After Coin Toss, 49ers Get Pick No.17

The NFL has flipped the coin and the Panthers lost. So that means the 49ers will get the No. 17 pick in the NFL draft and the Tennessee Titans will get pick No. 16.

So heading into the draft the 49ers have pick No. 13 and No. 17.

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  • Cory

    For people who want CJ Spiller, I dont think its going to happen.

  • Picking at 17 instead of 16 isnt going to affect us choosing CJ Spiller. The Titans are choosing 16th and will not pick up Spiller because they already have their own CJ, Chris Johnson. Either way, for us to pick him up we are going to have to get him at #13. Seattle is right behind us, at #14, so if we pass him up, it will haunt us within our own division twice a season. We can pick up a pretty good OT at 17. Spiller and Trent Williams/Brian Bulaga!!!

  • Los Banos Jerry

    when does free agency start???

  • niner650

    I personally want the 49ers to get Kyle Wilson with the 17th pick. He will be a shutdown corner in the NFL at some point.

  • Drake

    We will have a good option with QB at that pic! YA!