In the Second Round 49ers Select Taylor Mays

With the 49th pick in the NFL draft the 49ers select Safety Taylor Mays out of USC.

Weight:230 lbs.

Mays has an outstanding combination of size, strength and athleticism for the safety position. He possesses excellent speed, quickness and burst for his size, which makes him a versatile player who could fit in several different schemes. He has good instincts to attack the alley as a run defender and can make plays in the passing game as a deep safety. He tends to be too aggressive with the ball in the air, trying to make the big hit instead of making a play on the ball. He can be inconsistent with his angles and technique but relies on his great athleticism to recover and make the play. Mays will be highly coveted in this year’s draft if concerns about his overall mental makeup are answered.

A physical specimen with a freakish combination of size, speed and athleticism. Tracks the ball-carrier well, fills fast and delivers good shots. Effective center fielder who uses his elite closing speed and agility to make plays all over the field. Special athlete who can play multiple positions and in different schemes at the next level.

Does not always take proper angles, which mitigates his great speed. Over-aggressive at times, as he prefers to land a big hit over playing the ball in pass coverage. Technique is sloppy, which may give him trouble in coverage against better athletes at the next level. There are concerns about his passion for the game and his overall maturity.

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  • http://Website Ninerfan81

    AWESOME PICK! Can’t wait to see him lay the thunder on Fitzgerald.

    Players will fear the middle in San Fran once agian!!

  • http://Website niner650

    OH yeah!! Taylor Mays and Dashon Goldson as ur two starting safties. THats scary. Now im just hoping we can get Brandon Spikes.

  • http://Website Ninerfan81

    OH yeah!! Taylor Mays and Dashon Goldson as ur two starting safties. THats scary. Now im just hoping we can get Brandon Spikes.

    Yes, that would be a second round “perfect storm”

  • http://Website Cory

    I love this pick. I wanted Kindle here and then Rolle in the 3rd but Kindle was gone. So Im happy with this the Defensive coaching staff will help him with Coverage.

  • http://Website chuckle49er

    this was a steal in the second round sweet!

  • Wolfe

    I'm very happy with the pick. He wasn't a steal in the second. He his all the upsides in the world but his cover skills are lacking to say the least. I think when given proper teaching no offense Carroll lol I think he could become the updated verison of r lott.

  • http://Website Hunterboyz

    I predicted this pick a year ago…

    Now lets hope he covers better than they thought he did in college…

    To me he just thinks like a strong safety.

    & with our guy Michael Lewis having problems with concussions, I hope he'll come in and learn to be great.

  • http://Website juan robles

    oh man taylor mays son!! hes a straight beast give him 2 years and we got another ronnie lott i feel bad for the poor saps who are forced to go down the seam with this guy waitin on the other end. BOOM!! whats that? its taylor ,ays boy!!

  • http://Website Jaxson

    The niners got 3 first rounders with Tmays. This pick made their draft A+