Niners Finish 8-8 Behind an Offensive Offense

Pathetic, deplorable, distressing, feeble, heartbreaking, heartrending, inadequate, lamentable, meager, melting, miserable, moving, paltry, petty, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, plaintive, poignant, poor, puny, rueful, tender, touching, useless, woeful, worthless, wretched, crappy, grotty, inferior, miserable, poor, rotten, second-rate, shabby, sub-par, third-rate, useless, worthless. And that is just on the offensive side of the ball.

There were some other happenings, like Justin Smith getting 4 sacks and Vernon Davis scoring his 13th touchdown of the season which ties him with Antonio Gates for most by a tight end in a season, but really can’t get past how shitty this offense was today.

Now discuss amongst yourselves…

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  • dosia510

    i really cant believe how big of a piece of shit old man jimmy gaye is. i really dont understand why he did not even give VD a chance for the record. were not in the playoffs, game is already won, VD derserved a shot. i am really disappointed in the powers that be. to break an NFL record is a hell of an accolade. he pretty much did everything he was asked the entire season. i dont get it. i dont…….

    • Mas (Realest One)

      Thank you. Someone said it before I start ranting.

      Alex Smith played “exceptionally” poor… His poise, command of the offense and reaction under pressure was embarrassing.

      Jimmy Raye – through out the entirety of the game was HORRENDOUS. As I sat there on the couch with my best friend – predicting almost EVERY 3rd down we had was an utter disappointment. Neither of us with an NFL IQ worth boasting beyond the occasional “boom or bust” calls that we’ve made, collectively were in shock.

      The combination of both Jimmy Raye’s ability to mix it up and Alex’s ability to make something out of nothing made us both really think about weeks 18 through our next preseason.

      Alex Smith is not the answer.

      What I have stated in the past and what I will continue to say as we move forward is that Alex Smith in the immediate future – is our best option. That’s it.

      Now that we’re out of playoff contention; now that we’re back to step one and done with evaluating what we have in front of us – what do we do?

      I don’t believe our next possibility at the QB position is in this draft or atleast if it is, it’s unattainable. We could address several other areas of need before we delve into that conversation but Alex Smith is NOT the answer going into years 2010-2013.

      It’s exhausting to find excuses for this guy but the fact of the matter is that he will NOT take us to the playoffs in 2010 and even if he does, we won’t be anywhere near a Conference Championship.

      Have at it Niner Nation because when April is right around the corner, we still other areas of need that take precedence over that position.

      As the title and first paragraph clearly state, our offensive line is obviously the starting point.

  • Ninerfan81

    I think we forget that if it wasn't for Raye then VD doesn't even come close to the record for TDs by a TE. There's a reason he made Tony Gonzalez the player he is today.

    Remember, Sing and Raye started out with a "smashmouth" run first mentality and switched to a spread offense in mid season. Not easy to do.

    You can point a negative finger in many directions but remember we are 8-8 for the first time in many, many years and we have 2 first round picks and with Smith, Gore, Davis, Crabtree and Willis the future is brighter then ever.

    It could be worse we could the RAMS!

  • Ninerfan81

    Top Ten Improvements from '08 to '09. (in no particular order)

    1. Singletary has a winning record of 13 & 12.

    2. Veron Davis ties record for the most TDs by a TE

    3. Frank Gore sets personal best with 10 TDs.

    4. A non-losing record for the first time since 2002.

    5. Alex Smith throws for 18 TDs in 11 games. New personal record.

    6. Our defense allows the least amount of pts in the second half then any other NFL team.

    7. +9 in turnover ratio verses -17 in 2008!

    8. OL allowed 15 less sacks from 2008.

    9. Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree!!!

    10. 44 sacks by our mighty Defense!!

    And not to mention we have 2 first round draft picks!!

