49ers Select RB Anthony Dixon at 173.

The 49ers selected Missisippi State RB Anthony Davis at the 173 spot.

Weight:233 lbs

Dixon is a big, powerful back that runs with a good pad level and does a good job of keeping his feet alive to gain yards after contact. He lacks the speed to be a threat out wide or to take many all the way once he gets to the second level but he will move the chains and sustain drives. He can be a bit inconsistent when it comes to blocking but has the ability to deliver a good blow when he wants to. He will likely initially be a short yardage or red zone back that specializes in gaining the tough yards.

Dixon is a big, bruising running back who was highly productive against premier competition in college. Displays the necessary power to consistently break tackles. Exhibits impressive balance on contact and is rarely brought down by the first tackler. Shows nice foot agility for a big, power back.

His top end speed to be a threat on the perimeter or explode for long gainers up the middle is dubious. Must improve his ball security as he’s shown he will put the ball on the ground at times. Struggles getting to the outside.

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  • Glad about this pick. Glen Coffee couldn't break tackles and didn't do much of anything in Frank Gore's absence.

  • LeGarrette Blount looks 10x better then this guy. And why did we get two RBs similar to Gore we already have Coffee in the mix as well, I prefer to have had Sheets instead of Coffee. Hope Blount beats this guy for a roster spot but highly unlikely.

  • Blount has alot to learn. His biggest problem is he doesn’t know how to block. He has some promise, but has alot to learn. Dixon has all
    the tools.

  • Dixon is nasty. Look at his run against Houston. He is a beast our Brandon Jacobs basically. He will pound the rock in the 4 qtr and no one is gonna stop him.