Shaun Hill Traded for Camp Fodder

Sorry for posting this late, I was in Vegas. While I was gone the 49ers traded Shaun Hill to the Detroit Lions for a seventh round draft pick in 2011. So for those out there who thought Shaun Hill was actually a good QB and was worth something, well now you know. Hill was basically traded for a draft pick who will most likely never make the team, let alone the practice squad.

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  • Dick Tarnish


  • Robert Mitchell

    I think they should have kept Hill. Smith needs to be replaced. He was supposed to be the franchise QB, but so far hasn't proved anything.

    • Keep Hill!!? you must be a cowboys fan I would rather bring Warren Moon out of retirement!!! Alex Smith is the real deal you will see and if you don't think so, don't support him even once he throws for 4,000 yards 32TD's and go to the pro bowl!!! Shaun Hill…. you must be a cowboys fan!!!

  • NinerPaul

    Hill got a raw deal…. All the way back to last year… He never got a real chance… Hill did go 3 and 2 of the games he started and finished. And as far as each QB’s rating they are nearly Identicle. Smith 81.5% — Hill 79.6%. Hence the nearly identicle records. I still think Hill would of done a better job than Smith if they would of really made him “the guy”, and ran a more aggressive passing offense in the beggining. Hill never got “spread offense” opportunities that smith did. Hill did get that last year and that is why he performed better. And you can blame that Minnesota loss on the concervative run play calling on the last drive after Hill had thrown 2 TD passes and had a pretty good completion percentage. And Hill didn’t have gore that game. Pretty much the coaching sucked this year and unfortunatly Hill got the experimental phase of it. Smash mouth with one feature back. As expected gore got hurt. Putting the QB’s in an offense that doesn’t suit them. At least Hill went 3 and 2 his first 5 games this year. Smith went 1 and 4 his first 5 games, and barley won 10 to 6 against chicago after they had 5 turnovers. Its funny cause it was until the media every monday morning literally telling the coaches how to coach. Spread offense, spread offense, spread offense! It finaly penitrated their brains and Alex finished a respectable 4 and 2 the last 6 games.If give coaching an F. They needed to figure it out sooner especially after the Texas game and Alex’s success in the Spread offense if they were they were going to stick with Alex. Hummm lets see what was working. Even Hill had success in the spread. Sing went 5 and 4 last year AS AN INTERM COACH! 8 and 8 this year we went backwards in my opinion! Now Back to Hill. He then gets traded for a seventh round pick… I’m starting to believe they got rid of him because more than anything Hill made the front office look bad …. This undrafted, career back up, no talent guy, making Alex Smith look even worse than he is by having a winning record and a far better winning percentage!!!(Not Even Close!!!) Bullshit Deal Shaun! You know you can get it done. Next time tell these fuckin coordinators and coaches to throw the ball to win the game like they should of done in Minnisota and Arizona. I would even say call them out in the media, but i know thats not your style. I will proudly where my Shaun Hill Niner jersey that I bought cause it represents and underdog who proved himself and a class act. Thanks for the good forty niner memories!!!! Especially cause there wasn’t any for a while until you played!!! Good luck in Detroit!!! I’m still a fan….

  • Kyle

    Absolutely ridiculous, so now we are left with A. Smith and D. Carr? Im just going to bite my toungue and pray that one of these guys steps up to being the quarterback they can be…

  • about trading SHAUN HILL was a good n a badd decision makin..but it don’t really matters to me.if these two QB’s can’t bring the TEAM up where it suppose to be @……..then mine as well call MICHEAL VICK to come n play for the 49ers…….cause i’ve seen these two QB’s played.they aiigghhttt..but not like those top dawg……like JOE MONTANA,STEVE YOUNG,STEVE BONO…….ALEX SMITH he should kno wat he’s doing on the field but sometime he just make so up sidedown like he never played pro hopefully this is a good DECISION we made……….