Return Game Boosted With a Shot of Ginn

The San Francisco 49ers have traded a 5th round pick for a former top ten draftee. Return Specialist/Wide Receiver Ted Ginn Jr., joins the team after three seasons of underwhelming production. With this move, the 49ers address one of their most questionable positions. It’s a little odd for a team and its fans to be so enthusiastic about adding a return specialist, but after last year’s pathetic attempt at a return game, the cheers can be heard around Niner Nation.

Ginn was never much of a receiver, and Miami had originally drafted him in hopes he’d be, “the next Devin Hester.” He never did, and with the addition of Brandon Marshall, Ginn became expendable and the 49ers cashed in.  In his three seasons in Miami, his best receiving year yielded mediocre results.  56 receptions, 790 yards and two touchdowns.  He was however, able to accumulate a nice return average of 23 yards.  Ginn is also fresh off his best kick return season as he brought back his first and second touchdown returns.  He may just be hitting his stride, and his services come at a discount.

What troubles me though, is a 5th round draft pick seems a little high, when you consider the other trades that have occurred this off-season.  Anquan Boldin gets traded for a 3rd rounder.  Donovan McNabb gets traded within the division for a 2nd round draft pick.  And one of the most puzzling, Santonio Holmes, a former Super Bowl MVP, just entering the prime of his career, is let go for a 5th round pick.  The Holmes to the Jets trade happened so quickly and abruptly, I assume the Steelers weren’t comparison shopping and shipped him off as soon as possible.  But when a player of that caliber is traded for the same price as an under-performing one, I can’t help but wish the 49ers were given a chance to bid.  Nevertheless, I am excited to have Ginn on as the much needed return man.

Ginn will be used primarily as the return specialist, and probably sprinkled in as a third or fourth wide receiver.  His versatility will make him useful in gadget plays.  He will no longer be burdened with being a high draft choice, his only responsibility is to return kicks and punts.  The release of that kind of psychological pressure  should allow him to play naturally, instead of over-playing his ability.

What’s most important, is the trade now allows the front office to focus on the draft without worrying about finding a return specialist.  The offensive line, and pass rushing can now be addressed without wasting the man power of scouting a returner.  I see those needs, and a little more depth at defensive back as the only holes that need to be plugged.  With the draft less than a week away, it’s nice to know a need has been filled, and the team is improving.

I have been a 49ers fan my entire life and will continue to be one long after I'm dead. My plan for the afterlife is to haunt the Dallas Cowboys and ensure they will never win another Super Bowl. My favorite 49er of all time is Steve Young, and my favorite current 49er would probably be Alex Smith. (I take a lot of sh** for that, even from Niner fans.).
  • I wouldn't say it's sad to pick up a player of Ginn's skill level for a 5th round pick. Stats show that returners who do double duty are not as effective. Hester is one example. Return numbers dropped dramatically after switch to "number 1" reciever. Anybody know how long his contract is for and how much?

    • I think he means its sad for us to be so excited about picking up a kick returner.

      & thats one of my concerns as well…

      I hope they restructure his contract.

  • It is sad really, that we as Niner fans get this excited over a trade for a return man…and the thing is even if he never hits the field as a WR…this trade was well worth it for that return man.

    • This is true…

      It is sad… but watching us struggle in this area, really hurt me last year, and thats why I wanted us to push for Leon Washington.

      He really seemed like a better choice to me.

  • Holmes is a good receiver. He’s better than Ginn no doubt in that category. However, the Superbowl MVP tag has not much value in my eyes. Deon Branch won a Superbowl MVP what has he done lately. Also with the Pitt receiving core the way it was really no true superstar; they spread the ball very well. Plus, Pitt had to throw a lot more last year than they were expecting.

  • Holmes has nice numbers (except touchdowns) especially 63/79 receptions for 1st downs. I think he should have got a 4th rounder in return. The news that he was on the block hurt his value. Ginn for a 5th is a steal if the money is right.

  • If we get 35 for 400 and 2 from him as a receiver than hes worth a 5th. Plus the return abilities good trade.

  • “The release of that kind of psychological pressure should allow him to play naturally, instead of over-playing his ability.”

    I’m calling BS on that line. That kind of pressure is never released, and either you got it or you don’t. Ginn still may, I’m just saying, that line is stretching. Otherwise, good piece and well written.

  • have fun with that busted ass WR Ginn, lol if you ask me WE got a steal with getting rid of him and getting a 5th from you gays!!!!!!! yes ginn is gone, yes ginn is gone!!!!!

    • 5th for a solid returner. Take that any day. We aren’t expecting anything from him at wr. I agree you got a steal for him, basically you all traded a top 10 pick for the 145th, enjoy that camp fodder pick.

  • Omg ! im glad we got ted ginn for a fifth round pick, if you ask me i think that was a steal to get a good return/punt return man like ginn lol. . . . so know we can stop all this talk about getting c.j spiller and concentrate on filling up on the other positions that we need help on like OT / CB !

    • Dang my bad lol. . . . i meant kickoff / punt return man.

  • Wolfe

    Niners no doubt got the better end of the deal. I don't if he catches a ball all season just as long as he changed games in a blink of a eye! If he does end up with like 30 to 40 catches that's just a cherry on top! Go niners. Now we go OT at 13 and hope Taylor maze or Joe Haden at 17