Anthony Davis Set to Visit

Matt Maiocco reported today that Rutgers tackle Anthony Davis is set to visit and workout for the 49ers on Thursday, April 1st.

“I’m looking forward to that,” said Davis, projected as a top-15 pick for the three-day NFL Draft beginning April 22. “For now I’m just going to keep working out, staying in shape, staying out of trouble.

“It was nice to get out there and work out in front of those coaches. I’m the best tackle in the draft basically. That’s my goal when I’m doing these workouts. That’s what I’m trying to show coaches.”

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  • i think the 49ers should draft talor mays an joe hadin an get a tackle later on in the draft i believe are line will play better this year they kn ow they have something to prove an they will

  • Our line will play better they were doing very well during the end of the season so we don’t need to panic about that at all we just need to be sure to get a tackle and shut down cornerback