Draft Talk

Bringing this post back up. Draft is today, so keep the discussion going on who goes at 13 & 17.

Figured since not a lot of news happening in Ninerland, we decided we open up a post so you all can talk the Draft. Who you think the 49ers should take at picks 13 and 16/17.

Will the 49ers go with pass rush, safety or offensive line. You decide.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Jeremy

    I think the 49ers should try to get Eric berry, but I do not think he will fall to us. So I say draft a Right tackle, the best one available. And they should also draft a cornerback like Joe Haden or Patrick Robinson.But I would love to get Witherspoon(OLB) out of Missouri.

  • Jose

    Well,I think that the Niners should draft a QB cause I don’t think he is getting it done it done for us.

  • crocker

    Maaan we need a Guy like Spiller.. our return game has been very hurt so we can for sure use him there then he can be a Leshaun MCCoy type back up but better.. gore gets banged up a lot.. Spiller is a need

    • West

      Spiller i wouldnt be mad about, but i think we can grab someone like him (change up back/ returner) in the 2nd round. Dexter McCluster Ole Miss or our own Jahvid Best, RB, Cal

  • West

    1st round: OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa, Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland, Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers or Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma)

    Other 1st round pick: Trade for Brandon Marshall but i hope Denver settles for next years 1st rounder pick instead of this years.

    Other option with our 1st rounders is OT above. Along with Joe Haden DB Florida or Patrick Robinson DB Florida ST…… Earl Thomas S Texas or Carlos Dunlap DE Florida are also options.

    Its really going to depend on Free Agency, “I HOPE we sign O.J. Atogwe, Rams FS” or Nick Collins FS GB.. We still have Reggie Smith which they vision as a SS if he can stay healthy..

    I still like Taylor Mays S USC but he keeps falling.

    2nd round: Return Man = Dexter McCluster (Game Changer), WR/RB, Ole Miss


    Bullshit, QB 1st round is what Sing Will got for, trust me Sing wants a plan B, he will not throw all his dice into Alex, alex is no Steve Young. Sing eill not put his reputation or his job on the line with insconsistant alex, trust me on this QB is his major concern, he wants to win immediatly! As much as you new school fans do not want a Qb sing will get one via trade, free agency or draft. Sing will go for a Qb in the first round just watch and see come April!!! Talk all you want about offensive lineman defensive takles, go on and on and on, the 49ers are getting a QB this offseason somehow! The 49ers legacy is the QB not fucking tackles and lineman secret Cowboy punks!!!!

    • Mas (Realest One)

      ..LoL – “New School Fans”

      I’ll leave that alone for now.

      Deviating from a previous rant about some how moving up to get Eric Berry or drafting 1a. Bulaga/Campbell 1b. Iupati…

      Here’s Scenario #2

      1. Free Agency: Acquire a RT (Marcus McNeil, Jammal Brown/Bushrod, Jeremy Trueblood).

      2. Free Agency: Acquire a S (OJ Atogwe, Nick Collins)

      3. DRAFT: 1a. Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame
      1b. CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
      2a. Mike Iupati(G)*//Vladamir Ducasse(G)
      3a. Kyle Galloway(T)
      4a. Myron Rolle(S)
      5a. Arthur Jones (3-4DE)
      6a. Syd’Quan Thompson(CB)
      7a. Thaddeus Gibson (3-4OLB)
      7b. Stafon Johnson…?

      -Obviously some of these are less likely than others but again, it’s 1. Purely hypothetical 2. a mock draft.

      Being of the Y generation, I probably don’t know my own ass from “Shitheads” High school senior portrait but as an adult – I don’t need to justify that now do I.

      This notion that some how the more youthful of fans are swaying in one direction while the whithered old and grey are almost turning in their graves is tiring. Save it for anger management.

      The purpose of this site isn’t to stereotype one fan from another or place labels on people whose opinions aren’t exactly like your own and who you have never actually met. Just as I don’t presume you care – don’t presume we’re all in agreement or all 12 years old…

      • West

        nice list, Myron Rolle(S) im also hoping for. "STEAL OF THE DRAFT".



