Darren Sproles to 49ers a Possibility?

I was reading the Press Democrat today and came across an article from Matt Maiocco where he describes how recent San Diego Charger free agent Darren Sproles is a good fit for the 49ers and also he thinks it is a realistic possibility.

And at 9:01 p.m. (PT) on March 4 – the first minute the move is legal – the San Francisco 49ers should make the arrangements to get him on the next flight to the Bay Area.

Moreover, I think it’s a realistic possibility.
The San Diego Chargers tagged Sproles last year as their franchise player, giving him a one-year contract worth $6.62 million. Sproles is scheduled to be a restricted free agent, but in order for the Chargers to maintain that status they’d have to give him a 10-percent pay raise to $7.28 million.

That is too much for a return specialist and change-of-pace running back, so the Chargers will allow Sproles to be an unrestricted free agent. And that’s where the 49ers should step in.

Coach Mike Singletary promised the 49ers would place an emphasis on improving the return game this offseason. There have been hints all along the 49ers planned go after a top-notch return man. And Sproles could be that man. The 49ers, theoretically, could sign Sproles without compromising their salary structure.

I would the 49ers to sign Sproles, signing Sproles would mean the 49ers would most likely not have to use a draft pick on a return man, like CJ Spiller or Dexter McCluster.

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  • Cory

    but if they sign him a big contract the 49ers might lose one of their younger players

  • Billy

    So Antonio Cromartie is in the dog house in SD I say trade a 3rd for his talented ball hawking skills and possibly dangle out Nate Clements for some picks

    Package both our firsts for Eric Berry who is guarantee no brainer perennial pro bowler, but we do need a Tackle and a Guard for our horrendous line

    Of course I wanted to pick up Reggie Bush/Sproles to be a change of pace back also to return the ball, but most likely wont have McCloughlin signing either

    If not any the most likely use one of our picks on Myron Rolle that guy is pretty awesome as well

    Most of these things wont happen but it would be pretty awesome

  • Ferg

    They should not even entertain Sproles….they should use the picks on C.J. Spiller if he’s available…and a quality offensive lineman

    • Billy

      Why not entertain Sproles? If we were to sign him he`d bring the same abilities as Spiller to the table and we would have an extra first rounder to get a guard or an impact player if someone such as Eric Berry fell to our laps.

  • Sproles would work. Nice. That way we could forget spiller and such. We do need to upgrade our secondary. Clements isnt as good as i though he was. Coverage wise. A safety would be a huge addition. We could use a DE, another Slot reciever, and another 2 or 3 lineman to battle it out. Go niners

    • Billy

      Agreed Rick,

      -Sproles would be an ideal pick up he is a speedy reliable change of pace back who compliments Gore perfectly and is an exceptional KR/PR. Bad thing is he has a 1st round tender on him as a RFA, and would demand 5+ mil in salary.

      -Our secondary wouldve been bolstered had we picked up Antonio Cromartie for a 3rd the guy is a ball hawk and just needs to be coached up by Sing to tackle.

      -As for an ideal draft Id like picking up Eric Berry to play SS for us with the first pick, and pick up the best tackle or guard available, and as for our second pick Id use to draft the DE Hughes from TCU, though hes projected to go in the late first round.

  • Jayytee

    Sproles just resighned wiff the chargers :) they can pick up you guys should pick up CArlos dunlap at DE

  • As far as draft picks we always have good luck. We will be alright, I am pretty sure that Mike will not put all the marbles on the table this season. He will provide us with an offensive tackle, cornerback and kick returner. He we get Sproles or Bush watch out NFL thats an addition to our dynamic team!