UDFA’s Signed

Here is the list of the following players who have signed with the 49ers as UDFA. We’ll continue to update as list grows. LeGarette Blount originally agreed with 49ers, but decided to back out and sign with the Titans instead.

Chris Maragos, S, UW
Patrick Stoudamire, DB, W. Illinois
Jared Perry, WR, Missouri
Jarrett Brown, QB, WVU
Leroy Vann, KR, FAMU
Derek Orman, DB, San Diego State
Keaton Kristick, LB, Oregon State
Tramaine Brock, DB, Belhaven
Shay Hodge, WR, Ole Miss

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  • couldnt agree more forensics, but what are peoples lose is are gain. Mike will keep blount in check.

  • This cat would have been drafted extremely early if he didn’t decided to go all Mike Tyson on national TV. Nice pick up here in my opinion.

  • sweet !

  • Blount Backs out on Frisco and Signs with Titans.

  • Good riddance. His character screams Lawrence Phillips to me.

  • I like Hodges…
    I used to follow Ole Miss, and he was pretty nice…