  • Tubbs

    We need Donavan Mcnabb!!!!!!

    • Hunterboyz

      I used to say that last year, about McNabb…

      I can't lie, I'd love to have the guy, but Andy Reid won't let him go I feel. The idea actually came to me while playing Madden a year ago…

      after simulating most of the seasons with a friend, I noticed that the 49ers picked him up… & went to the Super Bowl their very first year.

      I thought for a second, and I it just made sense. He would do wonders for our team despite his age.

  • REdandGold

    A. we dont need a QB in the draft. either Alex smith or Nate Davis will do the job. What we need is pass defense i.e. corners, safeties, and pass rushers, and OFFENSIVE LINEMEN. Singletary has faith in Alex Smith and he will start next season. Ask Kurt Warner about being underrated and performing at a superbowl caliber. AND NO WAY IS MCNABB LEAVING


    We will see come draft day and the rest of the offseason, QB is the man concern, Alex is not the future, he is inconsistant and were Sing will not gamble on him that will risk his reputation and his job, come on Sing is smarter than that! We will have a new QB this offseason via draft, trade or free agency, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!


    Our currennt QB's suck they are not starters they are backups that is it! We will have a new QB in 2010 and Sing will make that plan B happen!

  • Chris

    We are not going to draft a QB in the first round. Niether are we going to trade one of those picks away. We are going to use that first pick on the best player out there. I hope that it is someone like CJ Spiller. Every great team has that change of pace back and we need one too. I love Frank but lets face it, he hasn't made it through an entire season except for 2006. With that second pick we are going to get a OT, because that is our biggest need.

    In the second round we might get a pass rusher, but I really think that we are going to sign Brooks up to a long term deal and he will fill that spot, or we will sign one through FA, like Porter. So if we do think QB in the draft this is where we will look. I think a guy like McCoy will be here then. He is projected to be a 2nd round pick and I think that if he falls to us here in round 2 we should get him.

    With the 3rd round I think we will once again look at the O-line. We aren't going to look D-line here because really we look good there already. Maybe a Safety or CB. I really don't think that we will use one of our first round picks on a Safety, unless he is the second comming of Ronnie Lott.

    This is what I think.


    This is why I love this time of year. The offseason is almost as exciting as the regular season.

    I do agree that Philly is not going to Trade McNabb. He is the face of that team and will retire there.

    I know that the Cards aren't going to trade Boldin to us. Not with us being the favorite this season to win the West.

    Denver might trade Marshall, but I don't think that he will fit in with us. I am one of those fans who really likes Morgan. The reason I like him is because he does the little things. He blocks well, he has great hands and is a fast guy. I really can see him becoming a Hiense Ward kinda guy.

    I am really looking forward to hearing what you all think. GO NINERS all the way to NUMBER 6.

  • I doubt the niners draft Spiller. He plays RB and even though he can help us on Offense, We have gore at the position. OT, CB, maybe OLB or S. If Nate is cut, which I doubt, and/or Dre' leaves, we will need a CB. Anyone hoping for a QB in the 1st round, your up for dissapointment.

  • ninerfaithful

    we should target brandon spikes he would be a nice upgrade when another spikes hangs its up,,,, i would like to see oline bulked up for the sake we can use frank more this season

  • Eduardo

    Ya, I heard also that we might try to aquire Donaven Mcnabb, their is a possibility negotiations will go on their certain sources have said. I agree shithead quarterback is our weak point and at this point we will not go anyhwere until that position is filled. Who does everyone think we will pick at QB with our first choice. I wish MCcoy would be available, but their are many others that I like. Shithead I am als excited about getting a new Qb this offseason whether it be throught free agency or draft, Sing will get it done! Go 49ers all the way to Number 6!!!!!!!!!

  • West

    I feel Brian Bulaga or Bruce Campbell will be our best option right now in the first round, but I am starting to think that we might Aquire Mcnab afterall. I have heard various sources say that their is a high probability that this could happen. Bulaga or Campbell, I feel will be our first pick in this years draft and that will be a great compliment to our already stacked O-line. This will give Donaven Enough time to make his sets and find his open targets!