  • A True Niner Fan

    another year at home for the playoffs thanks to alex smith, when will they finaly wake up and smell the problem, years and years of loses….see ya next year everyone

    • redandgold

      hahahahaha that is hella funny, (years and years)… I dont think you know that he only played 11 games this year, and about 36 or something games in the NFL, so for you to say Smith is been playing for years and years is hella funny, and you are just talking out of your ass

  • Chris, its really quite simple. Anything bad that happens is Alex Smith's fault. The world might end in 2012, that will be Alex's fault somehow. I knew that fans were going to blame Alex for the horrendous showing offensively in the 1st half. I dont think its Alex's fault that he was running HB draw and screens on 3rd and long or didnt have time to complete a 3 step drop without the pocket collapsing. Heck, even the young promising weapons for Alex, Crabtree and VD, couldn't haul in very catchable passes. Now, before you call me a homer, Alex did not play "great" this game. Although, there are many QB's in this league that are perfect throughout an entire game.

    18TD 2,350yds 81.5/QBRTG in 10.5 games.

    Those are pretty solid numbers for a young 25 year old QB in his 2nd FULL SEASON AS A STARTER!! With 2 1st round picks and a improved O-Line and other areas, this team and Alex can have a breakout season in 2010.

    • SFANG

      i admire your patient. sorry, i am not going to wait for another year. please don't forget we have put up FIVE year with this smith and each year hoping he will come back. enough is enough he is not the answer and if niners not make a change i am going to sell my next season's ticket

      • redandgold

        5 years??? hahahahahaha… he is been on the team for five years, but that does not mean that he played all those five years. hahahahahaha…. I dont even think you follow the niners, you are just another smith hater. Whats so funny is, when he does good and niners dont win, its still smith fault, and when niners win and he plays good, its the team that won not smith…. All u ppl know how to do is Bitch bitch bitch…..

        Ill say one thing, I dont if smith is the answer for the 49ers, but I know for a fact that he is not the problem, so getting a QB in the draft is just stupid, and if you think that niners need to do that, then that makes you stupid. Please watch the games ppl… I can name so many other teams that have a QB that is worse than smith, and i know you can also, but cause you love to hate him, you wont name any. Just remember that those stats for this year are for 10.5 games!!

        • Chris


          Amen brother, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Alex is not the reason that we didn’t make the playoffs. If anything he is a big reason that we were in the hunt. If Hill would have stayed in the whole season I think that we finish 6-10 at best.

    • Chris

      John, Dude I couldn't agree with you more. Those are solid NFL starting QB numbers and I agree that with 2 number 1 picks we are looking good for next season.

  • Excuse me for the typo above. I meant to say there arent many "Perfect" QB in this league consistently. Every one has some lapses time to time.

  • wickerman

    The lack of playoffs is on the whole team folks. That doesn't mean NOT A.S. though. It means A.S. and alot of other folks.

    A.S. didn't lead the league in drops – Vernon Davis did. (Crabs was in the top 5)

    A.S. didn't let half a dozen QBs throw for over 300 yards. The D did.

    A.S. didn't sack himself all year long. The o-line helped with that.

    A.S. doesn't call a half back draw on 3rd and 15 like the Detriot opening series – Jimmy Raye does that.

    What Smith does is constantly throw the ball too high, over throw and throw behind guys. He needs to develop a better sense of his WRs if he is going to make it. HE also gets nervous under center (probably because his oline gives him no time) He needs a more consistent line in front of him to be sure, be he also needs to learn to throw under pressure. If he can't, he's doomed to be a backup.

    The 9ers also need to settle on an offensive identity and stick with it. Either you runt o set up the pass or you pass to set up the run – pick it and stick with it.

    If you look at the games lost this year the ones that really stick out are Houston, Minni, Seattle and Tennessee. Those were all winable games, That would make the 9ers 12-4.

    That's the NFL, you win or lose by a play or two. That could mean a 12-4 Niner team next year. IT could mean a 4-12 team next year.

    If the coaching staff and scouts fix the big needs – o-line, pass rusher and secondary – and Smith get the 10,000 snaps in training camp as the starter and learns from them, there is every reason to think they can make a run.

    If the team drafts guys like Rashaun Woods, ignores Smiths flaws instead of coaching him, and Sing and Raye want to keep thinking they can run to victory in a pass happy league, 8-8 might be the best we see for a while.

