Tag…Franklin Is It

Only 10 days from the deadline for teams to franchise players, the first prospective free agent is about to be removed from the market.

The 49ers will franchise defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin, according to NFL sources. The franchise tag for defensive tackles this year is $7 million, and teams must designate their franchise players by Feb. 25.

Until the tag is applied to Franklin, the 49ers will try to work out a long-term contract for their standout defensive tackle.

Their newest long-term offer for Franklin is expected to come in this week. However, one league source highly doubted that any type of long-term agreement could be struck and the 49ers will franchise Franklin, who would have been one of the most desirable free agents had he been allowed to test the market.

It is what could be the start in a string of franchise tags for defensive tackles. The New England Patriots are reportedly expected to slap their franchise tag on defensive tackle Vince Wilfork and the Pittsburgh Steelers could do the same with defensive tackle Casey Hampton.

At the age of 29, Franklin specializes in freeing up blockers for 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis. Franklin started all 16 games for the 49ers last season and had 36 tackles.

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  • Jose Manuel

    better franchise Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis!

    • New Mexico 49er Fan

      I agree get all three deals done, NOW!!!!!

  • ninerfaithful

    i bet vernon and patrick both get new deals after this deal gets done VERNON DAVIS AND PATRICK WILLIS BOTH FRANCHISE GUYS TO THE 49ERS i hope the niners are wise on the money they give #92 thats all

  • Drake

    Not dreaming, I heard from the grapevine, but Sing will bring in an elite QB somehow, just watch Kevin your gonna be dissapointed because QB is our main concern if we want to go anyhwere to the next level and sing will address this whether you like it or not in free agency, trade or draft in first rounds. Sing is smart he wont throw all his dice into inconsistant alex, alex is game to game, always has been, he is a good backup at best, keep him for that!

  • Drake

    Ya, Vernon and Patrick are our Ronnie Lott prototype, they have that 49er tradtion and dedication within them, winning! Ronnie was a great motivator to our team and thats who these guys are like. The whole team needs to recreate that family atmosphere that we had during the bill walsh era, and have that attitude rice he use to always says he played to win superbowls. Rice and lott were the great motivators on our team, I wish they would play a big role in this team someday. I hope patrick and vernon assume the leadership role and motivate to win!


    are the niners still moving to santa clara? i read somewhere the nfl asked jed to try and stay in SF but whats going on? It would be a sad day to see a santa clara 49ers football team….

  • chuckle49er

    even if they move they will still be called san francisco 49ers


      so what? thats even worse and SF wont let this faggot get away with something like that. fuck you jed

  • Drake

    I agree FuckJ, seems like jed and the orginization have a hard on for Santa Clara, when hunters point would be a viable option with gorgeous views of the bay and would help redesign that area from an abandoned toxic shipyard to a waterfront meca. Carmen policy our ex president of the team has been pushing this matter for years with the Lennar corporation, people say this option is dead but I hope it can come alive again, Santa Clara is not San Francisco, it would not be the same seeing a game their. The 49ers just want to save money and put money into their pockets from santa clara and tourists, they need to think about what their doing, big mistake in my opionion and a slap in the 49ers fans who live in the city and have been a season ticket holder for years. That drive to Santa Clara will put a damper on my season tickets, that drive will kick my ass! So I hope the 49ers keep hunters point open because a majority of 49er fans want them to go their instead. The Santa Clara residents are the majority when it comes to that vote in favor of coming to their city.

  • chuckle49er

    i mean i agree they should stay there but then they need to improve the parking and parking security and access and maybe build a hotel next to the stadium so when peolpe like me can fly in and not get lost or end up in the wrong neighborhood because we're not from there and dont know the city. dont get mad im just sayin this because im a big fan and i would like to make it to the games.

  • Carlos Zebata

    Were are you from chuckle 49er, please dont say that shithole texas particularly that Hellhole Houston. Seems like their alot of 49er newbies comin out of that southeast texas area and getting on this site. Well all power to them, just dont be defending that shithole, I use to live their shortly and Houston and Dallas have the most fucked up arrogant ego maniac people you can imagine particularly Houston, it was hell when I was their, not a 49er fan in site! Cowbilly merchandise everywhere and the bitches are so stuck up, only like you if your a ken doll or if you got alot of money! that was 49ers fans hell, good rittens, DAMN!!

    • chuckle49er

      im from utah and im not a mormon just to get that out of the way but yeah ive been a niner fan since 82'that was the first time my stepfather introduced me to football and it was montana in the superbowl somethin ill never forget.

  • dosia510

    i feel u carlos i been to houston and dallas and most of the people there are ignorant inbred hicks. austin, however, is off da fuckin hook…..

  • Carlos Zebata

    LOL Ya Dosia your not kidding never seen so many hicks and stuck up bitches in my entire life like I have in houston, its like wathcing the country music awards every single day. I would compare houston to Hell, I have been to alot of citys in this country and that place goes down as the worst by far for looks and people. Imagine being a niner fan living their and all thats on TV on sundays is cowboys and texans games, SHITTTTT!!!

  • hellhole

    Well if i was a cowboy fan in san fran I would experience the same thing. A cowboy fan in Cali. I would be out of place (HELLO). A bit outta place as a 9er fan in texas, I am a redneck but favor a team in Cali when i grew up watching a great team in the 80's. I AM A REDNECK BUT GREW UP WATCHING THE NINERS DOMINATE! Something i grew up appreciating. A fan in an outside location, I do not believe should be hated. Outside respect (especially against the cowboys) should be welcomed. How is it that all of a suddon when the Niners are still losing do you beleive we are gaining fans – Ignorance is the result. 49ers have not made the playoffs in a decade and all of a sudden we accuire bandwagon fans (Mainly from texas when the Cowboys made the playoffs the last 3 seasons). Texas Cowboy fans are a-holes but, when a Texas fan comes about you rip him or her. Sorry but a few you met from texas in no way represents all that live in the largest state in the U.S. There are fans here that I have found beings I am a redneck and beings I am a 9er fan am a bit outta place. Stop judjing us on a basis of the few cowboy fans you met her in texas – The largest state in the U.S.

    • chuckle49er

      im from utah butt both my parents are from texas and their not cowboy or texan fans so i agree brotha!

  • Hector

    Dude I live in Texas, in El Paso and your probably from the southeast part were all the hicks dominate, that is not Texas that is east Texas and that part of texas is not really texas, just a shithole and I am including houston! Austin, El Paso, and San antonio are bad ass and more like Cali they are laid back. Dallas and houston are all the same shit people and stuck up women, and rednecks for every square mile. Like the dude said above you gotta be a rich dude, Redneck, or a ken doll to meet any women their, it is a hell hole, so I guess you fit in just fine, you sound like a prick! I worked in houston and that was the worse 6 months of my life, I am not a bad looking guy and the chics acted like they were all 10's and they are not. And ya their has been alot of you new 49er fans poping up because crabtree is part of the 49ers so you feel like your automatically a fan because your texas guy came here. Go into any sports store here what do they have no montana jerseys, no lott jerseys only crabtree, shit that was non existant before.

  • Ted

    LOL, Country music awards, LOL. Ya Houston is hell, been their done that!

  • Raines

    I live in houston now and I am trying to get the fuck outta here as soon as possible, wanna move to Austin. You right about all those things you describe, it is a very depressing place. No 49ers fans in site and the people are fucked up.

    • chuckle49er

      ive been down there in houston when they were the oilers and dallas spoting my niner gear and i got alot of shit for it but i didnt care i loved it alot it made me feel like a true fan man i hate the cowboys!!!