    • West

      Posting with my name? Pundit i thought games stopped on here! Whatever happend to the Ryan the 1st, Joe Gomez and Mike n MD's…Feels like this site went back to being a kids site = ghost town part 2

      Oline has to be our 1st pick OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa, Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland, Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers or Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma…. This may not be the sexy pick but it could be our two 1st round picks. Mike Iupati OG Idaho should catch some eyes.

      2nd round: Return Man = Dexter McCluster WR/RB, Ole Miss

  • Tubbs

    Just do not get Tebow that kid is the biggest bust! I feel like donaven is our best chance, I also heard that the 49ers have a trick of their sleeve on getting this deal done! I do not like too many of the Qb prospects in this years draft, but I feel like our best option is through free agency, Alex will be benched and be our back-up, that best suits him!

  • Tubbs

    Brian Bulaga, shit no!!!!!! I agree about Mcnabb getting the time he needs, but aquiring Bulaga or Campbell in the draft, Hell noo!!!

    • Mas (Realest One)

      …Mmmm – K.

      I don’t think you realize that every time we ran off tackle we averaged somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.6 ypc… When we tried a QB sneak mid season – both our LT (Sims at the time) and RT literally got “lifted” and tossed aside as our LoLine straight collapsed.

  • Josh

    I think they should use their 1st rounds on o line. Use their second rounder on a qb, unless Sam Bradford is available I would take.

  • chuckle49er

    im an alex fan and a utah utes fan and he was greatness here in utah but i also think they will get a qb somehow because of his inconsistancy but i also agree we need to get one o-lineman and cut down the sacks and open bigger holes for gore. We should also get a cb or retun man our defensive line is gonna be fine their gonna be even better this year they finally have a year together and the experiance is gonna show but it would be nice to pick up porter from miami!

  • beavis

    1. Sign Brooks to an extension
    2. Pay Wilfork to clog up the middle and free up our LBs
    3. Resign Dre
    3. Draft playmaking safety with our first pick
    4. Draft RT (there are many out there) or CB if we don’t resign Dre
    5. Cut Michael Lewis
    6. Explore trade possibility with Bears for Hester (I hear they’re looking for draft picks, nothing higher than 3rd round). That would cover our return game.

  • Joe Gomez

    Im not really down to stick with Alex for 2010. I think hes proven hes too inconsistent. He will never get the confidence to be a true leader in this league. I will welcome Donavan or even Vick if that is what Sing will do. Anyone but Smith and we should get an upgrade. We really need a deep threat guy and I keep hearing rumors about T.O. coming back or getting Brandon Marshall. Theyre two of the same. We need to take a hard look at Golden Tate. The kid can return kicks and give you that homerun threat. I was hollerin’ for Desean Jackson few yrs back but it seems we always pick the wrong guy. Kentwan who? Chilo who? I hope this pattern changes soon.

  • beavis, I agree with you on everything except one thing. The niners already have one of the best NT in the game in Aubrayo Franklin. Trust me, he will be here for the next few years. He was a snub this year and should have made the probowl. Our front 7 is stout, we just need to add another passrusher, like Joey Porter. btw, Wilfork is not leaving New England.


    MAN WE GOTA CUT NATE Clements!!HOW MANY TIMES DIDNT HE GET BURNT THIS YEAR 00 yeah an michael lewisi IF tayLor mays is still undrafted by the 13th or 17th pick the niners goTa pick him…A BIG PASS RUSHER LIKE Julius Peppers WOULDNT HURT 2 ACQUIRE IN THIS YEARS FREE AGENCY

    • chuckle49er

      i agree julius peppers would be an excelent addition

  • Tubbs

    I think Donaven or the Qb we will draft with our first pic should have that protection but I feel like we need also a stud defensive lineman in the second round, who is a good defensive back that will be available in that position.

  • The 49ers need o line so bad it's not even funny, draft o line first, give smth a chance to throw before he has to run for his life!

