Ted Ginn…Now a 49er

Jay Glazer is reporting that the 49ers have acquired Dolphins WR Ted Ginn Jr. in a trade. Early reports are the 49ers have traded a late rd draft pick in this years draft to acquire Ginn.

Chris Mortensen is reporting that it is a 5th round draft pick this year.

With this trade it looks like the 49ers may have solitified their return game. If so that will certainly take a player like CJ Spiller off the draft board.

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  • I like it. he is a deadly return man and he could be a good slot WR. So I think Brandon Jones could be gone.

    • Agreed… Either Brandon Jones or Jason Hill could be gone… I’d prefer Joens.

  • look under alex smith artical it was called out three days before it went down by the faithful ninerfaithful

  • if its for anything other than our two first round picks or our second round pick i think its a great trade. ginn only really proved himself as a return man in miami

  • Niner Pundit

    9er4life, Mort is reporting it is a 5th rder.

    • i need my own column pundit help me out man

      • Niner Pundit

        see the item at the top right that says SUBMIT NEWS? Well you can add articles to the site that way. Or even if you have a link to something breaking we haven’t gotten to.

        I’m working on a few things for the site and after that I’ll write up something talking about the Submit News section…one new area is a social network for the site. Kinda like Facebook, but devoted to 49er fans.

  • anyone know what pick we got him for

  • i like the pick up

  • maybe we coulld get and OT and a Pass Rusher now! and Get Myron Rolle in the 3rd round

  • just saw that it was a 5th rounder. Great pickup. Now with the 2 first rounders go dez bryant and a OT.

  • Why the fuck would we get dez bryant??ru retarded? we need a OT and CB or a saftey

  • Don’ t worry the entire organization knows that we need a Tackle 1st, Cornerback 2nd and kick returner Alex Smith Nate Davis and Carr are three good quaterbacks…

  • i think spiller is less likely now. we could draft spiller for speed to running game and kick returner but now with ginn dont see us drafting him purely for change of pace back. think OT and probably just best player available is now on radar of our front office

    • I agree. Spiller gets moved further down the draft board. I could still see Jahvid Best or McCluster later in the draft, but like Spiller might not be as much of a need.

  • Wolfe

    We will go ot at 13 and I would like to see taylor maze or Joe Haden at 17. I can't agree bout carr being good he's a waste of a roster spot I think

    • I have to Agree with you about Carr…
      I hope he proves me wrong. I don’t think he was ever really given a chance, but hey, I really feel like he should have studied the game more when he was starting in Texas, so to me its a image of how he approaches the game, or at least how he used to.

  • First pick I’m looking to see is the best available Tackle, which I think will be Anthony Davis, and I’m praying for Joe Haden at our 17th. Lets be smart Niners…
    I must say I think Eric Berry is the best player in this years draft.
    Qb, no way… I love Jimmy, but I don’t think we’ll take him…