At 13 and 17 the 49ers select…

We decided we’d try and predict the outcome for picks No. 13 & 17 in this years draft.

So with that said we feel the 49es will pick Florida cornerback Joe Haden at 13 and Rutgers tackle Anthony Davis at 17.

If the 49ers would not have traded for Ted Ginn, CJ Spiller would have probably been one of the choices. He could still land at 13, but after the Ginn trade that is unlikely.

If I was in the draft room here is who I would pick at 13 and 17 if they were available when the 49ers were on the clock. At 13 – Jimmy Clausen and at 17 – Earl Thomas.

Discuss who you want and who you think the team takes…

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  • I honestly don't think Anthony Davis will be there when the Niners pick. I have a feeling Okung, Williams, Bulaga, and Davis will be gone in the top 10 to Detroit, Washington, KC, and Oakland. If that is indeed the case, I'd target Haden at 13, and either Earl Thomas, Derrick Morgan, or Mike Iupati (who could potentially play RT) at 17. Could also trade down a few picks and grab Charles Brown later in the first round. I'm not on board with grabbing a QB in the first round. I say give Smith a chance under the same system for a second season and build the team around him.

  • I have a feeling Redskins take T. Williams, Chiefs take Okung, Seahawks take Davis and Bills take Bulaga. So with all of the top tackles gone, I see them grabbing Morgan at 13, then trading down and grabbing Saffold in the 20s.

    Realistic dream scenario: 13-Bulaga, 17-Thomas. I think if we get a tackle for the right side, Bulaga would be the best choice by far. He's aggressive, technical, and pro-ready. I dislike when people downplay the RT position. It's very vital. With teams having pass rushers all over the field, you need great tackles on both sides now. Sure the LT has to deal with Dwight Freeney, but the RT still has to contend with Robert Mathis, not easy. As for Thomas, I think he would be great as a safety. I think getting one more year from Lewis would be nice, subbing him out with Thomas on obvious passing downs. Then Thomas will take over next year, deep covering and slot covering, with Goldson middle covering and run support.

  • TheWill

    If Berry or Haden falls to 13 I'd pick one of them. Berry is unlikely. 13 Haden, 17 Earl Thomas… OT in the second round.

  • The Cowboys are interested in trading up to pick #13

  • NO WAY we draft Clausen. Does not make any sense. He is not going to get on the field with Smith as the starter. Next season if Alex struggles, which I doubt, then we can grab our Franchise QB. There's too many other players available and too much risk in taking Clausen. Also, Im not sold on the niners trading down and picking up Brown from USC. I've heard this kid is very raw and will not contribute immediately. We need production from our RT spot NOW, not later. If your the niners, you might think trading up with the 13th pick and, maybe, a 2nd or 3rd to pick up one of the top four Tackles is the best way to go. Possibly, Jared Gaither for a 2nd anyone?

  • Niner Pundit

    Drafting Clausen does make sense. Mainly because no one knows what to expect from Smith. There is no risk in drafting Clausen. You pick him let him sit the bench next season, see what Smith does and go form there. The Niners need OT, Pass Rush and Safety. I'd much rather draft Clausen than settle for the 4th/5th best OT in rd 1. Especially considering it would be for a RT not a LT. That to me is a wasted pick. Stay away from OL in round one.

  • If Jimmy Clausen is sitting there at 13 and the Niners Don’t draft him they are damn fools. I am a Alex Smith fan, but in this league anything can happen. Look was SD did with there two QBs. If Alex plays great then hell sign him up for a few more years, but if he doesn’t then why not have a kid like Clausen there learning the system to take over next season. Because if Alex plays bad we all know that he’s gone next season, and having Clausen there prevents us from starting all over again.

    At 17 we have to address the RT spot. I’m not sure if Davis is going to be there or not. Most of the experts have him the highest ranked T on the board.

  • Why in the fuck would we draft Clausen when we could have had McNabb with our 17th pick. No one disputes that McNabb is worth a 17. No one disputes that McNabb is better than Clausen ever will be. Had we obtained McNabb, we would have been an instant playoff contender ,no questions asked. Really shows the ineptitude at the top of the organization to squander such an opportunity.

  • I see a risk in drafting Clausen. We don’t know what to expect from him either. Drafting Clausen means passing over someone else who could make an immediate impact to help Smith be successful. Even with the ups an downs of last season, this team is ready to make a push now. Fill the holes with impact players early and look for a Tebow (doubt he falls far enough), Skelton, Lefevour, or Pike later.