49ers Select Mike Iupati from Idaho at 17

The 49ers continued to bolster their offensive line at 17 with Idaho offensive guard Mike Iupati.

Weight:331 lbs.

Iupati is a massive guard that started three years at Idaho although he did miss some time in 2008 after dealing with offseason shoulder surgery. He is one of the more powerful blockers in the draft and once he gets his hands on opponents it’s pretty much all over. Iupati was born in American Samoa and English is not his native language which can slow down his progress when it comes to learning new schemes and the playbook. While it may take Iupati a bit longer to develop into a front line player, he could have a long and productive career once he settles in.

Iupati has terrific size for an interior blocker. Plays with a lot of toughness and tenacity. Exhibits outstanding power in the running game and in pass protection. Has very good body control and balance. Possesses great short area quickness and really jolts defenders. Appears to have heavy hands in pass protection.

Lacks adequate speed for the guard position. Must improve his instincts for the game and get better dealing with complex defensive line play. Because of sub-par speed, downfield blocking needs to get better. Struggles to get to the second level in the running game.

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  • Great pick. This was one of those scenarios, with Davis AND Iupati, that I didn't think was possible. Couldn't be happier.

  • some say we should have draftes clausen……but thats bullshit!!! we NEED an offensive line and we addressed it today….im very happy with these picks….although i agree that trading up to get davis was not really necesarry….he most likely wouldve been there….B+ for day 1……

    • kip

      none of us here can say if it was necessary to move up or not. we have no idea what conversations are going on behind the scenes about who wants to trade up and for what player. singletary said he felt that none of the teams ahead of us and after buffalo would draft davis but someone could easily trade up so he want to just go get him. great draft, hopefully we can get some great value in 2nd and 3rd round for skill players

  • excellent pick !

    • and the protection and time for the qb gets even better

  • this is wat we need most likely……we don’t really need any more QB’s..all we need to work on.is makin’ our offensive line more better a little bit of pressure on our deffensive line..were GOOD……..guarantee super-bowl……….but the picks today was awesome…….beautiful…..so hopefully we get some skill players ……..may GOD bless upon the coaches give them the knowledge to pick whats best for the 49ers……make us proud….n good luck………..

  • Man after round 1 I couldn’t have been happier. Actually I think that the only person happier than I had to be Frank Gore. I bet he had dreams last night about 2000 yards. I know who I will be drafting #1 in my fantasy draft this season.

    • i agree….franky is loving life right now….what do u giys think of goin after taylor mays??

  • I think that he is who we are targeting in round 2. We might have to move up to get him though.

  • with the niners already having close to one of the best D’s in the league and the O line just beefed up. Gore is going to see dalight and alex should have no problem getting time to get the ball out of his hand. 12-4 maybe 13-3 for the niners this year.

  • talyor mays is the guy we need to get in the second round.

  • I was just looking at the order for round 2 and I think the Niners are going to have to really jump up to get Mays. I think that Philly will take him with there pick he he’s there. Last night they were really talking about Philly wanting a Safety even though they passed up on Thomas.

  • What about Allen at safety or McCluster at running back?

  • These are excellent picks, these are the picks I wanted, some of you other guys on here, if you had to pic thos team would suckkkkk! These picks are smart, lapati is a beast and davis is also, we are set, now we need a QB because Alex will suck regardles of theses pics, he’s just not capable waTch. Get a Qb after this season or next draft orfree agency and were set!

  • J Mack

    Second round we should look at cb… we can get a solid safety like myron rolle in possibly the 3rd round… at cb we should look at allteron verner from ucla, he is a sleeper in this draft… he was a pretty solid 4 year starter at ucla