophy runner-up Toby Gerhart got his first of his four carries for Minnesota midway through the second quarter, a 3-yard gain. This marked the rookie’s first game back in the Bay Area since the Vikings selected him at No. 51 in the second round of this year’s draft. Gerhart, who rushed for 1,871 yards and 28 touchdowns for the Cardinal last year, also caught two short passes.

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  • Thats Funny ….. Hears my version ….. They played Brett one series to get some timing down … He has nothing to prove ….. The Bad ….Alex look like shit again ….. Anthony Davis looked like a rookie. His first game i gave him a C this game a D. Taylor Mays looked shitty again … late to the ball passing and run defending. He did have one decent tackle. The Good ……. Iapati is a beast!!!!!!!! This guy is beyond good so far. If he plays like this all year he will make it to the pro bowl in his rookie season. Nate Davis did pretty decent for his first elevated opportunity. Dixon solid again. Him and Gore will make a great tandem……

  • Liking what I seen from Nate Davis. Make him the back-up already.

  • This is plagiarism, unless, the author also works for Sports Illustrated. I just read the same article from an SI RSS feed.

  • NinerPaul, you might want to watch the 49ers v Vikings. I think you are watching repeats of the 49ers v Colts. Alex looked very good and our 0-Line looked very good as well. Just wish Vernon Davis, Crabtree, and Gore were playin so we could get some chemestry on offense.

  • Wolfe

    Ninerpaul just wondering if we watched the same game? They played farve to get timeing down? He had two handoffs, one pass, and one old man sack. Smith moved in the pocket well stepping into throws with zip on the ball was pleased with what I saw there. Mays didn’t have a whole lot of chances he made a nice hit down the sideline. He’s a rookie that we don’t need to start yet so why would we throw him in there?

  • Hey Wolfe you have some good points … To rebuttle……. timing for Farve is just taking any snaps so that he's in a live game and mabey gets knocked around a little bit. Like I said he has nothing to prove… Granted Smith move the ball in the first drive … but for the rest of the half he pretty much did nothing …. 4 for 7 and only one first down to be exact … With his normal fustrated look coming off the field …… Yes Mays did make a nice hit on the sideline but it was still a completed pass and did not register as a tackle as the reciever went out of bounds…… again being late to the ball ….. Granted he is a rookie but he did have at least 20 or more playes against lesser competion at his competition level as back up and did not perform …. he did not not even register one tackle or an an assist….. source: NFL.com >>> Box Score SF Vs. Min

  • Mays hit on the sideline wasn't a completed pass. Mays pushed him outta bounds.

  • Ninerpaul,

    Alex Smith look better this game than he has in a long time, if ever. He stepped up in the pocket on several throw instead of running to the right and throwing the ball away. He didn’t hold on to the ball to long taking sacks. He didn’t turn the ball over, big plus to me. Not to mention he did all of this without, Gore, Crabs and VD. Ginn dropped a very catchable ball which would have been a big gain and a 1st down. Over all Alex showed that he should and will be QB1. Anthony Davis, is growing. He got a little high some times, but over all did a good job. The rest of the line did too. Joe held one of the best pass rushers off while he was in the game. The D was very solid. Could be better on the runs to the outside, and there was a few tackles missed but its preseason. That will work itself out. Overall I give the team a solid B+ for the game.

    Nate Davis looked ok. He has a strong arm thats for sure. I still don’t like that he completed less than 50% of his throws.

    Dixon was not impressive again the Vikings. I think he tip toed too much instead of hitting the hole and moving the pile. Frank will be in there when the games count with Westbrook coming in for spells.

    I am really looking forward to this season. I can’t wait to see the team with Alex playing well, and everyone in the game healthy. Should be fun.

  • thats what im talking about pwill bring the punishment to opposing qb’s i love it!

  • True Chris…. Alex doing ok is a step up ….. From supper horrible …. WOW how our niner standards have lowerd…. From the looks of the play calling so far we might have a tough year … I will say that Westbrook is the X factor. Because if i’m the opposing D….. its run blitz all day long untill Alex can prove he can beat a high calliber team which he hasn’t shown…… Remember Shaun Hill went in and pretty much beat this team with 2 touchdowns to pull ahead, in Minnesota ….. Untill Sing allowed Jimmy Raye to try and run the clock out on third and long …. after you had a hot QB executing …. And Shaun went into NFC Champion Arizona the first game last year and beat them … Alex has no way, shown pretty much any real success against High Caliber teams …. But that was then and this is now…… We go 8 and 8 this year at best at Alex Smith as the starter….. He is not good under pressure period …. He just isn’t good … Nate Davis by week 6 to 7 if this play calling doesnt get better

  • NinerPaul,

    Do you even read anything that is written about the Niners Camp, or watch any games? Really, are you joking? Nate Davis is a young 5th round QB who hasn’t even stepped on a field in a real NFL game against Real NFL players. He has not looked good in camp. Coach Sing even said that his work ethic over the offseason was nothing. He has played ok in 2 preseason games against 3rd and 4th string players who might not even make the team. Meanwhile the guy you are bashing (Alex Smith) has been in San Fran all offseason, working everyday with Ginn, VD and crabs on timing, the play book and getting a chemistry down. Alex has taken over practices on several occassions as a leader to make sure that everthing is being done right. He knows the line blocking assignments better than the OL does and can make those changes on the fly. He had a great game the other night without his 3 main targets (no gore, No crabs, no VD). Give it a break already with the fucking Alex Smith bashing. He is our guy and support him. If not then root for someone else. All this negative talk is bullshit. The season hasn’t even started yet and everyone is writing us off. Let me correct myself. So Called Niner fans are writting the team off, while professional football personnel are pick us to win the west and some are even saying doing well in the playoffs. Get on the bus already dude. Its going to be a good season. We are 2-0 in the preseason so far not 0-2. Fuck!!!!!!!

  • Couldnt agree more with Chris. i didnt see anything bad from Alex last game. how offten did you see alex lead the team down the feild on the opening drive and get a TD. regardless if it was a running TD. and to correct you so called ninerpaul, that pass wasnt completed when mays knocked dude out of bounds. He got there at the perfect time to knock him out and make it out of bounds.

  • Ok ok you guys ….. I guess i’m just living in the past ….. your right ……. Fuck… is right…. i guess i was just unloading for the past 5 years of shitty play from Alex and not the upside ….. so i’ll give you that ….. i guess i’ll get on the bus now and support the team regardless if Alex is QBing

  • does anybody know what website will be straming the niner-raider game tomorrow?? since those garbage fans cant sell out….

  • The 49ers look flat on offense with the exception of gore. Nate Bynam has dropped 2 balls on one drive and Jimmy Raye continues to believe we are a power running team when it is very clear WE ARE NOT. 2nd and a foot and we end up getting the 1st on 4th due to a penalty… Dixon is getting stuffed, Moran Norris is getting stuffed. Receivers are not looking for the ball. O-line is not pass blocking very well… Nedney missed a 40 yard field goal.

    On the positive side, defense looks ok… not perfect by any means. Pretty much unless your name is Willis, Spikes or Justin Smith, you are kinda mailing it in…

    Not encouraging…