David Carr and 49ers Come to Terms

The 49ers and free agent QB David Carr have agreed to a 2-yr deal, no word on the amount money Carr is set to get. To get an idea here is what he got from the Giants, he signed one-year deals of $1 M and $2.1 M.

What does this mean for QB Shaun Hill? My guess is most likely filling out applications at Home Depot or maybe calling up Kurt Warner for a reference at his local Hi-Vee.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Drake

    I live in Houston, and carr and his pretty boy atttitude just about destroyed this team here, not as if I care about the hillbilly Texans and this Hell Hole here, just saw that QB in his suckage for years, he was the problem, not the players around him. He will not work in San Fran, he’s not close to what Bono or Grbac was. Leave that cancer somewhere else, let him join ESPN as a broadcaster, besides he grew up a diehard Cowbillly fan. I heard in an interview here he idolized blondie Troy Aikman, what a shame!!! Let him join the Cowbillys thats his team, they are good with ego maniacs not us, we are class not Hee-Haw.

  • Billy

    What the freak is going on all of a sudden everyone hates Willis or is “disappointed” in Willis all, because he doesnt want a bum QB for a back up, he may have a better arm then Hill but Hill is 2nd string when he comes in at least he`ll win. Another thing people talk about how HIll won off the teams back, well he was the only one able to do it.

    Ill leave it on this note never been a Smith fan, but I support him this time when finally everyones given up on him. He has a 2nd season with an O-coord and has some good players around him, Im expecting a good season from him.

    JMO, dont bash, but feel free to comment, I hate fans fighting with fans. Pointless and classless

  • Jeff Garcia

    what happened to jeff garcia??

  • Drake

    Yes we have the best backup option in Hill or smith, dont “F” it up and trade away hill thats a catch 22, sending hill off for dead end car?? What tha! That experiment will not work. Sing is smart, and I believe he will bring in a proven option at QB that will fix our problem. Carr is not the solution, he will lose games, he just wants to be back home close to bakersfield, and he has worn out his welcome everywhere else. Trade for that Qb, but I would rather bring in Garcia in that option although he is much older. Garcia would make alot more sense at Qb tha that Cowbilly lover Carr. Carr is a dead end, he just wants to be home, he want perform worth a shit! We need proven winners, not horse shit like that.

  • dosia510

    i dont think they are just gonna get rid of hill like that…at least not for that cowpatty lover carr….they probably bringing him in just for competition and carr most likely wont win out hill….im not worried about his at all….

    • Niner Pundit

      Hill is so gone. There isn't going to be a competition. Hill as a 49er is done. No trade, no nothing, he'll be released.

  • jubril r.

    All i know is carr better produce!

  • ninerfaithful


  • 9erbro

    Carr will be the back-up. There isn't much point in signing him to be a 3rd qb. He's a former number one overall pick, (like Alex) that has had moderate success, and has already backed up another number one overall pick. Hopefully, he tutors and pushes Smith further into development. Carr had the tools to go number one overall to the Texans he didn't use them well enough. The Niners hope if hes called on he use some of those tools to win or not lose a game.I think Nate Davis will play a lot more this preseason against better players not just 3rd stringers and rookies. He's still a little rough around the edges.

  • Dick Tarnish

    why are they getting rid of Hill again?

  • Forenscis187

    Smith will start and I am willing to bet N. Davis get the backup role barring a complete melt down in pre-season.

  • Don Jose

    Pundit, Hill will go off and kick ass with another team if that happens, Hill is on the verge of breaking out and releasing him would be a big mistake, and I do not think sing is that dumb. Hill is much better than carr, much better, thats common sense! Carr will continue to suck and I am sure he rushed to sign with us to be close to his home town, thats all he cares about! That waste of money carr is a 3rd stringer at best and he WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Carr I think cares more about his skin products and hair products than he does about football. Like someone said above, I would rather bring in Garcia, he would make a difference definitly, hell he would beat out alex and bring us far into the playoffs, YA THATS RIGHT, HE WOULD!!! Like Willis said, we need a difference maker, not a cowpatty loving waste of money who cares more about his looks than football!

    • Niner Pundit

      Did you see the amount of money for the 2yr contract Carr is getting. It certainly isn’t 3rd string money. He’ll go in as #2. Hill will be released and we’ll never hear Hill’s name after this. He is not a starter in this league, and will never start for another team.

  • redandgold

    what is wrong with you ppl, why does it matter if they get rid of Hill? Did you guys just start watching the 9ers this week?? TEAM KNOW THAT HILL CANT DO SHIT!! So why the hell is everyone on the 9ers page and here bitching about? I just dont get it… all you ppl do is find a way to BITCH! They signed Carr, what the fuck is the BIG deal?

  • Billy

    Hill may not be a marquee player but he has posted better numbers and wins then the bust that is Carr, they say carr will mentor Smith in what? What not to do? I'm sure Smith had pretty much seen it all. 2 yrs 6.5 mil for a proven bust stupid move

  • chuckle49er

    we dont have any proven star qb so why not give carr a chance.

  • Cory

    apparently according to profootballtalk.com the 49ers have spoken to Leon Washington of the Jets

    • niner81

      That would make sense if he’s fully recovered from his ankle injury.

      He’s a very good return man, can run the Wildcat and is a good change of pace from Gore.

      I think the Jets placed a secound round tender on him. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up a 2nd rounder for him.

      Teams are free to negociate proper compensation.

      • Cory

        the thing is i wouldnt mind giving up a 2nd rounder…but i dont want to over pay for Washington, so if they are serious about it I hope they would work out a trade. So the 9ers could give him a reasonable contract and the Jets get what they want. Maybe trade them 2nd and Glen Coffe for him. But I dont see that trade happening.

    • Hunterboyz

      I really hope we get this guy…

      I love his style… He's a very good player.

      I think the Jets are really letting go of guys that didn't come in with RexRyan.

      I'm okay with the 2nd round loss for a guy thats only been in the league for 2-3 years.

      He's really explosive, and he's already worked with J.Raye…

      So lets see this come together…

      I know I don't want the Seahawks to get Marshall.

      I hope they don't offer him what he thinks he's worth.

      Lets go Niners…

  • Bobby Boucher

    We can get a better change of pace back/return specialist than Leon Washington if we draft CJ Spiller.

  • 5Rings

    Now the Niners have (2) QB’s on the roster who was picked #1 overall and didnt live up to it. This is just great. What are we doing here?

  • well here we go again ! spend money ! hill had his chance we saw carr elsewhere perform or not we ve seen smith ! garcia the old man can win !!!!!!!