WTF? McCloughan May Be Stepping Down

Matt Maiocco is reporting that GM Scot McCloughan may be resigning his position just a mere 5 weeks before the draft. I’ll post a snippet of what Maiocco said than a link to the full article…this will be interesting.

McCloughan met Wednesday behind closed doors with the 49ers’ upper management at the 49ers’ team offices in Santa Clara, sources said. The group included Jed York, executive vice president of football and business operations Paraag Marathe, vice president of football affairs Keena Turner and Michael Rossi, a retired vice chair of BankAmerica Corp., who works as a senior advisor to the 49ers.

McCloughan left the 49ers’ team offices after the meeting and files were relocated from his office this afternoon.

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  • Ninerfan81

    We all should hope and pray that this is a bad rumour or we’re all in trouble.

    I know what they say…”where there’s smoke, there’s fire” but come on Jed York to remove or force out your GM 5 weeks before the draft is committing Franchise Suicide!!

    Besides, you’d think McCloughan would have them over the barrel with all the pre-draft work he’s done.

    If Singletary and McCloughan are having a power struggle then York needs to step in and tell Singletary to concentrate on coaching….remember Singletary didn’t want Patrick Willis.

    We have 2 first round picks in the top 20 and a returning OC for the first time in 5 years, now is not the time for an ego power struggle.

  • Don Jose

    I hope this is true, this guy is horrible and he does not bring in good talent. Willis was Nolans choice out of the senior bowl, we have nolan to thank for that! For example the hill let go, why did Mclue-less not get any players from that trade, the guys always making bad moves. I am tired of his horrible decesions, we need someone in here who treats this orginization in the manner it once was, the legendary championship 49ers. Mclue-less has been treating this orginization as if we are the carolina panthers, he hasnt made any significant trades or offseason aquisitions. He has not brought any significant proven players in here like others team have done. Given he has drafted some good players. some with the help of his coaches in the past and present, but he has made alot of questionable moves, and I am tired of him. I hope we get rid of his ass and stop the infection before it gets worse! We need to bring in a high profile GM like holmgren someone of that calibur, enough said! I know everyone on her will say no chance yak yak yak, thats all I here on this site until the inevitable happens. The carr aquisition, although its sucked, everyone in here said we wont get a QB absolutly not through free agency, and what did we do. Everyone on here needs to be more open minded, I am starting to think theirs just a bunch of Cowboys fans on here posing as niner fans talkin shit! We need excellence, not horse shit anymore, I am tired of it damnit!

    • Ninerfan81

      No matter what your personal opinion might be we (Niner Fans) need to be thinking of the organization. To lose a GM 5 weeks before the draft is just ridiculous and speaks MORE about the ownership then our GM.

      Espeically, if the reports are true that Ownership gave him a "quit or be fired" option.

      As far as our activity in the FA market, we've seen through other teams in order to build a success franchise for years to come you build it through the draft and not through "high priced" FAs.

      Personally, I like what the Niners have done so far in free agency. You need to let your young talent grow into leaders of the future like Patrick Willis and Veron Davis. Then add some veteran talent to complement our roster, not BIG names to try and take over.

    • Hunterboyz

      Hey man, take it easy…

      I'm a 49er fan until the end…

      Because others feel its a bad move doesn't mean they're not fans…

      Look, when you make late moves like this one, it usually doesn't go so well.

      I don't know what he did, but it must have been major!

      Just like I'm aware of how bad of a move it is, I'm sure the organization knows its bad as well, so what ever he did must have been pretty serious.

      I was shocked… but I can't lie, I was thinking "high" caliber GM as well.

      I'm just skeptical on why to let him go now… so close to draft time…

  • ninerfaithful

    well i think we all need to calm down its one guy and we are not going to all of a sudden change the direction of the franchise we will keep on trucking through the offseason as planned we wouldnt see the change til next offseason

  • 5Rings

    Good Riddance.