49ers Select Navorro Bowman OLB at pick 91

The 49ers trade their 79th pick in the 3rd rd to the Chargers and in return moved back to pick 91. Gained another 6th this season and the Chargers 4th rd pick next season. With that pick the 49ers selected Navorro Bowman, OLB out of Penn State.

Weight:242 lbs

Bowman is an average sized linebacker with good athleticism. He has had some durability problems in the past and this may be a concern at the next level. Bowman is a tough, competitive player that has good range inside out to the ball. He is most effective when covered up utilizing his speed and quickness to get to the pile. Bowman doesn’t separate well from larger blockers and gets smothered too often. He is quick to react and shows natural instincts as plays unfold. Bowman is a solid coverage defender and reads route progressions well. Bowman is a good football player that is limited due to lack of size and with some off the field issues as well as durability concerns, his draft status is likely to fall.

Bowman possesses great athleticism for a 4-3 outside linebacker. Exhibits great effort and toughness and isn’t afraid to stick his head in on run support. Has been a highly productive performer. Displays natural instincts when diagnosing against the run or dropping into coverage. Has tremendous range and is a real sideline-to-sideline player who is also a terrific open field tackler.

Durability is a bit of a concern. Has a somewhat slight frame for a linebacker. There are character questions surrounding Bowman from a few incidents in college. Only has average size and average strength. His ability to take on and shed blockers is in question. Can play over-aggressive at times.

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  • Not sure about this pick. 3rd rounders should be able to start, I dont see this kid as nothing more than a special teams player. Why not go after Colt McCoy, the winningest QB in college history just in case this 5 year Alex Smith project doesnt pan out?

  • i was skeptical about trading our 79th pick and passing up mcoy but i like the move and the pick barrow is a good addition

  • we shud of gotten jordan shipley or everson griffen we had them in our hands but we traded out for what? for this guy?

  • This kid will prove to be a real bargain. Look for him to mirror Pat Willis at ilb. First round talent in the late third!