    • Mas (Realest One)


  • Vinny

    the OL sucked in the first half- they need to sure that up in the draft. also, they BETTER sign Aubrayo Franklin to a long term contract. If they cant get a good veteran QB in the offseason, alex should be the starter without having to look over his shoulder- no more useless QB competitions!!!!

    There is hope!!! They didnt play their best game today, but put this into perspective- this team does not need a better than mediocre performance to beat the bad teams in the NFL. That alone should show you that this is not the nolan-niners, and how much they've improved under singletary. They really played like crap vs the rams, and the lions, yet look at the final scores!!!!

    to me, the VD drop against the seahawks hurts more than the minn favre TD pass. minn beat the niners, the niners beat themselves when they played the seagulls. If they can overcome those mistakes, they should be the likely winners in the nfc west next year.

  • New Mexico 49er

    Yea 49ers 8 & 8 a nice season finish, wait till next year

  • Ninerfan81

    He’d trade all of those TDs for a Playoff berth. To sit and watch Green Bay run up the score on Zona makes to sad to know that we would’ve been in the Playoffs (had to we not lost to Minni and Seattle) and hosted a game.

    In the offseaon we REALLY need to secure that Right Side. Snyder was beaten all day by the RAMS D. With Staley healthy and a veteran RT our OL should be muched improved to give Alex the time to throw.

  • Chris


    I like many of you watched the first half of this game and thought WTF. With that being said, they really turned it around in the second half. The offense didn’t move the ball well in the first half not because of Alex or Raye, it was because the fucking line couldn’t block anyone. Yes I agree the play calling was a little conservative, but there was times that if Gore would have looked for the cut back lanes (that were there) instead of just running into the pile he could have had some good runs. The RT really sucked. He was beaten all day long and was getting Alex killed. There were times that Alex didn’t have time to make a first read not to mention a 2nd or 3rd read.

    This offseason, is going to be fun. I think that with a entire offseason to work together, Alex and the recievers are really going to come together and with 2 1st round picks we should get our line worked out. With a solid line and a few key pick ups were in the running for a championship next season..

  • Chris

    Can someone please explain it to me why it’s Alex Smith’s fault that we are not in the playoffs. Alex had a good year for the 11 games that he played. Yea I know that he had some trouble against Philly but hell a lot of QBs did this year.

    We didn’t make the playoffs for a lot of reasons, that are not Alex Smith. We’re not in the playoffs because, at times our D couldn’t stop anyone. The O-line really couldn’t block anyone all year long. We switched our entire way of play on offense halfway through the season. Frank missed 3 games this season. The one againt ATL really hurt.

    What I am saying that you cannot put this on Alex. He had his best season of his career and played pretty damn good. With a full offseason together they are going to be damn good next season. Alex Smith might not be Payton Manning, but he wasn’t shit either. He will be a solid QB for years to come.

  • Alex just needs a better relationship with his WRs. That comes in the off-season with practices, OTA, and training camps. The kid is only going to get better, not worse. Its really frustrating to see niner fans just rip this kid to shreds. If you really watch the game, Alex had 10 passing attempts in the 1st half. I am not making any excuses for Alex whatsoever, I don't owe anything to him. I just feel he is being treated unfairly because of where he was drafted and the offensive struggles for this team. I dont understand why Raye went back to his Run Run Pass Punt Philosophy in the 1st half. I thought we moved pass that part. Anyways, it would make sense to support Alex as he will almost certainly come back as the starting QB next season. If he continues to improve, as expected, expect the organization to lock him up long term and fill the void as the San Francisco 49ers Franchise QB!

    • Chris


      Once again I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish that the fans wouldn’t break the guy down and start supporting the kid. Everyone wants to talk about 5 years, but what they forget to mention is that he was hurt of 2 years and didn’t see the field at all.

      I really think that Alex is going to be great next year. He has made great strides this season and I think that he will be great next year.

  • Chris,

    I guess were in luck that the organization feels the same way. Lets just hope we prove all the doubters wrong next season.