  • Everyone needs to wake up the forty niners are not going to draft a QB (unless by some freak chance a top qb drops to the second round) the organization still believes in smith

  • L.G

    Rumor: Reggie Bush could end up in SF! That would be cool but this organization is not as aggressive with free agents as it used to be…He may bring that winning attitude SF needs? Sf needs a punt returner and he can make big plays if utilized correctly…Pete Carol will grab him if he is available. We need a QB from someplace? Mark Sanchez tore it up his first year out!

  • Ninerfan81

    We need a RT to compliment Staley. RT by committee allowed over 10 sacks last year, need I say more.

    As for the other 1st round pick our secondary lacks a ball hock like Earl Thomas. Micheal Lewis is one more hit away from calling it a career. If Thomas isn’t available then Plan B. calls for someone to replace Spikes. At age 33 and going into his final year we need someone to play with Willis.

    Draft Brandon Graham, Sean Weatherspoon or Jason Pierre Paul who could learn under Spikes.

    Second Round secondary help could come from FS Chad Jones from LSU. 6’3 220!

    This draft is solid for the first two rounds with most players stepping in and helping the team from day 1.

    Can’t see SING drafting a QB in first 3 rounds. They drafted Nate Davis for the future.

  • 1st round pick= OT/OG, 2nd 1st round pick=S/CB(taylor mays/earl cambell) or maybe even brandon spikes(LB)


    I also heard that Donaven will be coming here. Sing realizes QB is our major need, it doesnt take a dum shit to realize that. All you cowboy -49ers fans on here like this guy John and you other pricks need to relaize this will happen. I have my sources and trust me, sing is not as confident as you think in Alex, he is just being politicaly correct to Alex and the fans. So all you little young weasles who have a hard on for offensive lineman and defensive backs we will get that QB either through free agency or via the draft. Sing will address the o-line in the 2nd and later rounds, Sing was mentored by walsh and he realizes the QB is the foundation of any team! I am sorry all you new school fans on here werent around during the walsh era when offense and the QB played a major role in us winning all those championships. Granted we did have good offensive lineman back then but if we did not have Montana or Young we would never had won anything! So cowboys fans like john you little turd who keeps posting as other people, realize were going to #6 whether you like it or not. Why don’t you and your multiple personality screen names go to your Cowboy Blog John!!! Were getting a QB so I hate to dissapoint you and your multiple personalitys! YOU NAD YOUR SCREENEMAMES CAN WINE ALL YOU WANT! NEW QB IN 2010 BABY! NUMBER 6 LOMBARDI HERE WE COME! 49ERS!!!

    • West

      Shithead,Drake, 2pac,and whateva other screen name you have made for yourself….. Why do you keep posting under West? Ive never been jocked so hard by a male.

      Good luck with this site ya'll, Its time to stick with 49erswebzone.com for me.. Thanks for the news Pundit and luck with the site

  • West

    I agree 100% Drake!

  • beavis


  • butthead

    Mcnabb is the shit, he will wrap up his career a 49er and bring us to number 6! Mcnab needs a new start, look what it did for Brees and Favre.

  • ekfunder

    With the draft being so top heavy in the first two rounds, the Niners could possibly look at trading down on one of the first rounders to add another second rounder. They should not trade for McNabb because he will only last another year or two. Nate Davis is supposed to be decent, however with the learning disability, he is probably still a couple of years away from consistent play.
    I believe that the first and second rounds will bring an OT, CB/FS, pass rusher, and/or return man/backup RB. Of course, this is purely speculation because I, like anyone else on this site cannot foretell the future. I have full faith in Singletary and his coaching staff to bring a better year to the fans next year.

  • Mcnaab is not leaving Philly quit dreaming people.

  • Christian

    I think they should try and get Bradford or Tony pike and another tight end like greshm

  • Drake

    Not dreaming, I heard from the grapevine, but Sing will bring in an elite QB somehow, just watch Kevin your gonna be dissapointed because QB is our main concern if we want to go anyhwere to the next level and sing will address this whether you like it or not in free agency, trade or draft in first rounds. Sing is smart he wont throw all his dice into inconsistant alex, alex is game to game, always has been, he is a good backup at best, keep him for that!

  • Drake

    offensive lineman an ll that other shit will come after QB, sing will address the neglected QB position first!

  • Christian

    They trade for mike vick he would perfect for the offense

    • chuckle49er

      they really should go after mike vick that would be a great addition he would fit in perfect for sings plans it would help jumpstart the running game

  • MSouza

    I don’t think that the niners go qb in this draft, but for those of you salivating at the thought, Dan Lefevour is the best QB after the top teir guys, he very well make the best pro out of a very weak QB class, he’s probably destined to go in rounds two-four, and moves very well. Arm strength is his big question, but I’ve watched him play numerous times and I never noticed him not being able to make a throw.

  • gvanni79

    The 49ers situation right now mirrors that of Minnesota last year. Pro bowl running back, young playmaking recievers, strong defense, as well as a big “?” in regards to the quarterback position. Lets face it, does anyone out there really think Alex Smith is going to take us to the promised land? This is only my opinion but i believe were just a few key pieces away from being a serious contender in the NFC. Quarterback being the most important of these. If a proven veteran could be picked up through trade or FA, the niners would be foolish not to take advantage of that. Look at last year, imagine if we would have had a top 10 or even top 15 QB instead of Smith under center….. Mcnab, Brees, Rivers, Rodgers, you pick one. Instead of finishing a mediocre 8-8, maybe we would have finished the regular season at 10-6, which probably would have gotten us in the playoffs, “where anything can happen”, right? Its time for the niner front office to make a move.

    • Ninerfan81

      If we’re playing the blame game on Smith allow me to point out that we should’ve been 10-6 and that’s no fault of Alex Smith. I recall a dumb play call in Seattle, Frank Gore fumble, VD TD drop, etc.

      And the other game was clearly not the fault of Alex Smith because he was still holding a clip board in Minnisota.

      And let’s not forget the terrible Falcon’s game at home.

      I’m not wearing a number #11 jersey around my house, I’m just saying that Smith isn’t fully to blame for us missing the playoffs.

  • Drake

    Gvanni79 AMEN I agree with you 100%, I have been saying that for days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forenscis187

    Anybody know what the status of T. Spikes is? Will he be back, if not what the hell do we do to replace him?

  • MSouza

    Takeo has one year left on his contract

  • Jazzo

    First of all we need to trash alex and shaun, then talk to the eagles and find out who they want in the draft so we can trade for mcnabb, and last but not least find players who will protect mcnabb so he dont have to run for his life like alex and hill had to lol because i think we got it all except a QB and people to protect him

  • Cody

    They need Corner, Safety, tackle, a speed running back, and a outside linebacker. I wish they would go after Nick Collins, or Atari Bigbi, or OJ Atogwe. Of course you need to give up draft picks if you do, but they are experience in what they do, because Eric berry is the only good safety in the draft and he will not fall to 13. For a corner draft Patrick Robinson, because Joe Haden won’t be there. If CJ Spiller falls that far in the first round, 49ers will be very lucky. They could also get Sergio Kindle for OLB for another playmaker on the defense. Take Trent Williams with the second first round pick.

  • sanfrandlon


  • SanFranFaithful87

    There are a lot of ways that this can all play out in the draft, knowing how bad we need an OT or a CB or a S. its hard to think what we could use more.

    I would love to see us get cj spiller, for our first pick since i think the seahawks will go for a OT. then for our second pick at 17 i say we take taylor mays. take the pure talented players that will be there and get a OT in the second round.


      mays is a bum in coverage cj a waste we have gore did you see the oline last year RT 1ST round try to get gather from the ravens also then KR/PR/CB kyle wilson
      free safty rashad jones at 49


    13TH pick RT 17th pick CB/KR/PR kyle wilson 2nd round 49th rashad jones he is a great fit hard hittin very solid free safety very good in run support and coverage
    RT gather is on the block also. I say NO to cj spiller
    waste of a 1st rd pick get a speed RB in the 3rd rd